There are plenty of design concepts out there, but it's not all that often that they get pulled out of the concept stage and put firmly into the retail market.
A finalized release date hasn't been drafted up quite yet, but Seiko says that it will be by the end of 2010. While, for the most part, the Bell-Matic may not be considered rare it is difficult to find one in decent enough condition that warrants the time and expense to restore it.
When a Bell-Matic is restored it is not only a thing of beauty but a very unique and rare timepiece often sought after by collectors.
Bill W { I've not only commented first but I've also taken delivery of this timepiece before anybody else. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. When it comes to the Seiko-branded E Ink "active matrix" watch, it looks like good things do happen to those who wait.

You get the pleasure of nostalgia, along with that special sense of personal touch from a master restorer's handiwork. They were made using "4006" automatic movements with 17, 21 or 27 jewels and while most featured the day and date there were a few models that featured the date only. For more information about the watch or to inquire about purchasing, see Bob Thayers' restored Seiko Bello-Matic 4006-6021 watch here. Since then, ABTW has become the highest trafficked blog on luxury timepieces, and Ariel has become a contributor to other online publications such as Forbes, Departures and Tech Crunch, to name just a few.
You can tell from the image as well that, while there's plenty of "future tech" shoved inside of it, it doesn't go out of its way to look all that ridiculously futuristic. And while no word has been given on pricing, it's apparently been suggested that it won't be too high that not everyone can get their hands on it. His conversational writing style and inclusive attitude brings a wider appreciation for watches the world over, and that's just the way he likes it. Bob Thayer is in the business of repairing, restoring, and modifying all types of watches, with a bit of a specialty on Seiko watches.

Though, there are those solar cells framing the display; plus the fact that the watch is controlled by radio movement, and gets the local time by the closest atomic clock.
In addition to these functions the crown also serves to set the time and the alarm button can quick-set the date.
A mechanical alarm watch that was extremely popular "back in the day." They are no longer made, and while these watches can be found, so few are in good condition. In Bob's capable hands, you get a stunning vintage watch ready for daily duty - with a loud alarm. I guess Seiko planned on the watch being worn so since the order for days of the week never changes there was no need to set it manually.
However the day can be "quick-set" by turning the crown from 9:30PM to 1AM, repeating this back-and-forth until the desired day is reached.

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