Warning: The continued use of only a few of Outlook?s countless features and nothing else can be hazardous to your career. All companies need certain policies to be documented and readily accessible should employees need to verify procedure for a particular event.
No matter what role they play or the structure of their company, admins can find new apps to help them succeed. Learn how to present data in visually appealing charts and graphs—and make it easy to see the meaning behind the numbers.Image is everything in business. Take control of your time, information, schedule—your entire workday—and take it to a new level.
Why settle for a boring spreadsheet of numbers when you could create a stunning graph or chart to powerfully convey your message?

We?ll show you how to instantly schedule appointments, set up and cancel meetings with everyone on your team, clear out your Inbox, effortlessly deal with other time zones, set up the Out of Office Assistant to look after your Inbox while you?re away and so much more.
That’s what Microsoft Excel 2007 Charts & Graphs is all about—getting results!Course Topics:1) Starters2) Fundamentals3) Series4) Labels5) Combinations6) Trends7) Pies8) Bubbles9) Advanced10) Best PracticesContains 10 Shockwave® Flash® files with accompanying Excel worksheets on one DVD-ROM. We?ll show you how How to maintain and display separate business and personal calendars How to work with different time zones Scheduling appointments and meetingsHow to quickly schedule an appointment What it takes to assign a category to an appointment How to schedule a meeting with multiple attendees Could you learn all this on your own? Let expert trainer Philip Wiest show you how quickly and easily Microsoft Excel PivotTables will be your most valuable tool for sorting through and summarizing data. But why spend frustrating hours messing around and making mistakes when you can learn it faster here—and start using Outlook?s incredible features the very same day? Play with Media Player Classic, MacroMedia® Flash or Microsoft® Internet Explorer®.Microsoft® Excel 2007 Macros & ModulesMacros and modules can be frustrating to learn on your own.

You’ll also be amazed how easy it is to use actual programming code with modules and put the extreme power of Visual Basic® for Applications to work for you. Modules are the key to executing functions, controlling program flow, allowing user input and so much more.

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