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First of all, I will read at least chapter from the book, then listen to the BBC news or television program during the night, followed by speaking with my cousin about what I had done for today and lastly, I will write it down in a short note or using this blog as a platform to improve. Frankly speaking, I do admit that my English is not good but at least I'm trying to write something down. This is because I often get conflicted when I have two Facebook account that is my real account and fake account (Lonelly Reload).
In the long term, I had get myself devoured by the "evil" and trying to get out by having more positive thought or posting more positive stuff.
On the other hand, those "outer voices" tends to be keep distracting me although I know it is a choice whether you want to listen or ignore it just like what being shared in the Icarus Deception book. During the night, I couldn't present well about the Clarity book by Jamie Smart about "Clarity and Peace of Mind, Resilience, Intuition and Wisdom, Creativity, Presence, Connection, Authenticity, Direction" which is the 8 important clarify mindset. It is a true story based on the power of music and she has lived through things you can't imagine.
In conclusion, the most important thing is to be happy and enjoy your life because it's all that matters.
Listening and Speaking Skills Listening and speaking skills are the most difficult to develop for students.
People who are learning a secondlanguage with us know the difficultythat is speak a second language if weare not using the correct method, soour own experience is somethingimportant to help us and find newstrategies.This project has the purpose to be atool for many students who arelooking for new waysto improvethese specific skills, we are sure thatthey will be able to speak reallyenglish!

Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. However, I seems to be ruminating about "something" most of the time and get distracted easily especially when I was studying alone. The fake account seems to be playing as a "lonely" character while my real account play as a "happy+positive" person.
Unfortunately the answer for this question would be how strong you can answer the "Why" question.
I liked the words that she said especially "Every day in life is beautiful" and "I have lived through many wars and have lost everything many times, including my husband, my mother and my beloved son, yet, life is beautiful, and I have so much to learn and enjoy.
According to an interview made to the teacher at Bachilleres 2 was that students have problems with listening and speaking, so we decided to focus this project in this abilities and start searching posibles solutions.
As this is somethingthat cannot be seen every day, time will beallowed for employees to view the eclipse in theparking lot. From my understanding, the ways to improve English require four skills activity which is Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Somehow I did accidentally revealed "something" for just few minute and I quickly removed it as I hope no one would see it. As a example, you can't be asking why I'm so fat but you keep continue to eat so many junk food or not exercise that is a no point question. I saw a lot of friend of mine who is forever alone, gave up on relationship and *chiong* their dream. Actually I still have some thought whether want to go to visits to some places such as Watford Junction to go for Warner Bros Studio Tour London (The Making of Harry Potter), Greenwich, Scotland, Stonehenge and Bath since I was still in UK although my main concern might be the money issue.

We would do a survey to have a certain about their main problems as english students and how they would like to learn a second language. Staff should meet in the lot at ten toeleven, when I will deliver a short speechintroducing the eclipse, and giving somebackground information. Beside, I still have some "nonsense thought" (????) although I keep trying to say more positive stuff such as "I'm getting better and better everyday in every way" that could cheer my day.
Honestly, when I asked myself "why so scare about revealing my identity?", it seems that the answer was I don't wish to let people see the bad side of myself such as having "negative thought", yet I still want to express it out. It goes same apply in my case where I was asking why my English writing skills seems to be not having much improving and yet I still writing in a broken English grammar way while involving myself in social media.
If I had think deeply, we only live once, why we would want to act to live in a negative way right? I think is very important know what the studens think about how would like to improve this english abilities .
At once I even thought that I might be Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde where I was possessed by two character. I think the best way to learn a language once you are older is to go to that country and surround yourself with that language hehe. Also, how they think technology can help to improve their skills and what they have done to be better in english.

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