At Speech and Drama N.I we teach all aspects of speech and drama to children and young adults. Our students are grouped into four levels according to age: Introductory, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Students who attend classes facilitated by Speech and Drama N.I take at least one LAMDA exam every year. Western-Washington-cancels-classes-over-hate-speech - Story Western Washington University called off classes Tuesday over social media posts that the school's president characterized as hate speech (targeting) students of color.The school didn't close entirely, but there were no classes at Western Washington's main campus in Bellingham. The intention of this work is to take an inquisitive look at language, and to apply the unique properties of this system to the system itself. Language is an essentially arbitrary mapping of the concepts, sounds, syntaxes that create meaning. How arbitrary are the marks, analog and digital, used to express language, and where do they begin to muck it all up? The theory claims that a greater level of abstraction is required due to the greater economy of symbols in alphabetic systems; and this abstraction and the analytic skills needed to interpret phonemic symbols in turn has contributed to the cognitive development of its users. McLuhan and Logan (1977) while not suggesting a direct causal connection nevertheless suggest that, as a result of these skills, the use of the alphabet created an environment conducive to the development of codified law, monotheism, abstract science, deductive logic, objective history, and individualism. Another impact of alphabetic writing was that it led to the invention of zero, the place number system, negative numbers, and algebra by Hindu and Buddhist mathematicians in India 2000 years ago (Logan 2004). Scholars who study original documents say the demise of handwriting will diminish the power and accuracy of future historical research. For us, (and maybe others) this project started rather simply as an attempt to send lps to aliens. Of course, the further we push into the future (or from another point of view, the longer we wait to get there), the more we find there is left to discover. A key player in Kurzweil's book is The Law of Accelerating Returns, which stipulates that "within several decades information-based technology technologies will encompass all human knowledge and proficiency, ultimately including the pattern-recognition powers, problem-solving skills, and emotional and moral intelligence of the human brain itself." This moment, this paradigm shift, is what he calls the Singularity. Armed with these insights, our focus has shifted from contacting extraterrestrial life forms to something we had flirted with much earlier; expressing identity and maintaining relevance to (our future extrapolations of) ourselves. Poised at this imminent juncture, this crucial point of the curve, we're choosing not to broadcast simply outward, but rather to turn our consciousness (or our conscious explorations) inward and, necessarily, forward. Speech disorder may manifest itself in various forms - delayed speech during childhood, stammering, speech disorders due to injuries or congenital defects like cerebral palsy, cleft palate and so on. The Audiology and Speech Pathology in India was started as a profession by a group of enthusiastic professionals like Dr. For those students wishing to take multi examinations we offer a Private LAMDA Examinations Centre in December and June . It is easy to interact with language passively, mistaking it as only a medium of transmitting ideas and not as a force in forming them.

Subjecting language to its own idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies in iteration after iteration in turn brings about major changes and remarkable patterns. We want to focus especially on the (vast, though limited) set of sounds that are considered human (across cultures, languages, regions) in order to represent a body of information, a set of tools, a distilled alphabet that can represent the smallest unit of our communication. This first book from Tauba Auerbach, Yes and Not Yes features over 20 new paintings and drawings that spring from those questions.
Logan) have advanced hypotheses to the effect that phonetic writing and alphabetic scripts in particular have served to promote and encourage the cognitive skills of abstraction, analysis, coding, decoding, and classification.
Proponents of this theory hold that the development of phonetic writing and the alphabet in particular (as distinct to other types of writing systems) has made a significant impact on Western thinking and development precisely because it introduced a new level of abstraction, analysis, coding, decoding and classification. According to Logan, "All of these innovations, including the alphabet, arose within the very narrow geographic zone between the Tigris-Euphrates river system and the Aegean Sea, and within the very narrow time frame between 2000 B.C. These ideas were picked up by Arab mathematicians and scientists and eventually made their way to Europe 1400 years later.
If it's a method of self expression, can we reverse engineer a person implied by a sample of writing? When handwritten essays were introduced on the SAT exams for the class of 2006, just 15 percent of the almost 1.5 million students wrote their answers in cursive. Stacked up against teaching technology, foreign languages and the material on standardized tests, penmanship instruction seems a relic, teachers across the region say. And others simply lament the loss of handwritten communication for its beauty, individualism and intimacy.
Handwriting changes, it's dynamic, mimic-able, complex, and reflects the individual; do we lose this in an age soon to be dominated by computerized type? The overall rate of adopting new paradigms (which parallels the rate of technological progress)â?? it is currently doubling every decade. Because of growing number of speech and hearing impaired individuals both children and adult, the demand for expert audiologist is on the rise and Audiology is recognized as a profession. We also teach in-school LAMDA classes.¬†LAMDA Graded Examinations system, have a look at our LAMDA exams page. It follows that what I have to say about words is sometimes best expressed with colors, shapes or patterns.
They offer an excellent if roundabout answer: while letters are largely arbitrary, they are rich with abstract beauty and conceptual depth.
This set of hypotheses is known as the "Alphabet Effect" after the title of Logan's 1986 work (see the bibliography below which references the 2004 second edition).
But academics who specialize in writing acquisition argue that it's important cognitively, pointing to research that shows children without proficient handwriting skills produce simpler, shorter compositions, from the earliest grades.
The irony of such cultural narratives as the "rebel," the "anti-consumer" are simply just different reincarnations of consumerism itself.

Our predictions about future developments, he says, has followed an "intuitive linear" view (which the beginning stages of exponential growth seem to confirm), rather than the more accurate "historical exponential" view.
In razor-sharp execution--which reveals her training as a sign painter--Auerbach's works on panel and paper update the abstract conceptual tradition, while retaining its intellectual rigor.
The emergence of codified law in Sumer as exemplified by the Hammurabic code actually coincided with the reform of the Akkadian syllabic system and is not directly influenced by the alphabet per se but rather by a phonetic writing system consisting of only sixty signs. Both frightening and exhilarating is the fact that after this knee of the curve, we can expect nearly vertical progress. A person trained in this field would be able to assess hearing defects and give the required therapy.
Uppercase Insides and Numeral Insides recall Russian Suprematism, and, upon further contemplation, turn out to be just what their titles call them. Also it has to be pointed out that there was a robust scientific tradition in China but that science as practised in ancient China was not abstract but concrete and practical. Our study of handwriting itself-- what does this say about pattern recognition, one of the skills we can say is most arguably human?
In fact the impetus for formulating the Alphabet Effect was to explain why abstract science began in the West and not China despite the long list of inventions and technology that first appeared in China as documented by Joseph Needham in his book The Grand Titration (Needham 1969). How are humans so much more adept at reading each other's writing than computers are at deciphering our chicken scratch? Some of the tools of his trade would be to teach sign language to a person who is totally incapable of speech, to improve diction and articulation of those who stammer and to teach those hard of hearing how to lip-read. Where direct exchange between sign and meaning is impossible, the beauty of the symbol comes to the fore. The Alphabet Effect provides an alternative explanation to what is known as Needham's Grand Question, namely why China had been overshot by the West in science and technology, despite its earlier successes.
No, this was hate speech."The Western Washington threat comes at a time when many colleges and universities around the United States grapple with racial tensions. Perhaps the most high-profile recent example came at the University of Missouri, where the university system president and chancellor were ousted following a weeks-long protest movement.The turmoil is happening in the context of a larger debate involving Black Lives Matter activists and those who have challenged them in support of police and other authorities.
The movement was spurred by the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York, though African-American students' gripes aren't confined to issues with law enforcement.It was not immediately clear if anything specific to Western Washington University spurred the threat there.
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