Every Test Lead and Test Manager wishes to lead a Successful Software Testing Team rather than a Team of Software Testers.
If you are a Test Lead or Test Manager or aspiring to become a successful Test Lead or Test Manager in future then I would share the methods I employed in building a high performing and successful Testing team. So, let’s see the factors that contribute towards building a high performing software testing team.
Identify and staff best Software Testers: Ground rule is, always hire testers or new comers who are interested in testing and want to peruse Software Testing as a career, never hire people who treat Software Testing Job as a stop gap arrangement to move to software development or do not have respect for software testing.
Set Objectives and provide feedback: Setting Objectives for every member of the team is the key to success of the team and organization as a whole. Most of the bigger organizations already have a well defined appraisal framework for Objective setting and feedback documentation.
Motivate team members: Building good professional relationship with your subordinates is the one of the biggest motivational factor for your subordinates. Enhance knowledge of Team: Encourage your testing team to increase Domain knowledge and learn automated testing tools. This article is contributed by our guest author Vishwajit Singh, this is his first article on our blog.
This post discusses some particular tips and hints for structuring the project team for a Software Asset Management project. Enterprise Technology Architect Craig Borysowich shares the challenges and achievements of enterprise solution design and implementation. Most of the Test Leads and Test Managers desire to be given a high performance software test team rather than building a high performance and successful Software Testing team.
When you get chance to hire or staff somebody on to your testing team, always look for, find and take best Software testers.

As a Test Lead or Test Manager or as senior management, one should be liberal in appreciations, rewards and making the best resources feel their work and talent is recognized and rewarded. These objectives have to be reviewed time to time at least once in 3 months or when a team member gets promoted or entrusted with more responsibilities. Its very important to provide feedback to resources and ensure they take it in right sense rather than start feeling insecure and not being wanted in the team. For tracking purpose, you could use the appraisal framework, where you define one or more objectives related to learning and knowledge management.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In most of the cases, test leads or test managers hire software testers who are readily available rather than waiting to get good software tester. Setting objectives ensure resources are clear about the expectation of the supervisor and the organization.
Incase a well defined appraisal framework does not exist in the organization you are working currently, then its time to setup a appraisal framework for your team. Constant learning is one of the motivational factors for high performers at the same time it also helps to delivery more and adds value for the project. We whole heartedly thank Vishwajit for his sharing is secret recipe of build a successful software testing team. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Test Leads and Test Managers should always expand their network to identify best Software Testers available with-in and outside their company; this would help them in hiring the best talent quickly when required.
Individuals feel recognized even in cases when supervisor or senior management sends out an appreciation email copying development, testing and other stake holders.

Best way to do this is, take each member for coffee or breakfast each day, by doing so, you don’t have to dedicate separate time to mingle with your team and build good professional relationship. As a Test Lead or Test Manager, its your job to identify learning needs of the software testers on your team and to bridge any existing knowledge gap. Hiring best software testers not only helps to make the testing project successful, it would also reduce most of the project delivery pressure off from Test Lead and Test Manager. Awards and recognition should not be targeted only for the particular areas of work like defects, instead it should be across different aspects of software testing and test management like “Team player of month”, “Effective Reviewer of month”, “KT session of Month” etc. During Objective setting, as a supervisor one needs to find out what motivates each and every individual in your team.
Similarly other objectives can be related to Knowledge sharing, obtaining certification or evolving as subject matter expert etc. The dotted-line boxes in this example identify some of the ways roles might be merged to accommodate smaller projects. Everyone, especially the managanimals are looking for existence reasons… That might happen when your project is being cut silently! Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website To leave a comment please enable JavaScript in your browser settings!

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