Cornerstone Counselling Service (CCS) provides Christian based counselling for children, young people, adults, couples and families across Southern England. Family-to-Family is an initiative of the General Conference Family Ministries Department that seeks to involve entire families in the mission of sharing the gospel with their neighbours, relatives and friends. The Prepare Enrich programme helps couples prepare for marriage or enrich their relationship, by taking stock of their strengths and weaknesses. The Support Network for Adventist Parents is a ministry co-ordinated by lay members, Mike and Vicky Beamish, for the benefit of all parents.
As well as providing a forum for prayer, presenting programmes in local Adventist churches and encouraging the formation of local SNAP groups, Mike and Vicky produce a quarterly newsletter covering a variety of topics of relevance to parents. Protecting the Passion is a ministry co-ordinated by lay members, Khaya Chiweshe & Isha Prince, for the benefit of young people. SPOKANE, WA — The church leaders at South Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church here had been satisfied with their older, center cluster sound system for years.

The AGI team put together a new system consisting of two Fulcrum Acoustic CX1295 12" coaxial loudspeakers mounted on the upper stage front at one-third intervals.
With 5,000 W across four channels and weighing in at a mere 16.3lbs weight, the single rack unit M50Q DSP+ETH is extremely versatile.
DSP+ETH units are equipped with Powersoft's Armonia Pro Audio Suite software which provides control and monitoring as well as preset management, uploading over the network, various crossover filter types (including IIR and FIR), and separate input and output EQs with a wide variety of filters. SNAP seeks to provide encouragement to Adventist parents facing the significant challenges that come whilst raising children in an increasingly secular society. Their Sex and the Sanctuary purity retreats and church programmes offer a fun and unique approach to reach young men and women with practical tools to live a lifestyle of purity to the very day of their wedding. Low ended was provided by two Fulcrum Acoustic Sub215 dual 15" vented subwoofers placed at floor level at the front of the stage. He continues, "The people at South Hill were amazed that one amplifier could power the system and sound as good as it did.

The four-channel amplifier provides four inputs and outputs with each channel offering five bi-quad filters for system equalization, two crossovers, eight bi-quad filters, and RMS and peak limiters.
But that all changed when Summit Ridge Christian Fellowship, also in Spokane, brought in their portable system for the services they hold at South Hill. Featuring Fulcrum Audio loudspeakers powered by Powersoft amplifiers, the portable church system helped the church leaders hear what they had been missing.

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