The solution and services includes Compliance & Risk Management, Data Protection, Identity Management Solution, Network-Based Security and User Education. Exafort has extensive experience in implementations, integrations and customizations of cloud-based SaaS solutions for CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, Technical Support etc. As a part of this new offering, Exafort forged a strategic partnership with Aujas, a leading information risk management services provider who have made their mark and secured the world’s largest IT datacentre deployments. Exafort provides professional services to help institutions harness the potential of new generation Cloud, Mobile, BI and Social Enterprise technologies. Aujas is a Global Information Risk Management (IRM) company providing consulting and technology services in the area of security, compliance, privacy and information risk. Secure your Data on the CloudExafort offer a comprehensive set of services to address your security concerns, compliance and privacy of your data on the Cloud. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Most of my information security focus these past few years has concentrated on management and governance, but this was not always the case. I came into this profession as a technologist and manager who focused on team building, turn-arounds and doing a lot with few resources. I was reminded of this decision this past week when a professional I have strong respect for bumped up against a misunderstanding of security regulations and, with her best intentions, sapped the time and energy of five professionals from two organizations responding to what they thought was a HIPAA violation. When HALOCK works with our clients on information security projects, we help them understand the relevance of their security concerns in terms of impact. But as tempting as it is to focus on technical threats, management security threats are a certainty because of the consistent and measurable impacts that result from management’s imperfect relationship with security and compliance. The least obvious management security threat on our list is misinformed management; people who assert their misunderstanding of regulations and security requirements as if they are true. Web sites and articles that purport to have the right interpretations of regulations, but do not back up their interpretations with source material, such as the regulations they are referencing.
Not reading the source material, and not checking it again and again to be sure you remember it correctly.
A good place to find the authoritative source of regulatory requirements is actually in the regulation. But working with an expert who lives, eats and breathes the regulation (and regularly cites the regulations’ text and the regulators’ guiding documents) is a good start. In the case of my clients last week, I was able to carefully walk them through their assumptions, helped them read through and interpret their contracts, policies and the regulation and showed them that they were well within their regulatory limits and helped them avoid disclosing a violation that didn’t happen. If you suspect that you may be experiencing management security risks then be aware that the business impacts will be real.

Have you seen examples of the misinformed or over-zealous manager creating their own security and compliance impacts? Sign-up if you want to receive our monthly e-newsletter for security tips, the latest security headlines and company updates. This offering will help Cloud services customers protect sensitive data and address concerns of security, compliance and privacy.
Exafort helps clients attain effectiveness, enhance efficiency, get end-to-end visibility, accelerate innovation and rapidly adapt to constantly changing business landscape.
But as my career moved from technology operations to security it also moved from technology to governance.
Perhaps the most obvious management security threat is ignoring security and compliance altogether.
HALOCK has too often responded to information security breaches that occurred because personnel were trying to get their work done in an unsafe way because they could not get it done in the designated safe way.
While it is bad enough to misunderstand compliance requirements, things get even more complicated when contradictory information surfaces. I have never seen an off-the-shelf training package that addressed the unique risks and responsibilities of each organization that used them.
Mistaking an auditor’s questionnaire for an authoritative list of required security controls. Check with the regulatory body that oversees the regulation in question before falling for this trick. Sadly, “authoritative” does not also mean “easy to read” or even “easy to find.” Try going through the latest CFRs (Code of Federal Regulations) about protection of health information.
And if the expert insists that you start your compliance with a risk assessment, then you know you are onto something good. During our wrap-up I let them know I was a little disappointed that they had been steered the wrong way about their obligations. There will be loss of productivity, damage to reputation and delays of your organization’s mission.
The team has deep domain, cross-functional expertise to handle the most complex deployments with utmost ease, delivering high value and services to customers ranging from privately held mid-market companies to Fortune 500 firms. I chose this path on purpose, and as I tell the few techies who have asked, I did it for one main reason; while technological security risks are always a possibility, management security risks are a certainty.
But there was an impact; the wasted day of five highly competent and valuable professionals.

There are many causes of this threat, including denial of obligations and the denial of the reality of threats. Sometimes security controls are so strict that they prevent personnel from performing normal work activities.
So how could they be providing personnel with practical and accurate information about how to make security work in their unique organization?
Their reply was that they had been so consistently trained into believing that HIPAA was unforgiving and hazardous that they thought they were responding correctly in their over-reactions. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Secret Garden Korean Drama (SG Lovers) club tagged: sg. Personnel who have a motivation to work efficiently in inefficient environments will create their own efficiencies, even if they create new vulnerabilities along with them.
When we have a debate based on the authoritative documents, then our disagreements are narrow. Your one best way to recover from and avoid management security risks is to address it head on and make sure your organization actually knows what these security regulations are asking us to do.
This mix of onshore and offshore expertise offers cost effective, comprehensive service, as well as follow-the-sun support for its clients. Management’s misunderstanding of the HIPAA Security Rule and of their Business Associate contracts. This is why we have risk assessments; to be sure that security controls are reasonable and appropriate to avoid these misplaced security controls.
When we have fact-free debates, then we are left with fear, uncertainty, and doubt, which is a killer of time, innovation, morale, and certainty. The organization made a cultural decision to make their personnel hyper-vigilant to the point of paranoia, causing over-reactions to allowable use of protected health information.
When we talk about information security in terms of impact, management starts to understand their role in planning security priorities and investments.

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