For these stakeholders, strategies must be managed, markets must be understood, problems must be solved, and business must be developed. Oceanland - Independent, Confidential, Proactive and Dynamic, delivering key Shipping and Logistics expertise. This programme also serves as a bridging course for the Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management programme.
The programme covers a wide range of topics, including Introduction to Shipping, Carriage of Goods by Sea, Air and Land, Cargo Insurance, Logistics Strategy, Planning and Practices, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Logistics Costing, E-Commerce and E-Shipping, Banking for Shippers, Trade Documentation and Law Relating to Trade. The course provides online enrolment and payment service for continuing enrolment in the same award-bearing programme. We will be seeing a lot of opportunities knocking at our doors during this financial year which we should translate into business.
One a€?Service Excellencea€? project, had not only had a dramatic improvement of our services and turnaround time but also reduced the customer escalations substantially. Jeena Ahmedabad handled two lots of transformers at Mumbai Port for Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.
Our Mumbai team carried out a new initiative during a recent PICK And PACK operation executed for one of our customers, using Slip Sheets instead of Wooden Pallets during Cargo palletization. We are also pleased to inform our readers that we have successfully completed the ISO 9001:2008 certification for all our locations. The Polytechnic Institute provides five streams of three year Engineering Diploma Courses for Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The Katgara Polytechnic Institute was inaugurated on 6th April, 2014 and is a humble tribute to our Senior Partner, Late Mr. We are extremely proud to announce that our CHA activity has been declared a€?Excellenta€? in an Audit conducted in 2013 by FedEx U.SA.
Jeena Hyderabad was the proud recipient of one of the Best Cargo Sales Agent award for 2012-13 by Silk Air. With the IPL fever affecting cricket crazy fans, Jeena had its own JCPL (Jeena Cricket Premier League) at Bangalore.
The staff of Jeena Mumbai offices had a roaring time at their annual picnic at the Farm regency Resort, Gorai, earlier this year. Firstly a big CONGRATULATIONS to each one of you Sam, Homi and yourself of-course on the achievements over the century of operations. Please accept our heartiest congratulations and support in Making Jeena the best Brand in Shipping in India. Congratulations on your re-launch and rebranding efforts - I wish you every success in this venture!

Happy New Year and wish everybody in Jeena & Co the new identity and approach to this changing world. The act of transportation encompasses a vast network of stakeholders representing a myriad of business disciplines. Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested.
It provides a comprehensive training in various aspects of shipping and logistics which suit the training needs of practitioners in the field and trainees who need to acquire a wide range of basic knowledge within a short period. The biggest impact of this change is the return of confidence, both for foreign and domestic investors.
The hard work of all the people including corporate teams and the Branch operational teams have borne sweet fruit and more to come. The cargo was imported from Ukraine to India in two lots of 6 & 7 pieces and the import clearance of the project cargo was done at Mumbai Port. This initiative makes us the first Indian Forwarder to have carried out this activity with our own a€?Slip Sheeting Push & Pulla€™ Equipment within a Customs Bonded CFS. Cyrus Katgara lighting a sparkling Lamp at Jeena Gurgoan on the occasion of Diwali, the festival of lights.
Ratnakar Joshi, Manager-IT at our Gurgaon Office successfully completed a two year executive MBA (Information Systems) degree course from SMU Distance Education with flying colors.
Adi Jehangirji Katgaraa€™s dream to set up an educational institute in the Gholvad a€“ Bordi area in Gujarat and we are pleased to announce that Katgara Polytechnic Institute has been set up in partnership with Gokhale Education Society, leaders in the field of education, having its roots in Bordi since 1920.
The Gokhale Education Society presently educates 8,000 students at their campus in Bordi and the Institute will have an additional 900 students who will hopefully make great contributions to society in the years to come.
It is very rare for any vendor within the FedEx Global Network to be recognized as a€?Excellenta€? and this recognition is even more enhanced, coming from not only our biggest customer but one of the Worlda€™s Top Fortune 500 Companies. Neville Karkaria has joined us as Regional Manager a€“ Western Region and is based at our Mumbai office.
Santosh Shetty has joined us as Senior Manager Projects in our Project Team based at our Corporate office.
The match was played at the HAL ground between the Main office, Operations and FedEx teams. Participants displayed their singing, dancing and mimicry skills in the a€?Jeenaa€™s Got Talent Contesta€? holding the audience captive.
I am particularly pleased to hear that the new culture of Excellence No Compromise of Jeena is aligned with that of Cargo Services Group of the last 24 years, which, of course, will now be adopted as the cornerstone of the culture of Allport Cargo Services in the U.K. I must congratulate you for the measures you have undertaken and for your obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The act of conveying goods into markets across Global territories requires support from the finest resources of marketing, operational management, finance, law and Insurance, and of course, hard assets.
Cost effectiveness, zero discrepancies and 100% accuracy are some of the benefits derived from this product by textile customers and those having light volume loads. Neville is an industry professional with a rich and varied experience of 25 years and joins us from Rais Hassan Saadi LLC A Dubai, where he was associated with them as General Manager. It is essential to adapt to changing times, and I see that you have made every effort in order to be prepared to meet the challenge of the coming years.
The 115 projects in the core and infrastructure sectors, which are stranded due to various reasons, are going to get a new lease of life. The entire operation of this time bound, high value shipment was completed within two working hours, right from taking vehicles inside the cargo complex, getting the cargo offloaded at cold storage, getting ADC clearance, customs registration, examination, LEO and then handing it over to the airline GSA. He has also been associated with organizations of repute in various senior managerial capacities such as UPS Supply Chain Solutions and Writers Corporation. Best Regards, Sari Sun, International Affairs Manager - Rex International Forwarding Co., Ltd. We also look forward to our continuing collaboration in 2014 which, we trust, will be profitable for our respective companies. I am extremely happy to note that, we are so happy about the way you and your team handled our cargo even though it was a small one.
Revival of these large projects is going to have trickling effect on the downstream large and medium industries. Needless to say, the efficiency of our clearance team in clearing such a huge shipment within such a short span of time and that too well within the regulatory frame work, was much appreciated. Manoj Motiwala, Country Head, Express Division, India, for all their laudable efforts in providing FedEx India along with their respective teams, a seamless service on the customs brokerage front.
May I take this opportunity of renewing my very best wishes for the New Year to you, your staff and families. However, we would also like to place on record that, it was a very good experience dealing with you personally (though we haven't met!) and with your team and the service was far better than others whom we have dealt with before.

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