Recognize that ita€™s normal for public speakers and presentersKnow that ita€™s not just you whoa€™s feeling it. Time Management: Five simple steps for ultimate time managementTime management skills are extremely important to you as a leader. Every month, I write to you to share with you about my thoughts, some great articles and resources on leadership as well and I know it will greatly benefit you. So if you want to improve you speaking skills, you need to spend more of your study time on speaking. Shadowing is an extremely useful tool for increasing fluency as well as improving your accent and ability to be understood. Good public speakers can motivate, inspire and transform people in one session of speaking. Learn five simple steps you can use for great time management for your life!Writing Skills: Influencing with the written wordGood Writing skills are very useful for you in your leadership journey. When youa€™re doing leadership interviews questions and answers, how should you distinguish the best leaders.

But, if you prepare lines ahead of time, you won’t be at a loss for words in conversations.
Shadowing helps create all the neural connections in your brain to produce those words and sentences quickly and accurately without having to think about it. The reason for this is obvious: When language learners first start learning a language, they usually start with reading. This will help you not only to learn how to say the words, but how to say them in the right context. Also, as mentioned in tip #1, shadowing helps develop the muscle memory in all the physical parts responsible for the production of those sounds. If you review and repeat lines again and again, you’ll be speaking better, faster and with more confidence. Practice speaking every chance you get: whether it’s ordering coffee, shopping or asking for directions.
Depending on what your primary and target languages are, it’s quite likely that there are a lot of sounds your mouth just isn’t used to producing.

How can you be assertive, get your point through with effectiveness without being pushy and over aggressive?Networking Skills: Building your people networkNetworking skills is a good leadership skill you need. If they take a class, they spend 20% of their time repeating words, and 80% of the time reading the textbook, doing homework or just listening to a teacher. Shadowing can be done, for example, when watching TV shows or movies or listening to music.
So, if you spend most of your time reading instead of speaking, you might get better at reading but your speaking skills never grow.
Reading aloud helps to train the muscles of your mouth and diaphragm to produce unfamiliar words and sounds.
An organized person goes through the day with a sense of purpose, never missing a beat and his mind always focused on something.

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