I really love teasing you about being on the downhill slide to 40 ?? But you have to know… you are still as beautiful as ever. I read a few of your old birthday blogs before writing this so I could see what I have said to you before. The #1 answer given by the men I asked, may not sound too merry & bright for us ladies. September 2, 2014 by admin 4 Comments I will never forget the day that I first saw Michael. Weeks went by and every now and then I would see him… Michael, I heard was his name from some friends.
In the beginning God created woman from man so that she could come alongside man and be his help mate.
Your husband or wife, for no other reason other than that they are your husband or wife, is to be your standard of beauty.
As humans we always long for things we can’t have or things we may think are better than what we already have.
I know my marriage will slowly crumble if I start to compare my husband to any of these other men I come in contact with. If you’re female, this usually means that you start daydreaming about what your husband will surprise you with.
I think we, especially women, fail to realize the importance and significance of real and true love. It took me until recently to realize that Valentine’s days, birthdays, and all the other days come and go. I’ve been doing some praying this week and having some conversations with God as well as my husband. Yes, all those things are accurate, but I am feelling like I just don’t have the material to offer you if you are struggling outside of those areas. It’s been a crazy week around here with classroom parties and Halloween and what knot.
Your neck is like the tower of David, built in rows of stone; on it hang a thousand shields, all of them shields of warriors. Being that he is calling her his bride and they haven’t gotten married yet, this is why it is assumed she is still dreaming.
And here is where we go back to the oral, but this time with the ladies on the receiving end. Last week where we left off the couple was talking about having a home, a place that is perfect for just them. You can see how all 5 languages are expressed and received throughout this entire book we are studying. I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles or the does of the field, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of turtle dove is heard in our land.
Here is where the couple starts voicing their desire to be together, despite various obstacles that might come up.
Then finally, the cold, dead winter passes away bringing forth life and joy with the spring. If you live in North Texas suburbia, you know that it’s almost impossible to have a garden because of our rabbit problem. She finishes off by stating the verse that got me started on this whole Song of Solomon kick. Even before we were married, I knew that the theme, so to speak, of our marriage was to be one of passion and desire.
I had read those words many times before, but something about the fact that we were engaged and I actually had a beloved made them leap off the page.
So when I re-read that famous verse again with new eyes I knew I had found what I was looking for. I don’t want to cram it all in to one blog, so let’s take it over the course of a few weeks? The Two-pieces Darling Devil costume includes a metallic red bodysuit with long sleeves, keyhole cut out front and attached sequin tail, matching hood with devil horn detail. Maybe you are reading this because like me, you have also cried many tears, and had sleepless nights feeling like a useless parent, and worrying about your daughter.
Unleashing the truth of being His darling.MarriageWho Writes Becca’s Birthday Blog???
There are days I want to throw things at you, but most days you still give me all the feels. Men are not #tokensouthernwhitegirls , they do not need nor want a monogram on everything they own.
They don’t get as excited as you do about visiting Santa, tree lighting festivals, making gingerbread houses, ice skating, and watching your kid shake a jingle bell at his preschool performance. Our paths would cross every now and then and every single time it was like I was struck by this magnetic field. His intention was that one man and one woman would join together for eternal marital bliss. We hear about how a friend’s husband bought her a nice gift as an apology from a fight and we want that instead of the verbal apology that we got.
He is in the business world and so of course there is always some good looking gal in knock-off Louboutins and a pencil skirt. Whether the comparison is of a physical trait or a personality characteristic, wishing he was more like someone else will leave room in my heart for contention to grow. Almost daily, I pray that my heart would be guarded and that I would hold Michael as my standard of beauty. I also don’t come home to a woman wearing baggy t-shirts, eating ice cream, and just getting all willy nilly about how she looks. Our middle school student council did a carnation ordering fundraiser for Valentine’s day every year. My husband, bless his heart, has been the poor soul who has had to deal with the wrath of my unmet expectations. He loved the earth– you, me, and everything in it, so passionately that he wanted to save us from our sin.

Lot’s of artists and churches perform it, but nobody does it justice like Kim Walker-Smith.
I’ve come to the conclusion that Sexy Sunday has had its time for now and needs to be suspended until further notice.
My writing is most meaningful when it comes from a place of revelation or something God has taught me. Now that those things have passed, I really have my heart set on writing a few more things rather than just the promised Sexy Sunday entries. He is calling her away from anywhere she might be far from him and wanting her to stay with him. Until a man and woman were married, he was to treat her with the same affections, respect, and dignity that he would a sister. I fear that I would be crass or come across as dirty, but I do believe it’s right there in the Songs. Well if you look back at the Proverbs, embrace is a word used, basically to describe messing around– below the waist, if you know what I mean.
Spring is often thought of as a time for lovers and pro-creation, what with all the baby animals running around.
Michael and I had literally known each other maybe a week, but we were already exclusively dating.
Driscoll likes to say that in the marriage bed that if there is space in the marriage bed, there is space for the devil.
I have set up Darling Daughters to share parenting advice and information that I have found is useful and fun. Technology, self esteem, school and relationship issues have invaded our lives and those of many parents I have had the privilege to work with as a parent coach. When we first got married we were so obsessed with getting what we needed from each other for ourselves.
You and I are two multi-faceted people who just happened to have this amazing chemical attraction 13 years ago and so we figured out a way to make it work.
If you insist on something tangible, buy him an article of clothing that he would never pick out for himself, with a note telling him how hot he would look in it and how it might look better on the floor.
You score points with him for making him look good with his friends, and he gets a chance to hang with his bros. With all the parties, socializing, and fa-la-la-ing, it’s time for the two of you to connect.
No, not every singe minute of every day of the past twelve years, but overall, he still just draws me in. When Adam woke up from a deep slumber to meet Eve, she was the first and only woman he had ever seen. We notice another dad we know who is really hands on and involved with his kids and long for that while ours is more hands off and career minded. We both workout at a Crossfit gym, surrounded by beautiful (and usually half naked) people. And when the littlest seed of contention starts, the snowballing effects can be catastrophic. For the week before V-day, you could purchase a carnation and have it delivered with a note on Vday to someone’s class. Jesus Christ, our Savior, the light of the world, was born and then died on a cross, sacrificial, because God loved us that much. In our marriage, we have had our share of all sorts of other problems, but never had much trouble in the bedroom area. To us that’s not a big deal but to their culture, a woman with all their teeth was a rarity.
They may travel all over to desolate places, but their love will be the peak, as long as they are together.
If an  apple tree were to be standing the center of it, that apple tree would practically glow in contrast to the forest. Not only does the woman talk about doing that to her man, she also talks about enjoying it.
In the same way that we belong to God and the church belongs to Christ, you are your husband’s and likewise, he is yours. Nobody is a better expert on your family than you, but sometimes getting some help without judgement can make a great difference. She takes time to stop and think about us and honor us for the things that she appreciates. Bonus points for you if you plan the whole thing– whether it’s just a simple date night or  even a full on vacay! Regardless how she looked, every woman who came after her would be exactly that– after her.
Everything we know and practice is because we have learned by experience how NOT to do things. I believed the lie that if he loved me he would really be able to give me exactly what I wanted how I wanted it. It continues even after marriage; your husband is still your brother in Christ and you should study the Bible with and pray with him. It all plays into his senses- the way she looks, the way she smells, and the way she tastes.
It teaches couples to communicate their needs better by figuring out what exactly that person needs to feel loved. As women, I’ve always thought that we dress up and look pretty not necessarily for men, but for the other women.
Similar to how we southern gals monogram everything with our new initial the second we get engaged. A fox may not even be another female, it may be a hobby like video games or an obsession with climbing the career ladder. Maybe after a nice sweet first date, he politely walks you to your front door and leans in for it.
If you want help, I offer parent coaching and talks, or visit my Directory of information for parents of daughters. I even love you more now than I did on that birthday when I gave you a peed on pregnancy test to let you know baby #2 was on the way.

Women love giving gifts so we are searching the internet like crazies for THE perfect gift for the man in our life.
Instead, buy him a case of his favorite craft six-pack or favorite bottle of whiskey– sans cutesy tag. Maybe a night to a grown up play place like Dave & Busters or the shooting range?  I bet he would especially love it if you came along and had some fun, too! She was beautiful because she was a.) not a reptile or four legged animal  and b.) because she was all his! My husband can’t ignore every high maintenance Dallas woman who passes him by each day. My first college girlfriend, however, was tall (like 5’11 tall), brunette, very thin, and beautiful.
We pray that the Holy Spirit would stir a passion in you for your marriage and for your spouse. I believed that if he would just do (insert made up expectation) then I could really be happy.
HIS love  is never-ending, never-failing, and the truest and most passionate love there is. There may be perhaps some sort of dignity or power he sees in her with that long neck that he compares to the Tower of David. Even though your garden may not have had any other visitors, if they have entered the gate in your heart and mind, they will soon end up in the courtyard. It is often thought also that the tree in the garden of Eden that Eve ate from, bringing sin into the world, was an apple tree.
Anyone else see a little “Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou yonder window something something something” here in all this beautiful poetry? She confronted me one night telling me that she had gone home from a party and stayed the night with my ex. I’ve spent all my emotions on everything else during the day and forgotten to save any for you on many occasions. Armed with a gym membership, lots of ephedra, and muscle and fitness, I lost 85 pounds in 4 months.
Adam and Eve were naked once and when they were they were close to God, all before sin entered the world. They aren’t subbing F-bombs for it or calling it actual medical terms, they have great open lines of communication here. Once we had our first date, if I wasn’t with him, I would literally crave his presence. Maybe you spent all Saturday locked in the library together for detention and then Don’t Forget About Me started playing cueing you to lock lips? I would love to hear your tips, stories and funny moments,  so please share them on the Facebook page - between us all we can be the kind of parents we want our darling daughters to have. When we pray in our family, “Thy kingdom come”, you are a part of the intersection of heaven and earth.
I expected something I thought I had earned by being good, nice, smart, going to youth group every week, etc.
The next part where she talks about sitting in his shadow and tasting his fruit— that means exactly what you think it does. Clearly, in my brokenness, it wasn’t something I was capable of, but for her, I think it is so beautiful. I love that she can sometimes be disruptive to the status quo especially when it comes to the box some like to put her in. In turn, I don’t want to be the guy looking all nasty just because I am old and have kids. It was a true physical gnawing in my stomach that wouldn’t let up until I could see him again. Or maybe you’re like me and you dressed as a half-naked Britney Spears for a sorority party and he showed up dressed as Justin Timberlake. If it was terrible, talk about how it could have been and what could have been better about it.
With his crispy clean white shirt, clean-shaven fair skin, and copper wavy hair he seemed out-of-place amongst the scruffy faced, cargo short & frat shirt wearing other guys. So maybe you married your husband and he was tall, dark, & athletic but now he is tall, grayish-baldish, and with a little more around the middle to hold on to. Regardless of how bad you wanted to kiss him right there, you fought the urge and made him play hard to get all night until on your front porch at 1am he was begging for it. My favorite place for things like this is The Pure Bed (they sell these fun things on a site with no nudity and no porn). That next week after he and I started dating, I started noticing just how present she was in his life. Your brain recognizes that scent as your mate and triggers a response to that specific person. But there are seasons in life like after we’ve just had a baby or when we start getting those forehead lines where our spouse should love us exactly as we are. I went to class, worked part-time, and did sorority functions only to pass the time when I wasn’t with him.
If there is true intimacy in the heart, the aging of that person will just make them even more attractive because each line on the face and each stretch mark on the tummy will represent time and memories together. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched her stroll over to him, hug him close (front hug not the friendly side hug) then wrap her arms around his neck and whisper something in his ear. The more times I turned my head during that soccer game to look at him the more things I noticed that I couldn’t get enough of. But I do know that at that moment, I realized my gut was right and that she was a little fox trying to sneak into my love garden and destroy everything that was in bloom. He knew if he allowed this fox in, she would eat and consume what was precious to him, what he had been waiting for.

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