The mission of the PERICO Institute for Youth Development and Entrepreneurship (PRIYDE) is to provide youth development, training and technical assistance in financial literacy (asset development), prevention and intervention, resiliency skills, character development and life skills, certain apprentice skills, entrepreneurship, college readiness skills and work force development and advocacy to low to moderate income youth. The Foundation for the Mid South is a regional foundation that serves the Mid South states of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The focus is Wealth Building Priorities: Financial Competency, Individual Development Accounts (IDA), and Asset Development.

Copyright © 2008 - 2014, PERICO Institute for Youth Development and Entrepreneurship, Inc. Our services challenge and inspire youth to be good people, value and use their knowledge to help themselves and others, and give back to their community as they work to achieve their goals.
The Foundation works to strengthen the region and its communities by attracting and mobilizing resources that improve the quality of life and opportunities for all Mid Southerners.

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