How can I remain patient when it seems like others who are around my age are married and making babies and I don’t even know where I am in the mix? Oh, Mia, I think most singles feel the way you do at some point or another.  It’s built into us, especially women, to desire a partner and children. I believe times like this present a good opportunity to prayerfully examine who God is and how He operates in our lives.
So my primary advice to you would be to stop comparing yourself to your friends and using God’s action in their lives as the standard for how He “should” act in yours. Because, whatever that plan is, it is where your greatest happiness lies.  After all, it comes from the God who loves you!
She is the author of We're On A Mission From God And Real Love, which has been translated into six languages.
University of San Francisco, a master's degree in Theology of Marriage and Family from the John Paul II Institute, and an honorary Ph.D. I have also heard on a religious program on tv that geing single is also a gift from God just as much as being married.
The first marriage was conceived and peformed in the mind of God, evidenced by Adam and Eve. Another thought to add on this topic: it could be that the person God intends as your spouse is not ready yet. I have often felt like Mia wondering if I have been forgotten or did I miss a sign somewhere.
We make choices-just as the angels did when some rebelled against God, just as Adam and Eve did when they defied God’s order not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I believe God allows us redemption-to rise again-to find again, and hopefully stay on, the path that leads to Him. I believe He wants us to use our season of singleness to give Him our undivided attention so that we can become the persons He wants us to be (the best preparation for marriage), and to serve Him. Know that He is good and knows the desires of your heart, pray for them and believe in His promises!

I struggle with jealousy and envy a lot from it, although at the same time I reflect on my blessings (part-time job, health, blooming relationship).
Is God primarily the Great Giver of Spouses who dutifully pairs us all off (or at least His favorites) while we’re in our mid 20s?  Does He guarantee each of us a spouse by a certain age – or even at all? Certainly God has a role in bringing people together for marriage, just as He has a role in every aspect of our lives.  But matchmaking is not His only job, or even His primary job. Her major addresses include 10,000 teenagers in Monterrey, Mexico, 75,000 people at World Youth Day in Denver, Colo., 22,000 people at the TWA Dome during the Pope's visit to St.
Relationships are beautiful in Christ – but there not devoid of hard work and tons of grace. But neither do I believe that He has set and controlled everything that will happen to us-if this were true then we would no longer have free will.
God had planned the best for them, wanted the best for them, set the path for their joy to walk with Him, yet they chose another path. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard about two people who found each other while they were both using their spiritual gifts in some form of ministry to others!
I also know that, as a believer, a spouse comes directly from Him, and I pray for that when all I want to do is give up! And so, the God who loves you has a plan for you that is, likewise, unique and unrepeatable. Maybe He wants you to be single right now because there’s something else He wants you to be doing. Now who you married is between you, Christ, scripture, the man, and your own circumstances. If we are having a hard time finding a good job, we probably need to take a good look at ourselves and see where we need to improve.
He is about your salvation, the salvation of the whole world, and the role you will play in that. Ask Him to help you to trust that He has a customized plan for you.  Ask Him for help with understanding it – to the extent He is willing to reveal it to you.

As opposed to all this chit chatter about only one — I think it is clear that love and commitment are choices we make. Same with our spouse hunt, we need to take a good look at ourselves and see where we need to improve. Plenty of people marry at times or in circumstances that aren’t what God desires for them.) But that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to do that right now. Now perhaps, God has only one person for you — but scripture does not support that concept. Sometimes we pray and pray for certain traits in a spouse and where we would like to be and God sends people in our direction. Maybe there’s some woundedness in you that is standing in the way of marriage, something that He needs to heal.
Until that time, I would encourage to hang with happily married women and men of God who are supportive of you. I don’t believe this is a status a loving God bestows upon us and then asks us to get used to the idea. I bet you will discover in communicating with them a variety of stories of how they met and why they are still married after 25 or fifty years, and all of them will say, it was not always easy.
And some will even share that they had no intention of being together – they felt barely a spark when they first met. Enjoy your single brothers in Christ for who they are, what God is doing in them and through them.

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