To help speed up your workflow it’s good to utilise some of the hidden gems explored in our  InDesign CS6 Training.
3) Click on one of them and drag horizontally into the center of the frame, as you do this the four corners will form curves.
To edit the roundness of a corner click on the yellow square to activate the corners then adjust the yellow corner handles as required.
To make the corners square again simply click on the yellow square to activate the corners, then drag the yellow handles back to the edge of the frame. Alt clicking on a yellow corner repeatedly, changes the corner style from rounded to fancy, to bevel and through other styles and back to square corner. As mentioned, detailed options for adding corner affects can also be found by going to Object > Corner Options. This Illustrator tutorial transparency task provides some basic concepts when working with transparency.

1) Create a simple radial repeat (see previous post) and color the design with a fill color. 4) Change the dropdown menu from Normal to Multiply; this will transform the shape into a more dynamic colored visual. While creating photorealistic illustrations can be complicated, the Illustrator Mesh Tool helps considerably. Sean Walsh is a qualified designer and trainer who offers design consultation and training to Melbourne businesses.
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To add corner effects you can always use the Corner Options menu item under Object > Corner Options. Playing with the Transparency tool is a simple way of creating color variation within artwork.

Sean has over 12 years industry experience and can help your organisation use design as way to improve profitability and growth.
Transparency is such an integral part of Illustrator that it’s possible to add transparency to your artwork without realizing it.
Blending modes let you vary the ways that the colors of objects blend with the colors of underlying objects. When you apply a blending mode to an object, the effect of the blending mode is seen on any objects that lie beneath the object’s layer or group. To create more complicated works, experiment by selecting, repositioning and recoloring the nodes.

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