8, 2014 – The Mega Millions jackpot rolled over Tuesday after nobody was able to match all six winning numbers.
6, 2014 РStarting today, New Jersey Lottery players can find new, Walking Dead scratch-off tickets with a theme inspired by the hit television show on AMC. 5, 2014 РThe Powerball jackpot rolled to an estimated $70 million after nobody won Saturday night. 5, 2014 РThe Mega Millions jackpot rolled over to an estimated $136 million after nobody was able to win Friday night.
Their new Papa John’s scratch-off game costs $2, and players can win as much as $20,000 instantly.
The Walking Dead tickets feature a familiar style of play: to win, players need to scratch the play area and try to uncover a money bag symbol or a badge symbol. While nobody was able to hit the jackpot, two players were lucky enough to become millionaires last night. The money bag symbol signals an instant win of the prize amount shown beneath, and the badge symbol signals an instant win worth double the prize shown.

One lucky player can call themselves a millionaire today after they matched all five white numbers on their ticket. No new millionaires were made Friday night as nobody was able to match all five white numbers.
Lottery press release, Papa John’s has put up $3 million in free promotional items and discounts for the special game.
Each Walking Dead ticket offers players 10 chances to win a prize, and prizes range from $2 to the $30,000 top prize. There are 6 top prizes up for grabs on the game, and unless some lucky player picked up a winner this morning, all six are still available. There were 13 third-prize winners Saturday who each matched four white numbers and the Powerball. Thirty-nine players won third prizes Tuesday after they also matched five out of the six winning numbers – four white numbers and the Mega Ball. Through a second-chance contest, five lucky winners will score free Papa John’s pizza all year long, and another 15 winners will win pizza parties.

The game also features more than 100 second prizes that will have to be claimed at the New Jersey Lottery’s headquarters. Altogether there were more than 388,000 winners made Saturday who won more than $3.45 million in non-jackpot prizes.
Ticket sales close at different times in each state; click here for a state-by-state list of Mega Millions sales cutoff times. Once you’ve got your ticket, save your numbers into the free LotteryHUB app for iOS and Android. The winning Mega Millions numbers for Friday, December 24, 2010, are 15, 16, 27, 40, 52, the Mega Ball is 16, and the Megaplier is 4.

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