TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The Beyonder enters our universe and crashes near Denver Molecule Man seems to think that something is amiss and looks out the window Volcana calls him back in to their apartment to watch television, but the reception soon breaks up They look outside to find boulders and earth flying through the air Volcana over-reacts, destroying one boulder, but sets their apartment on fire in the process Molecule Man puts the fire out and ventures outside to find the cause of the strange phenomenon He brings the "cause" over and is shocked by who it is.
Back in Molecule Man & Volcana's apartment, the Beyonder takes on the amalgamated appearance of many of the forms of the heroes and villains he had encountered during the Secret War He seeks only "to understand," and Molecule Man tries to help by explaining how he came to better understand his own power, demonstrating how he can turn an ornament into an edible apple He tells the Beyonder that experience is the most important thing, and sends the him to Los Angeles where he can have many experiences They also advise him to change his appearance to something less conspicuous. In Westchester, Nightcrawler & Colossus are arguing with Magneto about the Professor's plan for Magneto to lead the X-Men Suddenly the remaining X-Men crash in through the window to get Magneto, but Nightcrawler & Colossus fight to protect him They all listen to what he has to say, and tentatively agree to join him against the Beyonder They all climb into a limousine and Magneto uses his powers to make the vehicle fly out west.
In Hollywood, the Beyonder appears in the office of Stewart Cadwall, a fed-up, cynical script writer The Beyonder takes on the appearance of Molecule Man, and immediately copies the trick he'd seen back in Denver he transforms Cadwall's desk and scripts into a massive pile of apples Meanwhile across Los Angeles, Magneto lifts the roof of a gladiatorial arena, where some of the New Mutants are fighting He summons them to come to his aid Cannonball, Magik, Dazzler and Cannonball's rockstar girlfriend Lila Cheney follow, but Magma & Sunspot remain behind (see New Mutants # 29 for details) Magneto then commands Rachel Summers to use her telepathy and locate the Beyonder Although uncomfortable at using her powers to once again hunt down a powered being, she soon locates a man of great power in Hollywood.
Cadwall convinces the Beyonder to give him immense power, in order to show him what someone would do when given the ability to fulfill his desires The Beyonder transforms Cadwell's Shazam trophy into a a sword shaped like a lightning bolt, and the rest of him becomes a super hero like something from one of the Saturday morning cartoons that he used to write As Thundersword, Cadwall summons a pegasus, Boromir, and starts to attack all the studios who had rejected his scripts There he encounters the X-Men's flying limousine They attack Thundersword, believing him to be the Beyonder Magneto has Rachel telepathically connect him to all the X-Men so he can give them orders instantly The X-Men begrudgingly listen to his commands, even though they were already doing what he had instructed them to before he had told them Thundersword's attention is drawn to a local McDonald's, but his attack against junk food accidentally causes the neighboring apartment building to catch on fire Rachel telepathically commands the tenants to flee.
Captain America pleads with his taxi driver to go faster, while Iron Man suits up to be ready for combat Just as burning debris is about to fall on a mother & son, Captain America dives to protect them with his Vibranium-alloy shield Thundersword appears to fight Captain America and the junk culture he believes he represents Cap leads the heroes' attack: his shield draws Thundersword's attention, and Dazzler follows up with a blinding flurry of lights Magneto tries to finish things off by dumping dozens and dozens of cars on Thundersword, but he is able to deflect them. Rachel Summers begins to sense another being Feeling around in thin-air, she suddenly finds herself face-to-face with the Beyonder The Beyonder approaches Magik and plunges his hand into her chest He then draws out the physical manifestation of her hidden demonic soul, the Darkchilde Magik panicks and creates a teleportation disc that whirles herself away from the Beyonder's grasp, taking Cannonball, Shadowcat, Rachel and Dazzler with her (see New Mutants # 30 for the rest of their story). Wolverine goes into a berzerker rage and lunges at the Beyonder The other X-Men pull him back, but not in time to stop him from slashing his Adamantium claws across the Beyonder's face and into his chest The heroes all fear the Beyonder's reaction, but he merely stands there Lila Cheney panicks and teleports the remaining X-Men across the galaxy.
Captain America is distracted by the X-Men's disappearance, and Thundersword is able to strike him from behind As he is about to deliver a killing blow, Iron Man arrives and saves Captain America Iron Man's armor's readings detect that Thundersword's power is derived from his thunderbolt-shaped sword With that knowldge, it is easy for Captain America to disarm Thundersword by throwing his shield Once he is separated from his sword, Cadwall returns to normal and breaks down in tears, despondent at how he has destroyed his employer's studios Captain America and Iron Man agree that he should be given psychiatric help.

Meanwhile, the Beyonder decides that he wants more experiences When he watched Dazzler in action, he felt something move inside of him Then, when Wolverine slashed his face, he experienced something directly instead of just watching it He quickly realizes that being in a fight is different from watching one on television He turns himself invisible, and begins to closely follow Captain America. The story continues in New Mutants 30, Captain America 308, Uncanny X-Men 196, and Iron Man 197. Now."Introduction, Secret Wars II #1Secret Wars II is a nine-issue comic book Limited Series and crossover published between 1985 to 1986 by Marvel Comics. It was written by Marvel's then Editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and primarily penciled by Al Milgrom. It tied-in with issues of other Marvel titles, with each "tie-in" featuring a Secret Wars II logo in the top right hand corner to indicate that it was a part of the overall story.The plot follows the return of The Beyonder, the being who started the first Secret Wars, who comes to Earth in search of enlightenment and inevitably comes into conflict with Earth's metahumans and the cosmic entities that exist in the Marvel Universe. Establishing Character Moment: While Secret Wars II #1 doesn't really offer anything in terms of the Beyonder's characterization, Uncanny X-Men #196 features a scene of him in a cafeteria that establishes him as a cosmic idiot. Evil Tower of Ominousness: In issue 6, "Life Rules," the Beyonder builds himself a Super Hero Base in which to operate as a superhero. In a bit of subversion, he buys the property, files the plans at city hall, and then builds it. Friend or Idol Decision: Spider-Man ends up getting tangled up in the whole skyscraper incident and, in the process, finds himself snatching a gold notepad in order to help pay for Aunt May's expenses.
Ret Gone: The Beyonder does this to the New Mutants and the only one who remembers them is Kitty Pryde, thanks to her connection to Illyana.

Self-Insert Fic: Some believe that the entire series was one for Jim Shooter, Marvel's Editor-In-Chief at the time. Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum: The Beyonder's Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds routine came complete with one of these. Time-Compression Montage: Done repeatedly throughout the series, along with a heavy dose of exposition. For instance, when The Beyonder mentally dominates everyone in the universe, it is shown with a mere four panels of everyone and everything bowing down in subservience.
Very Special Episode: Fantastic Four #285 is about a kid burning himself to death trying to copy Johnny Storm's Wreathed in Flames style, the news of which nearly driving Johnny himself into quitting his superhero career. Victory Is Boring: In Issue #3 the Beyonder mind controls everything on Earth, effectively winning. What Is This Thing You Call Love?: Beyonder tries to make the heroine Dazzler fall in love with him, but realizes he can't win her love fairly, with no mind control tricks. Writing Around Trademarks: The aforementioned skyscraper of gold had a group of soldiers run interference to help get rid of them.

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