If you are faced with questions that seem to have no answers, or are grappling with how to make your teams see the bigger picture and transcend above their silos, get in touch with us at The Orange Academy. Let’s have a look at where and how one might use the above “soft skills” in the corporate world. Whether you call them Soft Skills or Intrapersonal Skills or People Skills, they are about you – how you consistently conduct and present yourself, in a variety of situations.
While employing soft skills is not hard, the reality is that everyone can benefit from some level of Soft Skills Training. This entry was posted in Communication Skills and tagged hard reality corporate world skills soft skills training communication skills interpersonal skills interpersonal communication communication skills training communication training, Laurie Burton, Laurie Burton training.

If you, as a leader, can’t inspire your organization to buy into that bold vision and get your teams to work collaboratively to implement the plans to achieve that vision, will you be doing justice to those who repose faith in you? I have improved so much on my inter-personal skills and I know what it is to think like a leader.
When we went through the leadership program it really helped me learn strategies that can motivate my team and help them achieve their set goals. How successful would a lawyer be without soft skills, given the amount of interaction required of them with their clients on a very personal level and the amount of trust they must build from the very start. And the unlimited benefits realized from practicing these skills, is what makes them the true unsung heroes of the corporate world.

Occupational requirements are one thing but in a number of professions, the hard reality is that soft skills (people skills) may be more important than, or just as important as, occupational skills.
I have got something that has helped corporate leaders of Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Mattel Toys, Digital Equipment, Merrill Lynch, ITT and Twentieth Century Fox with their soft skills and I would love to share it with you – just contact me, today!
It is an investment in your future, so get the help and advice from others that you need to ensure that the finished product – YOU – is attractive and appropriate.

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