Specialists in security services within the private and public sector throughout London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire. All security guards are licensed in accordance with the Private Security Industry Act 2001, have successfully completed a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (previously CRB checks) and are in possession of a valid SIA license including our directors and senior management.
All security services including security patrols and alarm response are managed through our own 24 Hour Control Centre in the heart of Buckinghamshire manned by our dedicated team of controllers and support staff who personally handle all calls anytime of the day or night. Call us now on 01494 441 805 and talk to one of our friendly security advisors who will listen and discuss the most suitable solution for your requirements. Risk Management Services (Chiltern) Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding and Keyholding Services. Triple Bottom Line is a concept of understanding the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) performance of large corporations, and includes not only a financial bottom line but two additional bottom lines for Environmental and Social performance reporting.
Responsible Property Investment (RPI) is a new approach where commercial property investors seek to identify “sustainable” and “best in class” property investments to achieve increased return in investment (ROI), as well as improving the environment and social community using the commercial investment property. Risk Management Group Pty Ltd have developed specific software to speed up the assessment of risk and development of risk mitigation strategies, in a very fast track, First Cut Risk Assessment prior to full blown due diligence for investment property acquisition.

Individual risk issues which constitute the five (5) major risk factors are evaluated individually during the acquisition due diligence investigation phase to provide a (before) risk rating, and an (after) risk rating including specific capital expenditure (Capex) estimates for risk mitigation for each of the identified issues prior to acquisition of the potential investment property. The software has been developed for Syndicated Property Trusts, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s), Insurance RE Funds, Ultra-high Net worth Families, Mutual Funds, Superannuation Pension Funds and International Sovereign Investment Funds.
Risk Management Group can provide first cut risk assessment to include Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance, Financial and Life Cycle assessment of risks and the development of detailed risk mitigation strategies, in a very fast track, First Cut Risk Assessment prior to full blown due diligence for investment property acquisition.
We can cover the whole of the UKAlthough the majority of our work is carried out in the Thames Valley area in the South of England we do cover further afield. Choosing the right security architecture is one of the utmost important objective of an organization  today. The threat environment has changed over time, and the network intrusion prevention system (NIPS) technology has also evolved to protect the business environment against advanced threats. Please rest assured you will, at all times, speak with a member of our team who cares about your call.
The pentagon risk management methodology shown below, provide a cost and risk metrics based on the triple bottom line risk assessment of ESG issues for responsible property investors and is particularly useful during the Due Diligence assessment phase when assessing investment property acquisitions.

The software is normally tailored for each specific corporate entity, due to their individual corporate profiles for ESG issues and how they view and rank each of the risk issues.
The intrusion prevention system (IPS) provides preventive security at all system levels — from OS kernel to network data packets. The next-generation NIPS technology delivers comprehensive protection by  combining signature and behavior-based pattern detection with contextual information to provide protection against known and unknown threats. The key criteria for IPS policy creation aimed at minimizing false positives and preventing disruption of legitimate traffic are also discussed in the paper.
Intrusion prevention systems assists in taking immediate action against security threats, based on a set of policies defined by the administrator.

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