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It’s a free, built-in alternative to paid voice dictation programs like Dragon NaturallySpeaking. To get started, open the Speech Recognition pane by launching the Control Panel, clicking Ease of Access, and clicking Speech Recognition. A Speech Recognition bar will appear at the top of the screen when Speech Recognition is open, giving you information about what speech recognition is doing.
Speech Recognition is extremely powerful for dictation and allows you to quickly make corrections, move the cursor around, and delete things.
Minimize program, Maximize program, Restore program: These commands allow you to manipulate open windows, just as if you were clicking the buttons in their title bar.
RELATED ARTICLEThe How-To Geek Video Guide to Using Windows 7 Speech RecognitionEver get the desire to control your computer, Star Trek-style? Windows Speech Recognition may not be up there with the paid voice navigation programs when it comes to understanding you as well as possible, but it’s surprisingly capable for a tool built into the operating system. I liked this feature a lot, but after Siri and Google's voice search, nothing but Jarvis can do it for me.
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Write your novel with Windows 7 speech recognition with speech recognition software is a great way to interact with your PC or laptop. Before you go looking for the voice recognition tool, you need to have a decent microphone.
When you have some suitable equipment connected and installed, it is time to launch the voice recognition tool.
Training Windows 7 voice recognition The first screen should inform you which Speech Recognition Language is configured. With your microphone ready, you will need to follow the on screen instructions to complete the Windows 7 Set up Speech Recognition wizard. This involves you speaking a phrase so that Windows can detect how you might say certain words, as well as helping you to position the microphone at the optimum distance. Continue through this section selecting an activation mode, Print the Speech Reference Card, and decide whether or not to Run Speech Recognition at Startup. It is certainly worth spending some time on the tutorial in order to get the best out of this powerful accessibility and productivity tool – however if you can’t quite get to grips with it, there are a number of free to use alternatives! Trust by Million Users - Instantly reset password for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Vista in a quick and simple way, without data loss and leaking out private information. WordQ can show a pop-up window with a list of possible words based on the letters you’ve typed so far, and the other words in the sentence. WordQ also provides sentence examples for tricky words so a student will know which witch is which without having to struggle through a confusing definition. Although I love Dragon Naturally Speaking for personal home use, as a teacher, I’m not really a big fan of voice-recognition software in the classroom because I find the classroom environment way too loud for good-quality speech recognition.
You can train SpeakQ to better recognize your voice by reading sample texts or your own text to it.

Speak and select: One option is to speak to your computer and then select from the pop-up window the closest phrase to what you actually said. Speak continuously: The second option is to speak to your computer continuously like you would with Dragon Naturally Speaking. You can use SpeakQ to help your struggling readers by getting them to practice reading by training the speech recognition engine in SpeakQ.
First of all, SpeakQ comes with a variety of texts ranging from really simple (“I like animals”, “I like big animals”, etc…) to much more complex texts.
SpeakQ is great because you can set how many words you want it to speak to you for training purposes.
You can also set SpeakQ to read your text, phrase by phrase based on commas and punctuation in the text. SpeakQ allows you to train users using your own custom text files which means teachers can upload levelled reading texts. If you want to dictate entire paragraphs and articles to your computer using very accurate speech recognition software, then you want Dragon Naturally Speaking. If you want to control your computer using your voice, then you want Dragon Naturally Speaking.
If you want a simpler voice-recognition software to use with students, then you want SpeakQ. If you want an innovative way to help your struggling readers to practice reading fluently, you might consider getting them to train SpeakQ through a series of levelled texts. You can set SpeakQ to read a few words each time, or to read in natural phrases which is important for struggling readers to learn how to group words. In comparison, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium is available to qualified students for only $99.99. As of the execution date of this Agreement, the current price from the Vendor for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 11 “Take Home License” (includes license, CD and manual) is CDN$99.00 (Canadian Dollars) per license.
This is essentially the same Dragon Naturally Speaking premium education edition available on the Nuance website.
If you’re looking for voice-recognition software and predictive text software, you probably want to use SpeakQ (which seems to transcribe words accurately around 76%-87% of t Y time).
This blog post was transcribed using Dragon NaturallySpeaking premium and Windows Live Writer. Dragon software made 48 word errors so it correctly understood 97.2% of the words in this document.
Just enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. This is more than just a way to type by speaking aloud — you can use it to control applications and navigate the desktop with your voice. It’s a shame most Windows users will likely never find it buried in the Control Panel. In manual activation mode, you’ll have to press a hotkey or click a button to start using Speech Recognition. If it doesn’t understand you or needs you to repeat something, it will ask you using this bar.
To do this, click the Train your computer to better understand you option in the Speech Recognition control panel. It will have you read a speech recognition tutorial aloud, so both you and the computer will be learning at the same time.

Once you learn the basic rules, the commands become fairly obvious and you shouldn’t have to regularly consult a cheat sheet.
You can also use it just to get around your computer, browse the web, and use both desktop and Windows 8-style applications. You should watch videos and see how it’s supposed to work in action and experiment with Speech Recognition on your own to learn more. While it will accept a desktop mic, these aren’t really recommended for achieving good results due to the fact that they can pick up sound from almost anywhere. You might already have one from using a service such as Skype, and a device like this is perfect for setting up and using speech recognition in Windows 7. This is dictated by the language selected when Windows 7 is configured, so it is most likely that the language is set for speakers of your territory; for instance, mine is set to UK English. During this time, you will be asked to follow the onscreen instructions in order to learn how to dictate to applications such as Word, Wordpad and Notepad as well as discovering how to activate and deactivate the speech recognition control. It offers a pretty decent text-to-speech voice engine that you can turn on with the click of a button. For example, if you’re trying to type in a website address, WordQ can helpfully suggest words as you type. There are a lot of commands and it requires a lot of training and I haven’t really seen any Grade 7 and Grade 8 student come through my classroom that used this program effectively.
SpeakQ will go through a text, sentence by sentence, phrase by phrase, and even highlight the words as it reads it. SpeakQ only displays your text, one phrase or sentence at a time which means that students don’t get lost in pages of long paragraphs. For example, teachers and students in Ontario, Canada are able to use WordQ at school and at home. Here in Ontario, Canada, all public elementary and secondary schools are able to get a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 professional for use at school.
Click the Start Speech Recognition option and Windows will walk you through setting up your microphone and getting started. This isn’t mandatory, but some training will allow the computer to better understand your voice.
Microsoft also has detailed information about practically everything you can do with Speech Recognition at the bottom of this page.
This is neat because it gives you another tool to help you spell tricky words just by talking to your computer. So students who read in choppy short phrases need to focus on reading words in longer groups. The speech recognition feature will also improve over time as it learns more about your voice.
SpeakQ will record the words that you say successfully and then ask you to try the next part. If you don’t see the word you meant to say in the list, say it aloud, say the number next to the appropriate word, and say OK. In this case, you need to click the skip button and SpeakQ will automatically move onto the next word in the sentence.)  If you wait too long, SpeakQ will automatically restart reading the sentence , but you can customize the wait time.

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