Improve children's social skills and reinforce positive character traits!There are no right or wrong answers in these six unique board games! Your students will need to read nonfiction texts online to complete this printable practice worksheet.
This sheet does include an answer key and a snapshot of the website just in case the internet is down when you are trying to do this lesson. There are 2 sets of recording sheets for students to fill out (one with just pictures and one with words and pictures).
I have also included color-coded book level headings which you may display on your bookshelves or book bins.

With our busy lives ahead, I hope that these lesson plans make your speech planning easier so you can focus more on YOUR goals! Check out their free videos here, then please consider subscribing (or having your district subscribe) so you can have access all year and get all the new videos as they come out!!! I received my purchase within a few days, and everything was packaged well and in perfect condition. This brief presentation will allow you to guide younger students through the process of taking a measurement, correctly. Students will add a tally mark for each tooth they lose during the month and you can total them up together.

I am using their amazing assortment of social skills videos with all my social skills students.
Students will be able to find the zero on a ruler, line up the object, and record the measurement.

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