Are you waiting for the 9th and final issue of Marvel’s Secret Wars and looking for a recap? When I received my last Funko box, Marvel Collector Corps: Captain America Civil War, I was incredibly impressed by the set of POP!
Marc Jackson writes, Coming at the end of May, I’ll be self-publishing an all-new Lenny the Lettuce Summer Special! It’s great that the series is being given a second chance, after the first failed to set the world on fire.

He writes, I’m so happy to incorporate few of my favorite art periods into this Wonder Woman cover- Baroque period, Neoclassical period and the 19th century Royal Academy period. Lenny first found fame two years ago in the pages of the BEANO no less, but since then he’s taken a back-seat to my more recent work. Are you not reading the series at all but are looking for a nice recap to explain what is going on?
However, out of all the Funko subscription boxes, Smuggler’s Bounty is by far my favorite.

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