Years later, when looking for interviewers for a substantial telephone marketing research campaign on behalf of a b2b client, determined not to be labelled as being descriminatory against either sex I interviewed guys and gals and came across exactly the same syndrome. Can a salaried college Professor who’s never run a business teach students how to become successful entrepreneurs?
And this lead me on to ponder… There are all these psychometric tests to assess suitability for employment these days – are there any to identify potential entrepreneurs, I wonder? If they don’t exist there could be a market for someone smart enough to come up with good, reliable tests that could help steer people in the best direction for them. It takes internal drive and determination to be a entrepreneur, and not good grades in school.
A target audience and its needs mature and markets evolve – are your offerings keeping pace with or even anticipating and meeting those needs almost or even (ideally) actually before they’re expressed? For example, much has been made in recent years of the innovations from Steve Jobs and Apple. The smart money is on take a few deep, calming breaths and thenget help, and get it fast because you’re probably up against it now! Do yourself a favour and check you’re still on the right course before you go haring off anywhere! But, and okay, this is just a small example, will this reshuffle actually achieve more than if the existing players had been left in the places to which they had been put at or shortly after election time? They’ve been there during the sweaty, nerve racking, nail biting times as well as joining in to thoroughly enjoy the sweet smell of success when that came, too.
Returning to the site yesterday to research some more for us all I see that it’s changed out of all recognition, in look and feel anyway. But is this online “university” (?) course over a 24-week period the best answer?
I need to confess something here so you can decide whether or not this me doing a bit of “Bah!
Or is it any one of a number of other or additional ways you believe that networking will open doors for you and commercially propel you forwards and upwards? If your networking isn’t working as well as you want and need it to – get out there and do something about it!
Our small business consulting services include a wide range of financial, software, and hardware-related training or management activities. Do you need the help of a Controller or IT professional, but the size of your company doesn't warrant the expense? When we discuss the return on investment (ROI) for training, I often see figures for the net benefit of the training and for increased profit in terms of a medium to large organization.
According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses can range all the way up to 500 (for many industries) or even 1500 (for manufacturing) employees. The Association for Talent Development (formerly the American Society for Training and Development) reported that companies who offer comprehensive training enjoy a 24 percent higher profit margin than those who spend less on training.
To show how ROI can be calculated for a small business, I will use an example from a client that I worked with several different times. As part of their company’s training program and the individual’s performance contracts, we focused the sessions on Microsoft Office. During the course of the three hour session, we would look at their actual files to help them understand the Excel or Access items that had been created for them to use. When we added up the time savings from the productivity that resulted from the streamlined files and subtracted the cost of the training sessions, we came out with an ROI based on the cost of the two sessions for the year. Additionally, the soft data that we discussed post-training included increased morale from making the analysis of the Excel and Access files fun.

Learning a new technology or updating your skills with training can help you save time and money no matter what the size of your organization.
TIPTON - Members of the community in Tipton are mourning the loss of a 19-year-old Robert Ashbaugh who was shot and killed during horseplay on Saturday night.
GLASGOW- The Missouri River was more than six feet above flood stage levels in Glasgow Monday afternoon. COLUMBIA — A pursuit that ended with a wrong way crash on Providence Road on Wednesday morning led to charges against the driver Thursday. MID-MISSOURI - If you looked at the sky Thursday evening you might have noticed a few mysterious and ominous clouds overhead. JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri small businesses may be lacking the necessary resources to be successful. While small business owners may be experts in their field, owning a small business requires individuals to wear a lot of different hats. Thompson works at one of the more than 20 Small Business and Technology Development Centers across the state.
Thompson said it is for this reason that the center's assistance is needed even in the growth of businesses. The Missouri Development Program is not the only resource available to small business owners. With various groups and programs dedicated to the success of small business's success, it appears that the training and networking opportunities are out there, so where does the low rating come in? Thompson said the wording of the question might have led to some confusion. The question asked small business owners to answer: Does your state or local government offer helpful training or networking programs for small business owners? But, Thompson also admitted that the development centers' ability to get the word out about their services is not always as strong as it could be.
The funding the program receives comes from the state and federal level that often have strings attached. GLASGOW- The Missouri River was more than six feet above flood stage levels in Glasgow Monday afternoon. I stressed that experience was not essential – a good , clear voice, pleasant personality and the ability to listen and make accurate notes was. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
We’d have weekly one-one-one telephone or Skype session to chart progress and iron out any bumps that had cropped up in their learning, honing and application of skills and techniques.
Those who are offering that level of help have invested heavily in themselves in terms of time, money and effort: Why on earth should that be given away? The old newspaper barons, for example, passionately fought tooth and nail to establish then keep their publications going and retain ownership through thick and thin, though very few newspapers were profitable.
Even well established corporations can get this horrendously wrong – look at Kodak – for many, many years a tremendously successful company but boy! Keeping an eagle eye on the four pillars of your business means that when change starts occurring that will (or even could) threaten the growth of your business you will be able to identify the weak pillar and focus on it. There are books, audios, seminars, workshops, webinars – in fact endless sources of easily accessible self help nowadays. Yet I’ll bet you that every single one of them has rolled their sleeves up, in the early days at least, and got dirty with the rest of the team. Well you could be in luck because I’ve discovered there’s now a networking University course on offer! Maybe you’re a sole trader who just wants to meet, mix and socialize with other business people.

The good news is that no matter what the size of the organization, training ROI can be calculated.
When they evaluated the training using our feedback form, they would answer a question about the time savings for them each week, since those weekly or monthly files were the ones we would focus on the most. They were excited to tell me that the other three people in their company were able to use the streamlined files that we developed, which saved even more time and money. The investment in training for the two sessions had paid off more than 4 times (400%) over the cost of the training for the year. The two people I trained even spent some time helping the other three people in their company learn about the formulas and queries. The F is a lower than the D+ that was awarded to the state in the category in the same survey in 2013. Bakery in Jefferson City, is just one of these owners that found starting his own business to hold unexpected challenges.
From assisting startups to providing counseling to offering a variety of training courses the Missouri Development Program aims to help small businesses succeed through every stage of development.
The Columbia Chamber of Commerce hosts a variety of networking events that are available on a public calendar. And those who took the course found their success as a result of taking my course sky rocketed. The reasons varied, but for the most part they all would be looking to enter the job market after graduation. Meanwhile, with the other three still strong, because of your vigilance, you should have time to adapt.
Failing that, who do you know who is personally successful, who you could learn attitudes and approaches from? Gratifyingly, with hardly any promotion, it sold moderately well and continues to with hardly any atention from me until such times as I see other offerings that make me relook at my own.
Every time we got together, we would try to see how we could streamline and make their everyday and monthly files easier to use. A 6 hour investment over the course of one year for only two employees not only created a substantial ROI, it really impressed the owner of the small business, and improved the bottom line. The city of Fulton is beginning a small business incubator program where they will offer hands-on assistance to local businesses. The accumulation of the bruises on my backside is an advantage that an academic doesn’t have. Getting any necessary additional skills are the easy bit, provided you’re prepared to put in the effort to learn and apply them until they become habit.
Businesses of any size who forget about training may miss out on finding and retaining the best employees. The clients for that company benefited because the training participants could do the job for them in less time and for a lower cost.
I know of other former entrepreneurs in formal academic environments and I believe their students get a unique point of view.

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