30 years ago my friend and long time comic art collaborator, Mike Zeck and I were asked by then Marvel Comics EIC, Jim Shooter to jump off the artwork on Captain America and take on a new 12 issue series that he [ Shooter ] was writing. Over the years, and now decades, both Mike and I have heard from many fans that Secret Wars either got them back to reading comics or got them started reading comics. It’s nice to hear that something I had the luck to work on has lived this long and built a legacy in the world of comic book culture. Friend and owner of both the comic shop, Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find and the convention, Heroes Con, Shelton Drum approached Mike about having us redo our cover to the 1984 Secret Wars cover for the launch of the 2015 Secret Wars #1.

Over the years, the look of most, if not all characters have changed, so it was new territory for both Mike and I to work on these new characters appearing on the cover above. The book is a HeroesCon exclusive and only available thru the store or at the show this year!
Thanks everyone who made this cover possible, especially Mike Zeck, Shelton Drum and Marvel Comics! The idea was to use most of the Marvel Universe characters to develop a story of epic proportions.

This new look appeared first in issue #8, which has now become a highly collectable issue of the series.

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