Each year the Ohio Department of Education, Office for Exceptional Children (OEC), honors a current outstanding special education leader from nominations submitted by school districts, higher education institutions, educational organizations, individuals and groups from across Ohio. Welcome to all professionals interested in the educational doctoral program with a concentration in special education at the University of Central Florida. Graduation of 14 urban special-education administration fellows with doctoral degrees to serve as leaders in their respective school systems and as new members of the national faculty, which will form the core of the national network of urban special-education leaders. You will have opportunities to practice the necessary skills using current theories and practices of school and mental health counselors. You will learn from seasoned and licensed clinicians who are committed to sharing their experiences and knowledge with our students.
You will be prepared to sit for certification and licensure when you successfully complete the program.

We offer live supervision and professional workshops in our in-house community-client-based Center City Counseling Clinic as well as multiple options for electives. The Institute for Play Therapy is nationally certified by the Association for Play Therapy® and provides supervised training opportunities for the acquisition of the Registered Play Therapist (RPT) and RPT Supervisor credentials. Becoming a counselor is a life-changing process, best accomplished through increasing self-awareness and engaging in a healing process with others. A master's degree in counseling is a strong foundation for careers in schools, community agencies, nonprofit organizations and more.
Please speak with your colleagues to determine who is deserving of this meaningful recognition.
The purpose of their initiative is designed to address the critical gaps between the traditional preparation of urban special-education mid-level administrators and the skills, knowledge, and dispositions needed for full implementation of the individuals with disabilities education improvement act of 2004.

The framework of the reflective practitioner is at the core of the program to prepare you to enter the profession.
In our program, you will develop as an individual, not only through academics, but also through the personal, interpersonal and professional processes inherent in becoming an effective, reflective counseling practitioner. The initiative partnership is a collaboration including the University of Central Florida to Florida urban school districts and special education leaders from around the country affiliated with the urban special-education leadership collaborative. She saw each problem as a challenge, each appropriate solution as a goal accomplished and celebrated victories with passion and humor along the way.

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