We Follow the European Framework of Reference for Language learning and the ACTFL guidelines. Our students learn from the outset to think and express themselves in Spanish as they participate in our exceptional International Award Winning Academic Curriculum and wide variety of extra curriculum activities. Our Spanish Language School has provided an intensive Spanish immersion program for over 30 years to students, professionals (from all fields) and seniors from more than 60 countries.
Our functional approach to language acquisition emphasizes in using Spanish in authentic and diverse circumstances. By participating in our Spanish Immersion program you will not just learn the Spanish languagea€¦ you will live the Spanish language. Thomas BurkeGovernment Worker- Newton, MA USAOverall, a fantastic program that places students in an academic and social environment where they must learn to "live" the language, my progress in only three weeks is pretty incredible.
John NeriGraduate Student - San Antonio, TXI am content, very content, with my experience at The Institute. Elizabeth DiehlRetired Teacher - Herndon VirginiaI had a great time studying at the Institute. William StaubRetired - Montreal, QCMy experiences in the program were very helpful in my progression in learning Spanish and my exposure to the Mexican Culture was informative and I believe exposure to other cultures helps be better understand my own culture. Live Spanish Teacher provides live language lessons over the internet, taught by excellent Spanish native teachers. Check out some of the Activities you may do during your spare time of your Spanish studies: Volunteer Activities, Cooking and Dance classes, Extreme Sports, Cultural Activities, Watching or Participating in Sports, Shopping, Relaxing Activities, etc.
Sign up to receive updates of all the Free Online Spanish resources that The Spanish Institute of Puebla produces. Located in the heart of the Historic Center and only 1 A? blocks from the Spanish Institute they offer our students an excellent option of where to stay during their studies at the Language School.
Diplomats, Judges, Teachers, Clergy, School Administrators, Doctors, Accountants, Engineers, Journalists, Business Owners, Lawyers, Nurses, Firefighters, Police Officers, Social Workers, Pilots, Salespeople, Politicians, Retirees, Business Administrators, Flight Attendants, Scientists, People from the Entertainment Industry, Customer Service Representatives, Students, etc.
Wow!  What an opportunity to not break the Spanish Immersion experience for five straight days even if you live close by! Our interactive captions make authentic Spanish videos become understandable and enjoyable.
Instead of a textbook, how about learning new Spanish vocabulary through rich and engaging experiences?
The quiz sections are the most successful I've seen to integrate spaced learning of vocab, and not be bored out of your mind. Examples of activities that usually take place after classes during the week and cost between $100 and $500. Our Spanish immersion language program allows you plenty of time to discover the culture of Uruguay.
Montevideo has a very rich architectural heritage and an impressive number of writers, artists, and musicians. Housed in an impressive older, traditional house (see opposite) of the area it also offers a small residence on the upper. Some typical activities: Horseriding in the countryside, Tango classes, A barbecue on the school terrace, Wine tasting and a guided tour of a vineyard, Museum or art gallery visit, walking tour of the Old City.

Excursions could include: a day trip to Punta del Este or Colonia, Camping and hiking weekend in the countryside. A list of activities is placed in the entrance hall every Monday, where you can sign up for the activities that interest you. If you prefer NOT to book & pay online, please click on the link in the above "Start dates & program prices" section, you can book manually this way by filling and submitting the form below the pricing section. The Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco, which serves Montevideo, is located 12 miles from the city centre.
On first sight, Havana appears faded, with peeling paint and shabby buildings, but a walk through Old Havana (La Habana Vieja) reveals glorious Spanish colonial architecture, much of it under restoration. Museum lovers will be spoilt for choice as lots of the old buildings now house collections.
Learn Spanish in the exquisite colonial city Havana,enjoy your Spanish learning vacation whilst enjoying the glorious Spanish colonial architecture of this special city. Havana is a dynamic place for nightlife and the choice of venues is endless, this is the perfect place to enjoy live music. Our Spanish classes in Havana will be held at a professor?s home, at your host family?s house or for some small groups at a Cuban cultural center. All teachers are university graduates and have been well trained in the teaching of Spanish to foreigners.
Please Note: Classes are held at local homes, either in the teacher’s home, in the house of the host family or in one of the cultural centres. Please Note: The school reserves the right to change a group course into One to One in case there is no other student at the same level. Enjoy social & cultural outings during the week with other students from the school visit museums, Salsa dance at "Casa de la Musica" or "Casa de la Amistad".
Havana has an international airport with good connections to Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Latin America and Europe.
The program is well-designed to maximize the students ability to achieve their goals with minimal distraction.
My host family is wonderful, and the educational and cultural experience is something I can expand on and appreciable for a lifetime.
The facade of the Institute was restored to its original look following the INAH (Instituto National de AntropologA­a e Historia) guidelines of Mexico. Tango Small group and individual tango classes with our dance teacher Andrea (cost depends on size of group). Bike ride We hire bikes and cycle along the seafront promenade to see other parts of the city and the beaches, stopping for refreshments along the way. Old City A tour of places of historical and cultural interest in the Old City with one of the teachers, Juan.
City Tour A bus tour of places of tourist interest and the different neighbourhoods of the city with a Spanish- and English-speaking guide. Parilla The school terrace has a traditional Uruguayan wood-burning barbecue, and students can enjoy the country's national dish in a sociable atmosphere.
Prado A large park a short bus-ride away from the school has a Japanese garden, rose garden, Botanical garden, and guided tours.

Campo Horseriding and country walks followed by drinks and snacks at a ranch about an hour away from Montevideo.
Seasonal events In February we organise trips to see the Carnival parade and in April to the Criolla country fair and rodeo.
Punta del Este and Piriapolis - A bus tour of these coastal towns includes transport and a guide.
Mina de Oro - A guide takes students to a disused gold mine where they can explore the tunnels, then to have a go on Uruguay's only aerial zip line. Trekking in Cerro de los Animas - This trip involves climbing a 500m hill, crossing areas of dense woodland and passing the Canadon de los Espejos and its little waterfalls on the way down, accompanied throughout by a knowledgeable wildlife guide. 4x4 Safari - A trip in a 4x4 vehicle across the Sierras Occidentales of Maldonado, a traditional lunch in a ranch with spectacular views of the hills, a two-hour horse ride through the area, a further trip in the 4x4 towards the coast including the hill of San Antonio in Piriapolis. Wine Tour - Learn about wine-making processes, visit the vineyards and taste Uruguay's home-grown wines in a vineyard tour. Uruguayan tango is a unique form of dance that originated in the neighbourhoods of Montevideo towards the end of the 1800s. Located close to the National Library, bars, restaurants, shops, university of Architecture and park. School facilities include: 4 large classrooms, library, student kitchen, social areas with TV, WiFi throughout, outdoor patio and roof top terrace.
Visitors can spend hours strolling the streets peeping through half open doorways into cool courtyards and admiring the intricate balconies adorning many of the buildings. Alternatively, a stroll along the Malecon, the sea front walk, gives a wonderful view of Havana's cityscape.
Lovers of old colonial architecture should make their way back to Miramar (school area) a residential area to the west of Vedado with grand old mansions.
Its architecture mirrors its rich social and political history from the graceful colonial and baroque period to modern brutal tower blocks. In all three cases you will be learning Spanish while surrounded by native speakers and Havana?s rich culture.
You can have your Spanish lessons wherever you have access to your computer: at home, in your office or from a hotel. The inside was remodeled with optimal classroom sizes and soundproof walls to obtain the best Spanish Language Learning experience. FluentU understands our pain, and picks up the pieces where all those other sites fall short.
The main center is about a 15 minute walk and you can reach the beach in about the same time. From the upper terrace you will have a view of the Popocatepetl Volcano and many Church steeples.
If students plan to stay longer than 2 months, they will require a visa from the Cuban government.

Strong communication skills both verbal and written
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