I need a person that has Project Management skills, can handle budget preparation, and who has excellent people skills. TrackStar Skills Tracker is a comprehensive and affordable system for managing and tracking employee skills and job requirements.
You will use the Skills Tracking Software to create a master list of skills that are meaningful to your company.
The reporting system provides numerous reports, which are useful to management in performing employee assessments, determining training needs, succession planning etc. TrackStar Skills Tracker can be a standalone solution, or can be integrated into a more robust Training, PTO, Time, Expense and Project Tracking system.
The sections that follow describe features of TrackStar Skills Tracking software, and show sample screens to help you understand its' capabilities. I am a new customer with the only experience of Internal Systems being the sales and pre-sales process.
Thanks to TrackStar, we’ve extracted reports on what skillsets exist in the company and where those people are located geographically.
When defining skill levels, it is possible to group levels into sets that can then be used in Skills Maintenance to specify which levels are used with which skill. Each job contains a detailed description, various category and filing codes, and a skills profile. Employees perform a periodic assessment of their skills, by simply reviewing the skills list and choosing their proficiency level for each one. When performing assessments, employees sometimes discover that a skill that they think should be in the database is not there.
Managers are automatically notified through email when skill sheets are submitted, which indicates the need to log on and perform approvals. When performing approvals, managers have the option to override skill levels entered by employees.
In addition to structured queries, you can also search employee resumes for key words or phrases. Once a search has been done, you can view information about the employee or the employee's manager with a simple click. A Skill Dashboard tool is provided that allows the operator to view statistics about any skill. TrackStar integrates with your existing email system to keep managers and employees informed. Numerous reports are included in the Skills Tracking module to analyze and use skills information. TrackStar includes a robust set of administration tools to help you configure and tailor the system.

Supports definition and maintenance of standard job profiles and related skill requirements. Provides numerous built-in reports, and includes a report writer used to generate your own custom reports. Interfaces with your email system to notify managers and employees of requests and approvals. For mid-level leaders who have excelled in their careers to the point of managing teams in any and all functional business roles, including Business Development, Sales, Marketing, PR, Operations, IT, Software Development, Human Resources, Creative Services, Finance, and Accounting. If you're like most management professionals, you've probably been simply adding positions, employers, and job descriptions to the front of your resume, watching the page count grow as you build years of experience. Although the amount of content has expanded, you're still working from a novice resume that you created years ago, which means your resume's focus, strategy, format, message, and tone are representative of a novice individual contributor. The Management Resume includes a 1-hour phone consultation with world-leading resume expert, Cliff Flamer, optional usage of our Management Questionnaire, the writing and formatting of your resume commensurate with your industry stature and target audience, and (should you need it) 1 round of revision. The resume consultation will first help you refine your career focus, identify and address specific work history challenges, pinpoint skills and accomplishments on which to extrapolate, and explore formatting and organizational alternatives. From here, we'll guide you in generating the right kind of information at your own pace and in your own words.
Our clients and competition know we're the best at what we do, with the credentials to prove it. The Management Resume Service will present you as a confident, effective leader in your profession. Patience - You have the time to invest in this process; we're often booked out several weeks for appointments. Positivity - You're open and optimistic about initiating a process that will change you (or at least the way you see yourself). Passion - You're looking for more than money: the contentment of feeling alive in what you do and who you are.
Participation - You've done your research, have confidence in our abilities, and are committed to ongoing collaboration. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Firms that possess human resources with exceptional skills have a long-term focus and are more likely to use their skills to take advantage of emerging opportunities.
Personnel management helps you focus on hiring, training, supervising, evaluating, terminating, and motivating employees.
The system includes skills search and compare tools that are used by both employees and managers.
While many common reports are provided, TrackStar has a built-in report writer that used to develop custom reports should you need them.

I have to tell you that your level of customer service is extraordinary, and this comes from a customer service organization within a services company. The system provides multiple levels of security and encryption, so your data is safe and secure.
Once signed on, a menu system is presented that reflects the capabilities that have been granted each user. TrackStar provides a maintenance tool that facilitates import, entry and editing of the skills database. They can determine if they are qualified for different jobs, and see any skill deficiencies they may have. A sales representative will contact you and can provide additional information, and pricing specific to your configuration. The goal is to equip you with a clearer understanding of your unique value proposition to accelerate your job search. While you talk, we'll write, asking follow-up questions to help you probe deeper and in the right direction. Because recruiters conduct keyword searches during the initial sourcing process in Applicant Tracking Systems. The system is 100% web based, and can be deployed as an in-house solution, or hosted by Internal Systems (SaaS). Every day we work with you we are more convinced that we made the right choice in selecting TrackStar. If you feel there's more ground to cover at the end of the hour, we can always set you up with our Management Questionnaire.
Recently on a call, a director said he needed an employee to change his expertise rating on a skill in TrackStar because he wasn’t cutting the mustard on site. You may also include department and location values into queries, to make your searches location dependent. He also reached out to another director asking if his resource was available who had a high expertise rating.
So, not only are they finding consultants based on their skills, they’re actually paying attention to the expertise rating when lining them up with work. All you do is paste in your resume plus the job description, then Jobscan analyzes your job description for you automatically and identify the most important keywords for you.

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