Debate is open to any sophomore, junior, or senior who would like to attend speech and debate tournaments to compete in events such as prose, poetry, extemporaneous speaking, student congress, oratory, impromptu speaking, and Lincoln Douglas Debate.
This award is important because it demonstrates your program's commitment to teaching essential life skills - communication, research, listening, writing, and organization - to a large number of students. Tournament Logistics and Parent Judges Signup Live Google Spreadsheet National Speech and Debate Association-go here to check your Varsity letter progress! The saying goes, “True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare”, however, Oxford High School (OHS) speech and debate students who call Dr.
Lowe is the most recent winner of the National Speech & Debate Association’s Diamond Coach Award, a national distinction that she earned through team participation, student achievement, public service and leadership work. Through the National Speech & Debate Association, coaches earn additional diamond levels the more points they receive in the honor society. Lowe will be recognized at the world’s largest academic competition, the National Speech & Debate Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah, on June 15, 2016. The National Speech & Debate Association’s Honor Society has been recognizing student and coach achievements in speech and debate since 1925. The National Speech & Debate Association is the largest interscholastic speech and debate organization serving middle school, high school, and collegiate students in the United States.

The combined state accolades awarded to Southview High School’s Mock Trial, Cougarettes Dance, Horticulture, and Speech and Debate Teams spurred Sylvania School officials to declare April 9, 2014 as Southview Day. Southview dance team member and senior Stephanie Meyer signs a dance portrait poster after it was auctioned off. Sylvania head speech and debate coach Paul Moffitt, wearing a speech and debate t-shirt, addresses the dance team. The class requires both time in class and outside of class in order to be successful at tournaments.
Barbara Lowe their mentor and teacher would say that she falls in this precious jewel category, too. To earn a diamond award, a coach must be a member of the National Speech & Debate Association for at least five years. Lowe is passionate about the teaching profession, the debate content, and most importantly, her students. A coach who attains 1,500 points is awarded a first diamond; they receive a second diamond for 3,000 points, a third for 6,000 points, and so on. More than 7,000 students, coaches and parents from across the nation attend the national tournament every year.

The prestigious diamond award recognizes a professional career that combines excellence and longevity in speech and debate. The association provides competitive speech and debate activities, high-quality resources, comprehensive training, scholarship opportunities, and advanced recognition to more than 150,000 students and coaches every year.
Sylvania's Mayor, Town Crier, and coaches for each team along with Sylvania city and township officials boasted about “championship titles,” “state wins,” and “individual” victories, at the celebration that gathered more than 200 people in the Southview’s gym. Frank Dobie HS speech and debate program has earned significant recognition by the National Forensic League.
The debate team competes in the National Forensic League, Texas Forensic Association , and National Catholic Forensics League.

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