Effective Speaking is a presentation skills consultancy based in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand. The step-by-step approach guides students to success using features such as Try it first!, Spotlight on language, Exam skills, Prepare and practise and Pronunciation focus. August 5, 2013Maybe I’ve got spoiled by my TV set-top box but, […] Tony Burns7 Tips to Ensure You’re Understood when Speaking to a Foreign Audience March 5, 2012This is a guest post by Leon Potgieter.

There are plentiful exam-practice opportunities, and students can compare model speaking tests with their own versions in order to acquire further useful ideas and strategies. We will be on hand to show you all the latest Delta titles, alongside those of our colleagues at National Geographic Learning. Did you know the average British child eats over 10,000 calories of chocolate every Easter?

At this time of year here in the UK we spend a lot of time thinking about and eating chocolate!

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