It all made sense to me when my dear friend Naomi Seldin of the Simpler Living blog sent out a link on her Facebook. I’ve missed important e-mails about family health matters, queries from editors and pings from sources. Equip yourself with the skills to gain corporate sponsors and partners for your tiny house build. Created and edited by Kent Griswold of Tiny House Blog, Tiny House Magazine is the only magazine for micro, tiny, small, and unconventional tiny house enthusiasts.
View on FacebookTiny r(E)volution 5 days ago We all toss around the idea of building a small space out of completely recycled and repurposed materials. Visit our EasyLiving Facebook page this week for “Simplify Your Life Week” daily tips and share your suggestions! Between all the busy tasks of caregiving, it can be hard to find time to prepare healthy meals.
Seeking help from a geriatric care manager is much like seeking help from a CPA with your taxes or a financial advisor with your investments.
When your loved one faces a crisis, you get a lot thrown at you at once and can feel pressured in to major decisions. Little things around the home, such as leaving an extra trash bag in all your cans for replacements and these 45 amazing little tricks, can remove hassles and save you time. Give Aging Wisely’s Senior Care Consultant a call at 727-447-5845 for more great ideas to make caregiving easier! Our goal is to enable every individual we work with to live the most fulfilling life possible, with utmost dignity, focusing on their physical, mental, spiritual, family and financial wellbeing.
The link was from the New York Times and was an article called True Confessions of a Digital Hoarder by Jenna Wortham.
This is, in part, because I live in a studio in New York but also the residual ripples of growing up the youngest of five girls, which ingrained in me an obsessive compulsive disdain for clutter. I had to control my knee-jerk reaction to grab my external hard drive and begin backing up immediately before deleting anything that I felt was lingering. Older readers may remember that I once suggested reading email only three times a day for a set period of time; just as you would another task like a smoke break or a trip to the coffee pot.
Earlier this week, I just happened to be staring into the abyss of my bloated e-mail inbox when a note floated in about last-minute drinks with a good friend who happened to be in town for the night.

As the Internet has grown and our lives have expanded more and more toward the digital there have been moments when I felt the infinity of the world wide web and its capacity to hold all of my data was a plausible reason to just let it accumulate.
Whether we use them as primary email or not a lot of people use them for email redirection, account setup, etc.
This downloadable e-Book will give you the confidence and integrity to approach any sponsor with a Win-Win attitude. Available in PDF and for both iOS and Android devices, the magazine is a digital gem for the tiny house set! Consider using a meal delivery service or even hiring someone to prep meals to freeze (our EasyLiving caregivers can help!). Rather than try to learn all about the eldercare system, aging issues and healthcare for elders, seek someone who is educated, trained and experienced to be your guide. This is an ideal time to get a professional care management assessment to help you prioritize. But, make sure to maintain at least one (preferably daily) activity that provides you pleasure or relaxation, and do not neglect your health. Between work files, sub-contracting files, and personal files, I have no less than 4 email addresses, 13 social networking profiles, 3 external hard drives, a cloud backup system, and a shoebox of burned DVDs.
Because I have adhered to this I have within my 4 email accounts some 38 folders (some of which has sub-folders), exclamation points for emails that are highly important or timely, highlighted titles for those that should never be deleted, and only 2 unanswered emails. She was not trying to bring light to a difficult issue just for the sake of it but rather to show that even digital clutter can begin to overwhelm you to the point of incapacitation and temporary paralysis; mentally and emotionally.
Like chotchkies on a side table I had emails, pictures, text messages, requests, unfinished docs, and half watched movies just floating around my digital world. Once your contact box gets a bit robust you will find that every time you compose an email and begin to type in the address people show up automatically. And like me I am sure that when you created that free account you never thought you’d use up all those free gigabytes. The file syncing service Dropbox does one thing very well, and that is give you access to a certain amount of file space (2 GB in free accounts) on any computer you use, as well as on smartphones.
And as an added bonus we have included templates for email requests, traditional letters, and even cold calls. Keep healthy convenience foods on hand (nuts, canned beans, cooked chicken, pre-cut vegetables and fruit, healthy snack food).

Consider the emotional discomfort that can come with performing personal care tasks for a parent.
What decisions need to be made immediately (and what are the best options) and what can wait? And because my laptop is both my office and my recreation, cleanliness is next to cyber-godliness. But I have overcome such and I want to offer you 5 steps to bringing simple living back to your digital life!
There are also great apps for meal planning (with help creating shopping lists, searching by ingredient and more). What issues are most urgent for your loved one’s safety and what long-term planning can be done as time allows to avoid future crises?
And I use Flush for Mac to delete Flash cookies so marketers can’t track my movements so easily.
My phone appeared to be working yet I had no voicemails, no text messages, and even the picture folder was cleared out. Before you know it you have subject folders, dozens of feeds, and a growing number of unread posts.
Then I apologetically send out a mass email, an identical FB message, and sometimes a TXT message asking people to send their accurate contact information within 3 days so that I may update my lists. As you can see the years have treated it well and it looks (and feels) just as comfortable as ever. I recommend catching up with the How-To Geek and his method to streamline and declutter his reader inbox.
I suggest either cleaning and defragging your Windows box or using a free third-party app like Disk Space Fan.
If you run a Mac you may want to use Mac Cleaner as it cleans your Mac with one click of the mouse.

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