The Secrets of Droon is an ongoing epic saga published for listeners who enjoy fantasy at its most exciting and engaging. Tony Abbott is the author of more than two dozen funny novels for young readers, including the popular Danger Guys books and the Weird Zone series. Eric is a ten-year-old boy who is the main protagonist of the children's book series, The Secrets of Droon.
Eric lost his wizard powers when using Salamandra's staff[4], but when Eric and Keeah are sent into the future[5] they meet their older versions there: the elder Princess Keeah is now Queen Keeah and the elder Eric is now Prince Eric. Later, he gets wounded by one of Ko's cursed icicles and falls unconscious[6], (he was stabbed while protecting Galen.) Then Gethwing the moon dragon awakens Eric's dark side and turns him into the dark prince Ungast[7], but Eric is awakened to his good side temporarily by Keeah[8].
Eric has been best friends with Neal (who lives down the street from him) and Julie (who also lives reasonably nearby) since kindergarten when they got stuck in a tree together.
Eric and Keeah also become fast friends, and, according to the future displayed in Special Edition 5. Galen initally takes on more of a "wise old man" role towards Eric, but by Flight of the Blue Serpent, they acknowledge their friendship as equals. The series hints throughout that Eric and Urik, as well as Eric and Queen Zara, are connected. As a very young child, Eric witnessed Keeah and her aunt Demither hide the Coiled Viper in the Upper World, the third of Sparr's Three Powers.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. This much-lauded series was cited by the American Booksellers Association as one of the top ten works to read while waiting for the next Harry Potter, and will finally make its audio debut in Fall 2004.

Eric, Princess Keeah, Queen Keeah, Captain Bludge and five Ninns get into Ko's layer, formerly Jaffa City. Julie, Neal, and Keeah find a permanent cure for Ungast's possession of Eric[9] and feed it to him[10]. Although they initially hate each other, Sparr feels the need to preserve Eric's life (he claims that Eric is "one of us" in[11] and cites it as one reason why he has not killed Eric yet). As examples, Eric somehow owns the Pearl Sea (an artifact that Urik created), the Wand of Urik keeps coming back to Eric[14], Hoja calls Eric "Urik"[15], and Eric feels the same pain whenever he mentions Zara's name as Galen and Sparr (Queen Zara's sons) do.
The SECRET is out - DROON is the series that kids, parents, and teachers are talking about!Evil Lord Sparr has collected all Three Powers, something he has been trying to do since the very first DROON adventure.
It's a wondrous place where adventure is always close at hand.The Complete Series Checklist Now Available!
Fast, whimsical action, engaging characters, and surprising, imaginative situations are the hallmarks of The Secrets of Droon, one of the best-selling series for its age group.Book #1 - THE HIDDEN STAIRS AND THE MAGIC CARPET A hidden door. The three of them battle alongside Princess Keeah, Galen Longbeard, and Max the spider-troll against Lord Sparr, his Ninns, and later Emperor Ko and his beasts.
He can shoot silver lightning bolts from his fingertips[2] and have visions of the future (previously, he was only able to shoot blue sparks like other trainee wizards). Also, when the Coiled Viper splits Sparr into Young Sparr and Shadowface, Eric and Young Sparr have no problems allying.
The examples accumulate when Eric's mother inadvertently reveals that her great-great-grandfather shares life details with the Prince of Stars[16], a likely candidate for Urik at this point in the series, and was the one who gave Eric the Pearl Sea. They help save Keeah from the city of Plud, but Lord Sparr finds the Red Eye of Dawn at the end.

Armed with the Coiled Viper, the Red Eye of Dawn, and the Golden Wasp, Sparr is ready to journey to the Isle of Mists - an eerie place of fog and darkness.
After the two versions of Sparr reunite, he feels no need to antagonize Eric and retreats, donating the Twilight Star[12].
Discover the World of Droon with Eric, Julie, and Neal.Book #2 - JOURNEY TO THE VOLCANO PALACE The nasty Lord Sparr has stolen a magic jewel from Eric, Julie, and Neal's friend Princess Keeah. With his powers, he manages to defeat his attackers and saves the Ring, after which Eric and Keeah go back into the present. Even after Gethwing converts Sparr to his side[13], Sparr cooperates with Eric again in Special Edition 8. The Final Quest, reveals that Urik is indeed Eric's great-great-great-grandfather (and Zara is therefore his great-great-great-great-grandmother).
The jewel is in Lord Sparr's secret palace, which is in a volcano!Book #3 - THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND Eric, Julie, and Neal are sailing with Princess Keeah and suddenly they are caught in the middle of a magical ocean storm. Ironically, Eric saves his ancestor's life[17](note that The Final Quest also confirms that Urik was the "Prince of Stars").
Some even say that the evil ruler is still alive there.Sparr plus the Three Powers plus Emperor Ko? The cure is in the City of the Clouds and his friends have one day to get the cure before the island disappears.

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