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Overview - Danger in Discovery: Abuse, betrayal and lovers lost, have made David Campbell a closed-off and lonely man. But seeing his grown son, Sutter, happy in a committed mnage a trois, David cannot help but recall the passions of his past.
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Then a sizzling home video brings that past vividly into the present, and David is drawn inexorably into a mnage a trois of his own.
But years of self-denial have taken their toll, and David resists the urge to make the lasting commitment the relationship demands.
He fears the danger in discovery, until true peril strikes and David must confront his raging desires or lose everything. But shes never found that kind of bondthe kind that makes her friend, Kendall, glow with vibrant sexualitywith one person, let alone two.

Then she takes a special cruise, and shes shocked to find herself aroused by blatant public sensual display. Shes never even thought of herself as especially kinky, until she meets Eric and Lin, a dominant pair looking for a submissiveone whos willing to be branded.

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