However, not all current Marvel fans are familiar with the original Secret Wars or its various offshoots.
Marvel did publish a spiritual sequel of sorts to Secret Wars with the 2006 mini-series Beyond!
On one side of the Multiverse, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, and the Molecule Man were confronting the Beyonders. As Earth-616's life raft approached to the central point of the incursion, it suffered a hull breach, causing the portion containing the Richards family to drift away.
Elsewhere, in another world, a gathering of alternate versions of Thor witnessed the ceremony held at Doomgard in which the Thor of Higher Avalon joined their ranks.
After retrieving Mister Sinister from the Bar Sinister, the Thors brought him to Castle Doom for trial.
Back to Castle Doom, Sheriff Strange was reading Emperor Doom a report of minor incidents that had occurred in Battleworld. At one of the towers of Castle Doom, Sue Storm met with Emperor Doom, where Victor ultimately confessed he felt he was failing his duty as a god, he felt he wasn't capable of properly inspiring his people, and even though Battleworld is the perfect world he wanted, he considered himself its only flaw, which included the scars on his face, which he hadn't been able to cure. Strange brought Spider-Man and the Thor of Higher Avalon to his secret Sanctum Sanctorum, the hidden Isle of Agamotto, a place of remembrance for the lost world. In Utopolis, night had fallen and the Cabal had made a fire, and a few moments later, they were pinned down by the Thor Corps,[3] and engaged with them in combat. The following day, a funeral was held for Stephen Strange in Doomstadt, with the cause of his death kept a secret by Doom himself. Back on Doomstadt, the Department of Science of the Foundation set out to find the interlopers.
Three weeks later, Battleworld was in disarray, with disorder having escalated into open rebellion in several kigdoms, with somebody called "the Prophet" forming an army against Doom, Victor would later order some of his most loyal Barons to deal with the threat of the Prophet. Somewhere in Battleworld, the two Reed Richards teamed up and started trying to find a way to defeat Doctor Doom, with Earth-616's Reed being unwilling to kill him, unlike his Earth-1610 counterpart. Meanwhile, Namor and Black Panther arrived to Strange's Hidden Isle of Agamotto, using the Key of Agamotto given to them by Strange, they entered, and after identifying themselves as member of the Illuminati to a projection of the deceased Sorcerer Supreme, they were given access to some powerful items Strange had collected over the years, including the Siege Courageous and an Infinity Gauntlet that worked only in Doomstadt.
The Prophet, who was revealed to be none other than Maximus, marched his troops forward to Castle Doom, where some of the most powerful Barons held the line. The two Reed Richards continued to plot from the distance, and they planned to use the fight in the steps of Castle Doom to infiltrate the building and steal "the most valuable thing that's left from the Multiverse" from Doom. While the battle in Doomstadt waged on, the two Reed Richards were transported by Star-Lord to Castle Doom. As the two Reeds looked for Doom's power source, Star-Lord remained behind repairing their ship, and he was confronted by Black Swan. Doom tried to convince T'Challa and Namor to stop fighting by promising them to rebuild Wakanda and Atlantis, but they refused the offer and struck Doom down.
While Doom and Black Panther use their power against each other, Mister Fantastic and the Maker visited the Molecule Man. Black Panther's battle against Doom came to an end after Victor crushed the Infinity Gauntlet. Eight months later, Miles Morales appeared to be an inhabitant of the Marvel Universe instead of the destroyed Ultimate Universe. In another side of the universe, the returned Future Foundation was created and charting the reborn Multiverse.
The survivors of the two ships are wanted for the murder of Sheriff Strange, and have been hunted across Battleworld. The original Secret Wars mini-series was one of the publisher's first epic crossover comics.
The fleet arrived to the incursion point, the Manhattan of Earth-616 and started firing at it. After the vessel transporting the Earth's "resurrection team" was destroyed by the Children, Mr.
The Invisible Woman tried to reconnect it to the rest of the structure, but failed, and it was destroyed.
After being found guilty of allying himself with King Hyperion, the Baron of Utopolis, Sinister demanded his right of meeting his accuser in the arena. The routine was interrupted by Doom, who dismissed the reports, and felt something was wrong with Stephen. Sue repudiated Victor's claims and praised him, suggesting him that to create a stronger link with his people he should establish contact with them. Strange revealed he had found a vessel similar to the raft the Cabal had came from three years ago. Meanwhile, Sheriff Strange explained to the new-found survivors that when Doom and him confronted the Beyonders, they were able to kill them, and while Stephen didn't, Doom took their power for himself and used it to build Battleworld from the remains of the Multiverse. Fantastic in the scene, he immediately teleported to Utopolis, and stopped the fray, demanding the newcomers to recognize his authority. Once the dusk had fallen, Doom tasked Valeria to use the resources of the Foundation to find the interlopers who had been scattered across the world, denying to provide any more information than that.
Of the interlopers only Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive had been captured, while Black Swan offered help to Doom. The Reeds had also started investigating the source of Doom's power, for which they sent both of the Spider-Men, Peter and Miles, to infiltrate Castle Doom using a device to guide them to said source, located under a statue of the Molecule Man.

But betrayal was present during the assault, and Baron Sinister took the chance to turn against his fellow Baroness the Goblin Queen. The ensuing fight, during which Quill was easily overpowered, took the two of them to Doom's throne room, below Yggdrasill.
In the moment right after that, the Siege Courageous opened up and a horde of zombies came out.
Victor quickly regenerated from his own corpse and after dealing an energy blast at T'Challa and Namor which only killed the latter, continued fighting. The young hero recalled when he and Peter Parker were leaving Molecule Man's chamber in Battleworld, and Owen had stated he owed Miles one for the burger. Reed Richards used the Molecule Man's power to rebuilt realities with the help of Franklin Richards. On his back rests billions of tons – enough that even his nearly infinite strength is stretched to its breaking point.
The name has been reused for sequels, spinoffs, and other comics that don't have any direct connection to the original.
Strange and Doom started discussing the nature of Battleworld and what was before it, when the Sheriff was interrupted by news from Doomgard. The hammer of the Thor from Higher Avalon started glowing, meaning he was being called for battle.
Once Valeria left, Doom opened a portal below a Molecule Man statue in his garden, walking down a set of stairs to meet the Molecule Man and informed him of Strange's death. While the Foundation were investigating, they found the source of Doom's power, and informed Valeria, who had become suspicious of her father, of this. The Spider-Men encountered Valeria, who chose not to go with them due to her worry that, she would be not be capable of facing what would happen if she found the truth behind her father. Franklin von Doom opposed him using his Galactus, and The Thing decided to surrender after learning the kid he was fighting was the son of Sue Storm. Star-Lord used a splint of Groot on the magical tree, which engulfed it entirely, and turned Yggdrasill into a giant Groot that destroyed the castle from the inside out. The Maker quickly betrayed his counterpart and trapped him in a temporal bubble, claiming that he couldn't tolerate the kind of weakness Reed has shown. Doom quickly teleported to Molecule Man's stuatue and delved into his chamber, and tried to destroy Richards with a snap of his fingers.
Reed told Sue that he had learned that the difference between living and dying was managing fear, and not being so afraid of losing the things you loved that you held them too tight. And later this year, Marvel will be introducing a new take on Secret Wars for an eight-issue series that destroys the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe and leaves a new Battleworld in their wake. This guide offers a brief history of Secret Wars in all its incarnations and how the current Avengers comics are building to the new crossover. However, this villain was ultimately revealed to be not the Beyonder, but an old X-men foe named The Stranger.
At the Baxter Building, Mister Fantastic was finishing getting ready the Future Foundation's Life Raft to be used to save a small portion of humanity. As the life raft was deployed, Manifold teleported numerous heroes into it: Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Cyclops, who had recently used a Phoenix Egg to become the Phoenix once more.
Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Utopolis, the Foundation discovered one of the life rafts, partially buried in the ground. Sheriff Strange traveled to Utopolis, to investigate the life raft and the death of the Old Thor. Strange greeted the other inhabitants of his native universe, specially his fellow Illuminati, Black Panther and Mr. Shortly after Doom was informed of the conflict against the Cabal, Strange and the heroes from Earth-616 stepped in and turned the tide of the battle in favor of the Thor Corps. To prevent Doom from prejudicially acting upon the interlopers, Stephen used his magic to teleport them away. The Molecule Man made remembrance of the day when he, Doom and Strange confronted the Beyonders.
In order to make the Spider-Men deserving of Valeria keeping her mouth shut about their presence in the Castle, she demanded to know if any of the people in the raft had killed Strange, and Peter confirmed Valeria's suspicions, that nobody from the raft was responsible. The expected reinforcements in the form of the Thor Corps joined the battle, but fighting against Doom's side, as Jane Foster had managed to convince the fellow Thors to fight against their god.
When God Emperor Doom joined the battle against the recently-arrived Annihilation Wave, Valeria convinced her mother to run away in order to show her something. Valeria and Sue witnessed the fall of their home from the castle gardner's, and they encountered the two Reeds trying to access to the Molecule Man's chamber.
He was surprised when his power didn't work, and Molecule Man asked him if he had brought him something to eat, to which Doom replied he didn't. Reed used to believe in entropy, but he now believed in expansion and resilience, in that everything lives.
The Iron Man from Earth-1610 deployed the Iron Man Six weapon, but the tide of the battle is turned in favor of the heroes of the Marvel Universe when the Guardians of the Galaxy and Cyclops' Sentinels arrived to help. The Cabal and the Maker were also able to create their own raft, with stolen designs from the original. Doom confronted Braddock, who apparently had helped the Kingdom of Manhattan in planning to overthrown Doom.

After sending the Thor Corps to scout for the strangers, Strange revealed the existence of another person still inside the life raft, the Spider-Man of Earth-1610. During Doom's mission to thwart the Beyonder's plan by killing Molecule Men across the universe, he also captured countless of them.
After opening a trapdoor under the statue, the Spider-Men delve into its depths and come across the Molecule Man. As the dust of the massive battle settles, however, he discovers a strange, alien machine that appears to generate a new costume, and he rejoins his fellow heroes sporting a wild new look. Other powerhouse heroes like Doc Green and She-Hulk arrived to Earth-1610 and stormed the Triskelion.
Jamie Braddock revealed himself to be the traitor, and he was sent to the Shield to be punished by being exiled to one of the deadliest domains of the world, the Deadlands. When questioned, Strange revealed eight years had passed since the last incursion, and the creation of Battleworld, a patchwork planet constructed with the remnants of incursion points between collapsing worlds, where nobody remembered their past lives.
When he confronted the Beyonders, Doom unleashed the Molecule Men's power to kill them, while the Molecule Man acted as a conduit to steal their power and give it to Doom.
Owen questioned them if they had brought him something to eat, and Miles gave him a burger he had had in his pocket.
Mister Fantastic and Doom engage in a furious combat, with Reed claiming that even though Victor did good, he could've done better, because he was too afraid of losing Battleworld he held it too tight. Meanwhile, Magneto and the X-Men keep watch over mighty Galactus, alert for any hint that he has begun the deadly process of destroying the very world on which they stand. This mini-series from writer Paul Tobin and artist Patrick Scherberger took a more all-ages approach, condensing the original story and changing it to make Spider-Man the central protagonist. After the trial was held, Valeria von Doom informed Sheriff Stephen Strange about the Foundation's discovery, and that the readings from it concluded it would date from before the "beginning of time" (when Doom created this world). The Molecule Man finished his chat with Doom by informing him that with Strange's death, he had most likely started an unraveling that could take everyone down. After satisfying his hunger, Owen reveals that he's the battery behind Doom's power, at the arachid hero's request to find the source of Emperor Doom's power. Doom accused Richards of believing he could've done better had he had Doom's power, and when Reed conceded he did, so did Doom.
The Thors investigated the life raft, and from it emerged the Cabal, who immediately killed the Old Thor. On the grounds that both agreed, Molecule Man gave his power to Reed, destroying Battleworld in the process.
While the inhabitants were trying to outrun their imminent demise, Black Panther held tight to the Reality Gem of his Infinity Gauntlet as the world went white.
The series centered around a new villain called The Beyonder who is capable of manipulating matter and energy on a cosmic scale.
One explored what happened when the heroes and villains were stranded on Battleworld after a fight between The Beyonder and Galactus. Using his omnipotent powers, he transported many Marvel heroes and villains to a distant planet of his own creation called Battleworld. He stocked the planet with various pieces of alien weaponry and technology and challenged his captives to "slay" their enemies and achieve their hearts' desires. Secret Wars brought together the then-current lineups of the Avengers and X-Men, as well as most of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Hulk.
Opposing these heroes were villains like Doctor Doom, Absorbing Man, Kang the Conqueror, Molecule Man, and the Enchantress. After many separate skirmishes unfolded, the final battle arrived as Doom stole The Beyonder's power (as he's wont to do) and briefly flirted with omnipotence. New characters like Titania, Volcana, and the Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman were introduced. The Thing wound up remaining in space for a year afterward, causing She-Hulk to take his place in the Fantastic Four.
And in the most significant plot twist, Spider-Man acquired his black symbiote costume that would cause him no small amount of grief in the years to follow in the form of Venom. The core Secret Wars II comic focused on the main conflict between the Beyonder and Earth's defenders, while the dozens of tie-in issues explored different encounters between The Beyonder and various solo heroes who crossed his path. One can respect Shooter's ambition in trying to frame the story as a psychological character study of a godlike being. Not to mention that the story lacked a sense conflict because the Beyonder simply wiped memories and resurrected dead characters to undo any damage he left in his wake. That book explored how the Illuminati (a secret group of heroes that included Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Doctor Strange, Namor, Professor Xavier, and Black Bolt) shaped various events in the Marvel Universe from behind the scenes.
Instead, the entire conflict unfolded on an artificial replica of Earth created by The Beyonder.
Furthermore, the story suggested that The Beyonder is actually a mutant and an Inhuman, which would account for his incredible powers.

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