Configuration management is an indispensable project discipline that introduces order into what can become a chaotic multi-variant mix of hardware, software and documentation. Documenting the development status of all configuration items at any point in time - (Configuration Status Accounting). In short, CM identifies what you're building, where it's up to in the development process, whether or not it complies with its specification and weather changes to its components are warranted. Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway System (MTR) underwent a major refurbishment of its traction power and environmental control systems. CA developed a software requirements specification for a Configuration Management Support System (CMSS) to be implemented on the Royal Navy submarine combat system contract.
I was asked to help sort out the configuration management of a very large supervisory control and data acquisition system with a point count in excess of 30,000. The Board of Directors of a small software company has bunkered down in the board room discussing serious issues.
MelAus PartnersSOFTWARE CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT PLAN DOCUMENTThesoftware configuration that are this document title configuration management this. SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT PROCESS FLOW CHART experience certificate format for accountant in word, Update process flow for configuration management.
This is a comparison of notable free and open source configuration management software, suitable for tasks like server configuration, orchestration and infrastructure.

Collabnet is a leading provider of enterprise cloud development and agile alm products and services for software-driven organizations.. Configuration management (cm) field management focuses establishing maintaining consistency system' product' performance . Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. It identifies and organises the work products (referred to as configuration items) that are produced by software and systems development projects and protects them against destructive uncontrolled change.
Foxboro Australia Pty Ltd won a A$70 million contract to provide a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System to control the distribution of traction power to the trains and to regulate air flow, temperature and humidity in 37 MTR stations and connecting tunnels.
We supported the specification with a CMSS prototype developed with the Ingres relational database system.
Back in the development shop the software engineers laboured for a week to reproduce the bug. It was stunning - how quickly they cleaned up their configuration identification and release procedures.
They're reflecting on changes in their marketplace and fine tuning the company's strategic plan. Despite my powerful arguments in favour of CM the developers felt they pretty much had configuration management under control and weren't particularly interested in formalising their CM procedures.

By Friday they discovered they'd just spent five days looking for a non-existent bug in the wrong version of the software.
It's amazing what can be achieved when people can reach out and touch the tangible benefits of CM.
Meanwhile down in the development shop there is only one man who knows how to build the company's software product: Ben the Build Manager. Post-mortems identify that an old version of a software module with a known bug was incorporated into the operational baseline of the jet's avionics system by mistake.
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