TAC has a small collection of mind-mapping and visual thinking books available for perusing in the faculty collaboration zone, located in 320B Waldo Hall. If you're interested in creating mind maps digitally, there is a very broad range of existing mind mapping software available that vary in features and cost. Wikipedia has a much more extensive list if you are interested in seeing more software options. There are some ready made examples and you can save a blank version to make your own version.

Feel free to curl up on the couch or in one of the comfy arm chairs available there and take a peek. TAC is happy to provide one-on-one or group training sessions to fit your needs and schedule.Please contact Kimmy Hescock in order to schedule a mind mapping training session. He'll re-order these pictures, and then write a small caption to describe what's happening.
Concepts and ideas associated with the central topic radiate out from the central topic on branches.

Further associations can then be added to those branches and so on, so that the main topic remains central and the more remote details or associations end up at the edges of the map. Mind maps are most effective when they incorporate the use of color and images, which stimulate the brain and aid in memory.

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