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This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Chinese people face huge challenges when they try to improve their English speaking and writing skills. There are several online tools that can help you become a better English speaker and writer. The first step towards developing English writing skills is analyzing the purpose you are writing for. There are 6 subcategories intended for ESL learners who want to boost their writing skills. This website has a specific purpose: teaching people to write well-structured sentences in English. Academic writing is one of the greatest challenges Chinese students face when they pursue education in English-speaking countries. You can start exploring this website by accessing the free blog articles, essay writing guide, and glossary of essay terms.
If you don’t know where to begin, start with lesson plan materials that are suitable for your level. If you want to improve your pronunciation, you cannot limit yourself to reading different guides and learning new words. Teacher Melanie is a very loveable person, who will motivate you to practice more and speak more English by the day. The audio samples will help you practice pronouncing the consonants and vowels of American English.
Although the website is no longer being actively updated, it is still one of the best online resources for Chinese people who want to work on their English speaking skills. The best way to improve your speaking skills would be to have conversations with native English speakers. There are different topics you can choose from: pronunciation, job interview, Basic English, customer service, presentations, and more.
This great app will help you learn how to pronounce the most common words of the English language. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Their native language has nothing in common with the words and phrases they are trying to learn. In the continuation, you will find 10 suggestions for tools that you can start using today. Are you tailoring a resume, informal or formal letter, essay, business plan, homework, or another type of written material?
Depending on your level, you will find articles that will help you learn and practice writing.
Many Chinese people have been using it as one of the simplest online resources that enable them to grasp the finesses of English writing.
The academic style of expression is completely different to the conversational English they usually practice.
If you are struggling with any type of academic project, you can request assistance by expert writers, researchers and editors. You can improve your writing skills by accessing or downloading interactive exercises, crossword puzzles, games, worksheets, lessons, communicative board games, vocabulary and grammar worksheets, and other types of resources. Then, you can progress towards the more complex concepts that will improve your writing skills. The project was originally developed at the University of Iowa with the purpose of helping students to understand how the sounds of foreign languages are properly pronounced.

The categories include cars, food and drink, health, general, relationships, travel, home, work and business, recreation, and much more. For example, you can start by retelling jokes in your own words, and then continue with stories. You can start each session for free, so don’t wait too long before installing this app on your phone. Explore the above-listed tools, practice and you’ll surpass the obstacles you are currently facing.
The exercises enable you to practice different aspect of writing, spelling, and punctuation. Thanks to teacher Melanie, Chinese people can start from the basics and learn how to say the English alphabet, pronounce common English words, say the numbers, and practice English pronunciation. Teachers soon discovered that there is much more potential in the project, so they started recommending it to ESL students. Nevertheless, this is one of the most effective online resources that will help you write better sentences in English. The number of organized Festival activities we have will depend on everyone's willingness to volunteer! With regular practice, your conversational skills will come close to those of native English speakers.
Although this app is intended to improve your speaking skills, it will also help you write properly, since it’s mostly focused on grammar rules. A Most all who attend (except for the aged, very young, or handicapped) are requested and expected to volunteer.
When you go shopping together, describe what you're buying.Get in the habit of narrating everyday chores. Because Our Father's Festival is not a church, we depend on people like you to make it happen!
Don't be surprised if you hear her repeating something you said when she talks to someone else.Ask open-ended questions. If you ask your child a broad question such as "What did you do at the park?" you'll get a much more detailed answer than if you ask a yes or no question like "Did you have fun at the park?"If she's slow to answer, then be more specific: "What equipment did you play on?" Give your child a chance to describe what she's been up to, and listen enthusiastically even if she gets lost in seemingly trivial details about her day at the park. You have the opportunity and responsibility to lead and organize activities with maximum flexibility on your part to make the activity happen and a success. Your child will love to hear her own voice, and she'll be surprised and fascinated by how she sounds to other people. Bring out one of your child's most dog-eared, battered books and read it aloud yet again, only this time pause at key points to let her supply the words that come next. As many know, the saints, as firstfruits, will rule as kings and priesta€™s in the Kingdom (Rev 5:10). Or read the story and purposely change key details to see if she corrects your "errors." For visual learnersVideotape your child looking at a book or telling a story.
You are given the opportunity to "doa€?a€”-to learn, practice and demonstrate talents and interpersonal leadship skills in service to othersa€”now. Ask her to talk about her performance, and praise her speaking ability.Don't make a big deal out of any mispronunciations. The idea is to get your child comfortable speaking in front of others, not prepare her for public office.Ask your child to describe a TV show. One of the easiest ways to get a conversation started is to ask your child what's happening on her favorite television program. Shows such as Sesame Street and Arthur are designed to get parents involved.This activity not only builds speaking skills but encourages your child to think of herself as a real reader even if she can't recognize a word. We will be setting up and taking down the chairs and tables several times during the Festival - both in the Dome (Pavilion) and in the classrooms. We are seeking those 1) individuals who canA work with young children, 2) a man or men who can teach and or possibly lead other men in dancing, 3) individuals who can lead group dancing during praise and worship without preset choreography and completely rely on the Holy Spirit for movements.
We would like to make CDa€™s of each congregational seminar (the morning seminar) for sale.A  Do you have equipment we can use?
Responsibilities include making a place where found items can be taken to and writing an announcement to a facilitator when items are not being claimed.A Lulavim. Lots of them!A  We need an organizer to coordinate finding a free location of these plant materials and organizing the people to cut them, bringing them to the festival site, setting up a few tables for each branch, providing string to tie them together, buy lemons, (we will reimburse you) and bring two large shallow steel or plastic containersA to store them in water after the lulavs are made.

Do you have a digital camera or digital movie camera to take pictures of the various speakers and activities?A  Some will be used on the Festival website and other places as the need arises.
Table and chair set-up and take-down, food set-up, making tea, lemonade, and coffee, laying out the tablecloths, etc.
We need people with smiles on their face and their heart to help at the Registration Table.
We need men to insure the safety and security of the camp at night; for example, fire safety if there are fire conditions (because of drought), medical emergencies, helping others set up tents (when needed), advising others of camp rules, and to facilitate the cooperation of others. If you have a shofar, any size, would upi like to participate in the blowing of the shofar at the Feast? The shofar is blown to call the congregation and start every morning service during the Feast. This may be done as a group or by individual depending on the interest shown.A Sing-a-Long. This is onea€™s opportunity to speak on a subject, whether Scriptural, craft, health, nature, outdoors, etc. The more information you give us enables us to better evaluate and choose the presentations.A Talent Show. Are you interested in showing your talent: sing, dance, tell a joke, play an instrument, do a skit, etc? Men are needed to assist in directing people to open seats during congregational services and assisting those in need of physical or other assistance.A Web Site Design.
If that still does not pencil out for youa€“do consider another festival site closer to homea€“rather than not attend at all (See Alternative Festival Sites below). We know onea€™s desire and ability to rejoice will be enhanced when there are others to celebrate with together. A A Request and get time off from work.Many use and schedule their vacation time for the Festival. When you have learned about the Festival late in the year; however, you may have either already used your vacation, or may have to ask for it on short notice.
If you cannot attend because of time-off from work, make advance plans, now, to attend next year! Internet services may be available from some Festival sites, and their may be fellowship opportunities with other believers in your local area who also cannot attend for whatever reason.
A 4.A  Taking children out of schoolA Student Handbook should address absences from school. A parent should be aware of the schoola€™s policy and local laws which dictate childrena€™s absence from school for religious reasons. It probably would be wise not to call it a a€?Jewisha€™ holiday, otherwise one may have to explain why most Jewish people do not take their children out of school for these days. If you are not affiliated with any particular group, we have a 'generic' letter (courtesy of Season of Our Joy) that we'll be happy to provide explaining our position. Unlike high school and elementary school students and employees, they are paying big bucks for more intensive classroom instruction and many more hours if the curriculum is in the design field and involves extensive a€?laboratory hoursa€™a€“such as architecture.A It is best to make arrangements with your instructor as early as possible and get in-advance the assignments that will be missed. Unfortunately, IA  found myself and others have had to take homework to the Feast to keep up.
Remember this: Yes, the Festival is a time of rejoicing, but work may be done on the non-high days. When you have your Festival Planning pretty much in order, please send in your Pre-Registration form. The number of organized Festival activities we have will depend on everyone's willingness to volunteer! Because Our Father's Festival is not a church, we depend on people like you to make it happen!
You are given the opportunity to "doa€?a€”-to learn, practice and demonstrate talents and interpersonal leadship skills in service to othersa€”now.

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