In fact, you may have seen Agile expanding outside of software development and IT into sectors like banking, management consulting, automotive manufacturing, and healthcare. According to a recent global survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers on the state of project management, 34% of you now use Agile PM methods within your companies and a majority of PMs (62%) are certified Agile practitioners.
Both approaches recognise the triple constraints of cost, schedule, and scope; where they differ is in the implementation. First, waterfall development encourages locking down scope requirements so that schedule and cost can be planned, and sees feedback as “rework” — something to be avoided through better planning. In traditional project management, you—the project manager—are responsible for balancing scope, cost, and schedule, as well as managing quality, reporting, and interpersonal issues. Despite the differences between Project Management Institute (PMI) and Agile approaches, many of the practices identified in the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) are quite compatible with Agile practices. The PMBOK identifies Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, and Closing as the process groups within project management. Cloud is now moving rapidly into the contact centre BPO and shared services world driven by customer care (CX) application services. What are the changing dynamics of enterprise IT project and portfolio management that organizations are facing today? The business strategies are centered on IT driven marketing, sales, business operations, etc.
More than ever, a lot invested in IT projects today – money, time, resources as well as business interests.
And worse of all, more than 50% of survey respondent realized that they did not achieve desired project results consistently.
Let’s look at seven aspects you will have to ensure for effectively managing enterprise IT Projects. We will delve on each of these points in next post: why technical leadership and sound project management processes are important to ensure for Effectively Managing Enterprise IT Projects. With the IT industry going through a new avatar, it is important to recognize and acknowledge that at the core of it all, businesses remain focused on processes and projects. Project Management is taking a paradigm shift with the evolution of Cloud based applications.
Project managers are equipped with the general skills to manage a project, most of them would not have thought about Cloud Computing in sufficient detail. The key to successful project management in the cloud is to create and manage a project management framework that embeds best practices of standard project management and cloud computing methodology into how one manages projects, inside and outside the cloud.

Thank you for sharing this information.We live in the world that has become wider in a sense of business and competition.
In business agility is requiring the ability to create a new business processes and change existing ones. WOLF is a cloud based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for rapidly designing, migrating or delivering database driven multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. Companies are moving to Agile methods because the global marketplace demands they bring products to market that better reflect their customers’ needs.
Instead of designing an end-to-end, upfront solution (a solution that may be infeasible or outdated before it’s even implemented,) Agile teams build the solution incrementally—allowing you to mitigate risks, accommodate changing market needs, and deliver valuable features more quickly.
Agile, on the other hand, recognises that scope is always variable, and sees feedback as a critical and inextricable part of a planning process that continues through execution.
In Agile project management, the whole team commits to shared decisions and collaborates in its work to meet these commitments.
In fact, when followed with discipline and rigour, Agile methods are just as compliant with the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) as traditional waterfall methods. The Agile process phases of Envisioning, Roadmap, Release, Adapting, and Closing are similar to the PMBOK phases, but better reflect the reality of how a project is delivered or software solutions are actually developed. If I were to make a statement: first generation of IT projects were meant to warm up organization to embrace larger change. Large IT projects have been conventionally complex in terms of technological barriers, IT adoption, dispersed geo located teams of experts-users, stakeholder management and many other aspects. No organization would like to be on the other end of continuum where projects are failing, there is chaos, dissatisfaction & uncertainty prevail.
To have a great start and consistently deliver desired value and possibly exceed expectations by delivering large enterprise IT projects? Every businessman’s prime goal is to accomplish the targets of high financial gains at lower operational costs.
With the advent of Cloud Computing, there is an added need and urgency for a formalized project management methodology across organizations.
There is a need and an opportunity in the Cloud Computing world for project managers who at least have a conceptual understanding of the issues. Everything went on the Web in addition to the existing physical global challenges in business. Where the traditional “waterfall” approach —with its sequential phases and heavy investment in large-scale, up-front design—lacks the flexibility to respond swiftly to changing markets, Agile approaches offer faster delivery, higher quality, and an engaged development team that can deliver on its commitments.

Agile methods have been shown to cut time-to-market by 50% and increase productivity by 25%. Your Agile project management support equips the team to become fully engaged and motivated contributors, who can produce high-quality work at a faster pace. The differences lie in when and how these practices are executed and the lexicon used by their practitioners as seen in the table below. The situation today is such that enterprises are heavily reliant on IT and survival, rather competitive advantage of enterprises depends on effectively leveraging IT for their businesses. And today, it has become indispensable for organizations to use IT for day to day operations, analyze dashboards, reports displayed by IT software. There has been plenty of survey and research findings that point to considerable failure rate of IT projects e.g.
Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to activities that meet project requirements and is accomplished through the use of the time tested processes. The successful delivery of Cloud projects depend on the Project Managers, empowered with project management frameworks and proven methodologies combined with experience.
The instant availability of computing resources solves some problems, such as the dependencies on procurement and provisioning of resources. I heard that one of the latest innovations is moving to ideals virtual data rooms - cloud-based security-protected repositories.
The difficulty of doing this, and the time that it will take, could be a major barrier to innovation.
Strategic IT focus is crucial for many organizations to catch up with or be ahead of competition. Portland Business Journals has concluded based on analysts’ survey that nearly 65-80% of IT projects fail to meet their objectives, run considerably late or overshoot the budgeted cost. Still there are areas where Project Managers can use their experience to delivery Cloud project with some innovative insight dealing with better ways to cater to clients. Technology is not really the challenge in such projects, change in mindset to adopt new IT systems, resistance to embrace change is the real challenge. Cloud Computing introduces more than just technical changes as it forces changes to IT processes and alters the way that the business interacts with its customers to improve the process in a easy and manageable way.

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