Cancelling actions cause the amount up until the moment of cancelling to be added to her life-timer! You tapped the Birthday Cake icon and now there is this window with two options: Reverse or Advance. After tapping advance, your baby turns into a toddler and a happy birthday song plays for a moment. Death isn't an entirely bad thing, the positive side of it is that your Senior left behind a Legacy Orb, when it has been filled completely.
A death in the family causes grief, and this is reflected in the needs bars of the family members. The best way to fill your now collected Bronze Orb to Silver, is by giving it to a Sim or new baby. If the orb is in your inventory you can assign it to pre-update Sims without a personality through the wardrobe, alternatively place it on a houselot and tap it to assign it to a Sim without personality or a post-update created Sim with the personality of the Orb.
Finished orbs still in possession of a Sim can not be assigned to other Sims before the Orb holder dies. The orbs can also be used to pause the ageing in a particular life phase for a limited period or even halt it indefinitely. If you use a completed orb for building a venue or its hobby spots, your Sim will lose that orb.
Please note that a completed Platinum Orb still in possession of a Sim can be used to pause ANY Sim's ageing (and the Sim who owned the orb used to pause is given fresh Bronze Life Dream task). Note: if you use an orb still in possession of an alive Sim, (s)he will get a new Bronze Life Dream Task assigned. Please note that you can reverse the timer in the middle of the life phase, however, tests have shown this is by far more expensive than waiting for the life phase timer to run out and reverse at that point, especially for adults! Everybody who played the game up to the point of the Life Dreams & Legacies quest knows that in order to age you need a Birthday Cake. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

All you Sim fanatics can head into the Android Market today and pick up EA’s latest creation for free. I had downloaded this to my EePad Transformer tablet and then, the new update arrived and now my device isn’t supported. Is this something I can play on my TFP and then go to the GN for a while, or is it now a stand alone game? Bonus of having 2 phones, Bionic is at home on the charger, go to Link, hit install, and I will have it when I get home.
Does anyone know of a work around for getting this installed on a device not listed as compatible? About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. When the stork arrives you are given the choice what baby you want and what kind of personality (s)he will have.
Reversing resets the timer, so you can have your baby for another 24 hours of activities, which cost LPs.
Now is the time to check on your toddler's Life Dream, which is basically a task that needs to be repeated as often as possible.
Unless you have many other Sims providing an income, you might send her to school and have her do her tasks when returning. She might get a Life Dream task like "I want to read 'Sports Star Bios' - it's in the teen bookshelf!" You have 8 days (192 hours) of activities to fill the orb further. Doing so allows you enough time to work towards the progress to Silver without having to stress a lot.
Since each takes a life time to fill an orb, you need at least 3 completed life cycles to obtain a Platinum Orb, provided you manage to fill each orb during each life time. Sometimes the Sim's life dream panel shows the completed orb instead of a new task, or a blank bronze task. The high-end phones are updating to ICS (or most are, anyway) as well as many of the tablets.

Her Life Dream (which is found next to the hobby tab on the tracker) is not filled in yet, she's too young. She might want to "perform Ballet as a NOVICE (lvl 2) or higher at the Community Center", or have another task assigned.
It would be beneficial if there is only a tiny bit left (or none) at the start of their phase. You can have your Sims interact to Grief (15 secs) or Reminiscence (32 secs) the passed away Sim.
Thanks anyway for the suggestion, it may help with my old Droid(rooted and ROMd) and my tablet. Since your adult Sim has 18 days (432 hours) available, you can send her plenty of times to the Stadium to add progress. The Birthday Cakes are a 'cheap' alternative if you want your Sim (teen and onwards) to age prematurely.
Nothing will happen to her if you don't tap the icon, but you can not do anything with her either. Pick up the Orb (through edit mode), or pass it on to another Sim (Silver or above to a young one). If you tend to her needs, like changing her diaper, feeding her, or cuddle, then she'll age a little bit.
Since the mentioned task takes 1 hour and 36 mins, you'll have to visit the game often to keep her busy.
You might encounter other Sporty related actions on toys for example, but they do NOT count against the orb progress. Note: Toddlers can have a hobby now (which might be a Sporty task), Collecting Shells on the Beach.

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