The Social Skills Improvement System addresses the need for an evidence-based, multi-tiered assessment and intervention system to help you help students develop, improve and maintain important social skills. Offers universal screening of prosocial behaviors, math skills, reading skills, and motivation to learn for all students in an entire classroom in less than 20 minutes. Provides teachers and other professionals social skills instructional scripts and resources for teaching the top 10 skills that are critical to functioning of all students with a classroom.

Offers in-depth social skills intervention for 20 keystone social skills linked directly to SSIS Rating scales results. Designed by experienced scientist-practitioners Stephen Elliott, PhD and Frank Gresham, PhD, this family of tools can be used early in the school year to facilitate the universal screening of students at risk for academic or social behavior difficulties, help plan interventions for improving these behaviors, and evaluate progress on targeted skills after intervention.

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