Not much is known about her early life. Abigal Chase was born in Germany in 1976 but immigrated with her parents when she was a child. She was told by Ben Gates (posing as Paul Brown) and Riley Poole that the Declaration of Independence will be stolen by an Ian Howe with whom both of them worked.
As of the spring of 2007 Abigail and Ben Franklin Gates are in the midst of breaking up when Ben and Riley Poole show up at the home she and Ben used to share looking for a document with a cipher on it that could help Ben prove Thomas Gates was not part of the Lincoln Assassination. She meets with Mitchell Wilkinson the next evening about the so-called missing diary page and is called by Ben asking if they and Abigail can help with another cipher involving Edouard Laboulaye which Abigail refuses. Back in the United States the carvings are found out to be pre-Colombian American era (pre-1492) and then Ben and Abigail reason that the best person who can help them figure it out is Ben's mother Emily Appleton Gates.
When Emily tells the three that it is only half a map, Ben says that the other is in The Oval office. Ben gets the wild idea to 'kidnap' the United States President during his birthday party at Mount Vernon.
She meets up with Ben and Riley at the Library of Congress where they find the Book of Secrets. Wilkinson tries several times to coerce the group to do things his way and even goes so far as to threaten Abigail with a knife. While Benjamin Franklin Gates is compared to Indiana Jones, Abigail Chase is compared to Jones' love interest Marion Ravenwood, as well as Evey O'Connell in The Mummy series. National Treasure Wiki is a encyclopedia about the Disney TV series, National Treasure, that anyone can edit.

Because of the wiki format, you can create and edit almost any page so fans can work together to create a wonderful website about National Treasure. Feel free to edit anonymously or create a username and sign in, which, if you do create an account, you won't see any advertisements. Abigail Chase is an archivist at the National Archives and also helped find two of the most famous treasures of all time, the Templar Treasure and the Lost City of Gold. Sometime before 2004, Abigail took the job of an archivist at the National Archives in Washington D.C.
The clues lead the three to The Silence Dogood letters in Philadelphia and then to the Liberty Bell and Centennial Bell, where Ian catches up with them.
The two along with a reluctant Riley and Patrick go to see her at the University of Maryland in College Park Maryland, where she is a Native American languages professor. During the Easter Egg roll, Abigail and Ben go to the White House and she gets her new boyfriend to show them inside the office. However, Abigail came from Germany, so it is unlikely that a German would name their child after an American.
Abigail was initially incredulous of the map's existence, but is eventually drawn into a treasure hunt going from D.C. Abigail comes home early with her date and discovers Ben and Riley and wants the two of them to leave. While arrested they sneak into the Queen's private study and check one of the twin Resolute Desk.

Just click the edit link on the top of a page, write or edit something and click the "Save page" button and there you have it! There's an overview of the wiki, thanks for stopping by and we hope you'll join our community here! Riley and Abigail make a deal with Ian to tell him what the final clue so that they won't turn Ben over to the police.
A few nights later when she seems to look as if she was in on the theft in the first place.
The final clue is at Trinity Church where Ben is given a choice to whether to save her or the Declaration. She is rescued by Gates and Poole from Ian Howe when Ian tries to grab the document and from then on she is thrown into the drama. Afterwords they find the treasure and make a deal with the FBI whereby Abigail's record is cleared and Ian and his henchmen are the only ones to go to jail.
At the end of the movie it's clear that Ben and Abigail are in a serious romantic relationship.

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