A new Marvel Universe is forged, refined, and polished in the most satisfying way possible. However, the various elements that emerged on this massive scale are finally set to converge in Secret Wars #9 and the final product promises to be as succulent as all the chocolate bars ever made by Willy Wonka. Secret Wars has had its flaws, but nobody can accuse Jonathan Hickman of not being thorough in establishing Battleworld and the god-like power of Dr. Indeed, much of the narrative has been built around the scope of this world that Doom created, and so, too, has much effort been put into upsetting that order. This clash, however, isn’t just between two brilliant minds or two opposing philosophies. This is where the dramatic weight, along with Ribic’s distinct art style, becomes the fudge icing on top of a plate of brownies. The rebirth of a new Marvel universe makes for a very satisfying conclusion, which has been the exception rather than the norm for man Marvel events. Creators Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic will extend their stay on Battleworld for one more epic issue.
SECRET WARS #9 was written by JONATHAN HICKMAN, with art by ESAD RIBIC and a cover by ALEX ROSS.
Secret Wars #9 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic is currently scheduled for release January 6, 2016. Prawa autorskie do wszelkich postaci i grafiki - o ile nie napisano inaczej - naleza do firmy Marvel i jej podmiotow.
Black Panther fought with Doom, but it was just a distraction so Reed would have time to meet with Owen alone. Now we can move on to the All-New, All-Different Marvel… which we already did more than a month ago. She has a degree in journalism, works in social media, lives in Portland, Oregon, and loves Peyton Manning. Every issue and the tie-ins that spun out of these issues have been converging, setting the stage for a final battle that even Peter Jackson would find impressive. The big epic battles that unfolded in the previous issues set the stage for the final showdown between Dr. The drama, which has been marinating this story like a premium-quality flank steak, makes every word, every punch, and every off-hand comment by Spider-Man feel meaningful.

Take away the Doombots, the Fantasticars, the goofy costumes, and masks and you just have two personalities with the same goal.
A story on the scope and scale of Secret Wars, complete with agonizing delays and multiple tie-ins, felt like one of those stories that could only ever have a forced, convoluted ending on par with the Seinfeld finale.
He owns and operates X-men Supreme, a website dedicated to his own world of X-men, and the X-men Supreme Official Blog, where he also reviews comics. The story that destroyed the Marvel Universe and brought a unique storyline to millions of Marvel fans is expanding with Secret Wars #9.
Allowing their cataclysmic story to wrap up as intended, this additional issue will bring Secret Wars to its explosive conclusion. Scott Campbell has revealed his illustration for a Secret Wars #9 variant cover to be sold exclusively by Midtown Comics. When not watching massive amounts of British television or writing, she is sketching plans to build her very own TARDIS. The main challenge is conveying the impact of such a battle without making it feel like a Mythbusters rerun.
Between his attention to detail and the sheer breadth of the conflict, Hickman has channeled his inner Stanley Kubrick in crafting the perfect narrative. Now, it all comes together in Secret Wars #9 to end Battleworld and foster the creation of a new Marvel universe. Despite the delays, the teasers, and the trolling at various points, the impact is there and undeniably potent. It’s one of the most famous conflicts in the history of Marvel and Secret Wars #9 adds another layer to that vast mythos.
Doom vows horrible revenge on Reed, his family, and the next ten generations of his descendants. It doesn’t just feel like everything just snapped back to the way it was like the end of every sitcom made before 1987. But Hickman found a way to make it work and Ribic found a way to make it visually stunning. But the core narrative that culminated in Secret Wars #9 made it feel as though every character and sub-plot got a chance to contribute. The expansion is coming to comic shops later this year according to the company’s announcements earlier today.

Paving the way for the future, be there for the genesis of the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe. In fact, like the original Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, some of those puzzle pieces will hit the Marvel Universe before the event concludes. In it, the Danger Girl creator draws Marvel Girl from her 1963 origins all the way up to the early 1990s -- even including a look of her clone, Madelyne Pyror. During the fight, Doom admits that Reed would be a better god than him, and upon hearing that, Owen makes it so. We become unapologetically attached to fictional characters and we cosplay any time we damn well please. When it comes to re-shaping their entire comic universe, Marvel likes to ramp it up to a cosmic scale and then ramp it up a little more for good measure. The impact is not as intense as seeing the Force Awakened after camping outside a theater for two weeks, but it’s close.
It effectively accomplishes what Tim Story and Josh Trank failed to do, despite having access to Rupert Murdock’s pocketbook. But if you want to see how they all fit together, you don’t want to miss these last few issues. In the end, it made Secret Wars feel less like another event comic and more like a catalyst for the next stage of the Marvel mythos. But that god-like power ends up becoming a non-factor and not just because Reed subverts it. Secret Wars #9 may have made readers feel better about forking over more of their hard-earned money to the Marvel enterprise.
Like making a cake with a nuclear bomb, the narrative got messy at times and subsequent delays didn’t help. Project Fandom is a site for fans, run by fans, and you are always welcome and free to geek.

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