PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter of PMI has been building and managing project management communities comprising more than 9500 members consist of business professionals, project and program managers. PMI Pune chapter organizes annual conference ‘OnTarget’ which attracts more than thousands of project management professionals.
This year PMI Pune chapter has organized its business mega event ‘OnTarget 2013’ with great success.
PMI is an international non-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing the methods of project management. Zilicus offers All-In-One project management software ZilicusPM that provides complete project management control for project and portfolio managers; at the same time makes it really simple for project team members to stay on top of things. Swiftlight Project Management Software is a simple, visual and exceptionally easy-to-use project management application. Swiftlight’s practical structure, bold graphics and easy export to PowerPoint or PDF help you to get organized, to visualize and communicate your project plans, and to save time in the process. 20, 2013 – Zilicus Solutions, the  leading provider of online project management software, announced that PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter, a local Chapter of The Project Management Institute (PMI), has selected ZilicusPM to manage its initiative, improve collaboration and project management activities.

Its primary goal is to facilitate and empower its member to achieve excellence in project management by offering professional education, imparting trainings, help them earn professional credentials. It also offers multi-faceted programs covering to address challenges faced by diverse industries, government organizations in conjunction with academic institutes, NGOs; thus to offer benefits to society at large. It offers award winning online project management software ZilicusPM – delivers on the promise of collaborative planning to improve team performance. The organization administers the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®), Project Management Professional (PMP®), Program Management Professional (PgMPSM) and other certification programs, conducts international and regional seminars, provides geographical membership services through the Chapters, and offers industry level services through the Specific Interest Groups (SIGs). Designed for general business users (or non-project specialists) as well as more specialist project managers, Swiftlight is simpler, more visual and easier to use than traditional project management software, and faster and more structured than using spreadsheets for project planning.
It also educate local businesses, make them aware of benefits and best practices of project management, help them network among project professionals. Like most of the non-profit organizations, PMI Pune chapter is primarily made up of volunteers. To organize this event and coordinate activities, PMI Pune Chapter Implements ZilicusPM Project Management Software.

By actively involving employees with ZilicusPM and realizing gains in productivity, companies can meet strategic & organizational objectives.
However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program. Tracking progress, collaboration and customization of the workflows * Estimates and Time Tracking - Allow tasks estimates, progress monitoring, time tracking reports, workload maps across the team * Enterprise Wiki - Co-editing content, sharing knowledge, online document management, team memory, project requirements * Project and Team Dashboards - Using convenient project and personal dashboards to keep "BIRD view" and personal work on track. Rich visualization of the project status and team workstream * Team and Roles - Project-based team roles, contacts, responsibilities and organization.

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