The skills resume format works best when your work experience is limited but your skills qualify you for the job. Although Robert (not his real name) graduated with a degree in a field very different from his current job target, he has gained solid experience in the restaurant field.
In the Highlights section, Robert first tells us how many years of experience he has in both the restaurant world and as a prep cook. Robert has thought about what the main skills are that would be of value to a hiring person seeking a prep cook, and chose Preparation and Kitchen Organization as the two key skill sets. Right above the skill set headings, the first thing written under the Relevant Skills & Experience section heading tells the reader where Robert was working when he was using the skills listed.
This sales manager resume has an resume objective section that lets you showcase your achievements and skills. was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional. Let’s take a closer look to see how the job seeker creates a clear, solid and focused resume.
He uses the functional format to highlight the skills he has gained while working at Chez Jean-Paul. By stating that he has worked at a 5-star restaurant, he shows the reader that he is at ease in a top-notch workplace. This adds strength, because the reader knows right away that Robert was employed at a select French restaurant. What else has he done to help a hiring person quickly grasp Robert’s key skills and knowledge of the prep cook world?

The formatting is all done for you and each resume section has prompts that give good ideas for what to write.
The templates even include built-in tips for solving resume problems like gaps in employment, age discrimination and short-term jobs.

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