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This past weekend I re-watched Singles, Cameron Crowe’s iconic Gen-X film on dating and music. I thought I’d see how Singles stands up against another iconic Gen-X film on dating and music, Reality Bites.
Now, you may wonder why I haven’t included another iconic-film-with-a-memorable-soundtrack from that era, Empire Records.
This was another tough one, because not only were these movies set in different cities (cool and rainy Seattle vs. While none of the couples in either movie are my favorites, Linda and Steve are probably still married now, combining forces to reverse climate change by convincing people to take public transportation and raising their now-teenage children to listen to good vinyl and eat vegan or something.
At the end, Leilana would not have been good for Michael due to her preference for selfish dumbasses who passive-aggressively sing about her using Violent Femmes’ covers. I just didn’t believe Steve’s post-breakup, post-firing downward spiral of empty pizza boxes and a bathrobe. I have only spent time in the Seattle airport–I’ve unfortunately not been to Seattle nor Austin. Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Eric Stoltz, Tim Burton, Cameron Crowe…they all made appearances in the movie. This entry was posted in General Irreverence and tagged Ben Stiller, Bill Pullman, Cameron Crowe, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Reality Bites, Singles by Juliet Vedral.
The grocery store where Steve (Campbell Scott) buys the pregnancy tests from Doug (Jeremy Piven) was the Wallingford Food Giant, now the QFC at 1801 N. The Java Stop where Janet (Bridget Fonda) and Cliff (Matt Dillon) work was located in the O.K.
The bench where Linda (Kyra Sedgewick) and Ruth (Devon Raymond) chat is still located in a small park at the corner of 4th and Lenora.
Steve and Linda see a film at The Admiral Theater in West Seattle (2343 California Ave SW) right before their car accident at the intersection of California Avenue SW & SW Charleston Street.
Can you Photoshop in the jet airliners that flew over the Singles apartment complex every fifteen minutes?

A beloved Seattle actress passed recently, I read this article about her and thought I would share. Luxurious, private and comfortable, we will ensure you’ll have the best time on board.
Singles helped define a generation (along with a lot of other things too) who were just, you know, waiting for somebody. But if they had made it, they would probably be doing some really edgy and interesting work together–probably that documentary that Leilana created (with edits). But if I had to choose based on these movies, despite my tendency toward Seasonal Affective Disorder, I’d choose Seattle. Since I live in Seattle and with today marking Singles 20th anniversary, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the filming locations and how they look now. Singles – the GenX movie shot in Seattle 20 yrs ago – has done a locale comparison to SEA today! Both films center on young singles in their 20s trying to figure out life in early 90s America, along with how greasy one can let one’s hair get before washing it and which pair of boot-cut stone-washed jeans should one wear with a snappy blazer. 1) That is an article I am saving to be published at precisely 1:37pm on Rex Manning Day, and 2) because it is about only one day in the life of mostly Gen-Y teens, I decided it wasn’t really a contender. On top of that, Singles has two singles by The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg, songs by Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, and a bonus of Jane’s Addiction’s, “Three Days” that didn’t make the official soundtrack. While I am a huge proponent of babydoll dresses, Doc Martens, and an oversize flannel, I would have to say the fashion in Reality Bites was better. Worst case scenario–they got married (walking down the aisle to U2’s “All I Want is You,” natch) and divorced after he left because he was a selfish dumbass. Yes, he was 10 years older than her–but in his defense, before he was a doctor, he was a space traveling prince (spoilers). However, I did believe Leilana’s break with reality and her subsequent friendship with the psychic she’d call during the day.
Actually, I’d rather watch a show about Vickie meeting David Bailey from Singles and them hanging out. Juliet is also a regular contributor to Sojourners and The Body Politic. But if you don’t have a long attention span, just follow her on Twitter. The building was so damaged during the Nisqually earthquake in February 2001, that it was knocked down.

But despite that glaring omission, I hope that you’ll stay and read through the whole thing!
While I definitely played the Reality Bites soundtrack over and over again, I also listened to the music of the Singles soundtrack regularly, apart from the movie. Leilana’s “doily dress” and mary-janes and Vickie’s awesome platforms and polyester dresses beat out Linda’s stone-washed jeans, tucked in button-downs, blazers, and long floral dresses. He went on to become one of the greatest presidents the country, nay, the world has ever known.
It just seemed kind of beautiful and weird in a gloomy “oh is my boyfriend a vampire, I don’t know, his skin doesn’t sparkle here” way. It’s crazy how many locations are gone or completely changed, while others have stood the test of time. So happy birthday “Singles” and thank you Cameron Crowe for a truly masterpiece! The music featured in Singles was generationally-defining in a way that the Reality Bites soundtrack was not (that was more generationally–explicative).
To be fair, I have seen Austin depicted in other movies and they do a much better job of giving one a feel for the city and making me want to visit. David and Vickie could have really bonded over having witty one-liners that weren’t appreciated by their leading actors.
And there’s everybody at my funeral wearing halter tops or chokers or some shit like that. Jamison saw who Janet was, appreciated her AND had looks, security, caring, and most likely his own place.
Which is a much better reason to plant one on someone compared to “bless you” when you sneeze. I think that they probably would have had a lovely life together and Janet Livermore-Jamison would have made an excellent FLOTUS.

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