Our programs are designed to prepare adults with some of the latest skills in demand in today's workforce.
Graduates of iThink Job Search Training are provided with a telephone hotline for access to iThink counsellors and ongoing support for up to 3 months or until a job is secured.
Even your most articulate and entertaining team members are often reduced to a pulp when asked to stand up and deliver presentations to their own peer group, let alone superiors or potential clients.
If you want their presentations to represent your business as it deserves to be represented, and put them ahead of your rivals, shouldn’t you be thinking of picking the phone up to the Oatmeal Group? Managers – including management communication skills, giving winning presentations at staff meetings and conferences, pitches, Board meetings and on other public platforms. Advanced – helping senior Managers who already have considerable public speaking experience to up their games to the next level. Senior Executives – tailor-made one to one planning, mentoring and coaching sessions, often addressing specific forthcoming public speaking engagements such as Stakeholder presentations, industry events and press conferences.
Jibbering Wrecks – group or one-to-one sessions to blast those public speaking nerves right out of the ballpark and nurture confident, professional presentations.
We think this answers the question about the issues presentations skills training resolves quite comprehensively.  And how scary are the answers, if you are honest enough to admit that they apply to you or your team members? We have the real-time experience, the insight, the qualifications and the insider tricks of the trade to help you and your people progress your presentations from mediocre to megawatt. We leave delegates with public speaking action plans they can put to immediate effect, confidently, persuasively and full of impact, for their own benefit and the benefit of your business.
How often have you been recited to in a formulaic fashion, been tortured with slide upon slide of text or been bored senseless by the poor audience engagement of the presenter?
How would you like your pitches and presentations to be passionate and evocative, have the audience glued to their seat as they listen intently to your every word, and create a stir amongst your peers; we can give you that through effective sales and presentation skills training, that will show you how to look, sound and behave your way to success.
As part of his MBA, at Cass Business School London, John Davies, the founding partner, researched why so many presentations failed. Being persuasive, speaking with impact, and presenting confidently are all presentation skills that can be quickly acquired within our presentation skill training courses. Courses are run in house directly geared around the needs of your business in London, Cardiff and Bristol. Oatmeal’s commitment to providing a first class service to its customer has been second to none and I have been extremely pleased with their openness and commitment to understanding the needs of Equalities training in relation to Business Support in Wales. Since working with the Oatmeal team our staff have increased their productivity but more importantly their confidence and self worth has really improved. As a company that has benefited from Oatmeal’s marketing consultancy I can say unreservedly that they are second to none with regard to their knowledge, flexibility, good advice and strong management. The level of service has just been outstanding and John’s wealth of knowledge and experience has just shone through.

From the outset, the Oatmeal Group,has enlightened our views on what marketing really involves. John Davies of The Oatmeal Group has delivered a number of training workshops on 'Creating Presentations with Impact' for WIBF. The second edition of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy® Skills Training Manual adds more than 20 new skills for use with both clinical and non-clinical populations.
Skills are aimed at helping individuals build lives that they themselves will experience as worth living. October 20, 2014, marks the publication date of the long-awaited second edition of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT®) Skills Training Manual.
DBT is the gold standard psychological treatment for persons meeting criteria for borderline personality disorder (BPD).
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Proposal for Educational institutions and Business organizations to conduct value added workshops for their students / employees. The concept is supported with real life examples to make participants more familiarize with the skill. Techniques used in each skill are assembled and structured in a simplified format for easy understanding. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The results were shocking with over 80% of business presentations failing at some level, largely due to the formulaic way we are trained .
All our presentations courses educate our students to the key formula of a great presentation, rather than take a formulaic approach to presentations which is so prevalent in today's business courses. In accessible language, they showed us what to do, and what not to do, and gave us a series of practical guidelines and tools to ensure we inform, educate and inspire our audiences. The business has benefited in financial terms with increased revenue coming into the club as a direct result of adopting the Oatmeal way of working.
The Oatmeal group not only come up with great ideas but work very closely with you to implement and evaluate them. I would not hesitate to recommend the Oatmeal Group and as a company, we are looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship with them. These workshops tend to be hugely successful with an attendance of approximately 70, these events were very well presented and exceeded my expectations. And this is one of the main reasons that we teach skills, because skills are aimed at helping individuals build lives that they themselves will experience as worth living,” says Dr.

Linehan, PhD, ABPP, is a professor of psychology and an adjunct professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington.
This would build up their confidence to apply newly learned skills in real life situations.
Integrated training options provide the ability to combine or link training options together to bridge the gap to employment in the most effective way.
But the good news is that creating great presentations is a skill we can all acquire and one we can master quickly.Oatmeal training takes a psychologists view of human motivation, addressing the hierarchies of audience needs, examining the three types of presentations that exist, and what presentation skills training we need to easily structure our business presentation skills for maximum effect. Marsha Linehan’s DBT® Skills Training Manual has already helped countless people build lives worth living, particularly those at high risk for suicide and other severely disordered behaviors. Linehan published the first studies on the effectiveness of DBT, additional research has shown DBT and its skills training component to be effective with a variety of populations such as individuals with substance dependence, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), disorders of overcontrol, and eating disorders. She is also the Director of the Behavioral Research Therapy Clinics, where she conducts research to develop and evaluate treatments for severe and complex mental disorders.
Having duly examined the requirements, I am confident that my proposed services will effectively address the needs of your Institution.
The continued application would sharpen the skills and thus will become an integral part of their life style. Linehan has distilled more than two decades of research into this two-part volume designed for use inside and outside the therapy room. The second edition distills decades of research on DBT and its skills training component into a two-part volume designed for use inside and outside the therapy room. DBT has a rich evidence base supporting its efficacy due to the efforts of collaborative researchers throughout the world. She has an on-going clinical practice and is active in clinical consultation, supervision, and training of mental health professionals in the United States and Europe. The revised manual provides updates on many of the skills from the original 1993 publication and adds more than 20 new skills for use with clinical and non-clinical populations, as well as friends and family members of individuals with mental illness. Recent data and clinical experience has shown them to be even more widely applicable, and DBT skills are now being used in non-clinical settings, such as school systems for both middle school and high school students, as well as in work places to improve life management skills.
The word multimedia appeals as if there can be either knowledge based audio visual lectures to increase your existing awareness about a particular topic or there can be behaviour modelling technique which teaches you how to deal with specific, real life situations that you encounter most frequently. Because a trainer will develop an intentional plan to work on areas that need improvements.

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