ACLS8000A mainly provides ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) comprehensive emergency skills training and Assessment  , consisting of multimedia teaching software, CPR, AED, real defibrillation and pacing, trachea! The skills shortage could greatly hinder the UK’s economic growth, says the CBI, and the Government’s plan to provide three million more apprentices with placements may not address the issue. In this month’s Budget, the government pledged to get three million more apprentices working by the end of their current term, but the CBI says that this is not soon enough. Filling the skills gap is especially important in certain sectors, where there is a great demand for high-skilled employees. The majority of survey respondents from the engineering and science industry (74%), the construction industry (73%) and the manufacturing industry (69%) need skilled and competent workers.

The good news is that the majority of companies are involved in an apprenticeship already (68%), with manufacturing leading the way with over three-quarters (76%) of firms hiring apprentices. The best way to address the skills shortage, an issue that is affecting businesses now, is to help existing apprentices, and to educate smaller businesses about apprenticeships. There are a number of things that businesses need to consider before taking on an apprentice, but with the right guidance and advice – from organisations such as the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) and the Modern Apprenticeship programme – an apprenticeship can be very beneficial to both the businesses and the young people involved. The Government’s pledge to create three million apprenticeships is a step in the right direction – and will also have the added benefit of creating more jobs – but to fully address the skills gap issue, say experts, more needs to be done to prepare businesses for apprenticeship schemes, and young people for work. IMPORTANT: Business Sense will be closing shortly, ContentLive is the new business hub – thanks for visiting us!

AED99F Automatically External Defibrillation Machine (only for training use, users should buy it additionally )3.

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