You are invited to attend a three and a half hour course designed to enhance your existing skills to create controlled, tailored and powerful speeches.
Advanced Speech Writing provides participants with the opportunity to reflect on the fundamentals of speech writing and to explore the key stages of good speech writing for parliamentarians. All sessions offered as part of the Professional Development Program (PDP) under the Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2012-2015 are provided free of charge. Electorate employees of Senators and Members whose electorate offices are outside the greater metropolitan area of capital cities have access to three trips per year to travel to the nearest capital city to attend training under the PDP.
If you have any questions regarding your entitlement to travel, please contact the Staff Help Desk.
This programme focuses on the art and science of effective speech writing and speech-making for public figures and leaders. Participants will benefit from the use of real-life excerpts to illustrate the key points of rhetoric and delivery, with plenty of lively debates, analysis and discussions about the various case studies and examples.
The programme culminates in a practical exercise, with an in-depth speech writing and making assignment, where your speech will be given a professional critique.
RIPA International is closing and no further programmes will be running after the 18th March 2016. WeA offer speech training, presentation classes and public speaking courses because everything we create in our Green Screen studio relies on a presenter reading a script from our Autocue machine.
Our public speaking courses are designed for both experienced presenters and those who are new to presenting and are maybe a little nervous. All our public speaking courses are run by Sean MaloneA who has over 35 yearsa€™ experience working in the communications industry.
When needed, we also create bespoke presentation training courses to suit specific teams and companies.A We have recently carried out bespoke training programmes for Microsoft employees in the UK and USAA by combining their training with our Mobile Studio solution to see their progress over the course of a 3 day session. Presentation skill training courses not only improve your presentation skills, but your confidence and the perception you give too. Wea€™re confident that our presenter coaching training courses will help anyone present confidently with style, whatever their previous experience orA expertise. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries quickly during normal working hours but please allow up to 24 hours for a response. For the last 3 weeks, I have focused on little else other than the upcoming speech at Blogworld. After countless hours refining the process of speech writing and practicing, I feel compelled to share the highlights with you.
Understand the Requirements and the Audience: This comes from the venue where you will be speaking. Record Your Ideas: Now that you know your core message for the speech, you can start building the speech. Create the Speech Outline: The speech outline is the bare bones of your speech; it is the body without the clothes or was that too naughty?
Write the Speech Sections: Now you create the heart of your speech and put the details of each section in your outline above.
Use a Visual Map to Create the Speech: You can do the steps 5 and 6 above by using a word document and stop there.
Review Your Speech: By now you have your outline, which is all dressed up (see, I was going to put on clothes eventually!), with all the sections and details and ideally, a visual map.
Determine Your Delivery Style: Your style is unique to you and that is a major bonus you bring to the table as a speaker. Record Yourself on Audio and Listen: You may be self-conscious, or shy or have a grand excuse not to record your own voice.
Record Yourself on Video and Watch: When you are ready to record yourself on video, make sure to get dressed up, and pretend this is the event. Give the Speech to Family or Friends: Preferably, I recommend giving the speech at a Toastmasters club if you belong to one and if the length is sufficient to meet with your club standards. Prepare Your Slides or Speaker Notes: If you are preparing slides, I beg you to not go the corporate route and cram it with text or images. Choose a Mantra: A mantra in yoga is a thought, a notion, a good phrase that you repeat over and over to yourself until you believe it. So as I continue to decide how to decorate my new home office, I prepare for this greatest speech that I intend to give in New York next week. Susan, thank you thank you so much – I found out I can video the chat so it should be fun.
Hi Marco, the more practice, the smoother the talk will go and I am paranoid in making it go really well so I have practiced a lot.

Solid ideas Farnoosh.I found that writing the speech out and going through a few dry runs, while recording it can do wonders for your delivery.
Hey Farnoosh, When I prepare for a speech I think of it in terms of my house and tag segments to my everyday routine upon entering my house.
Gena, darling, this must be your first time here – I am so happy to see you – so you go through and think of a section of your house as a part of your speech? Do you think about imagery, and making sure you use language that appeals to each of the 5 senses of your audience? Hi dear Veronika, I know what you mean – the difference between presentations and speeches. I know many toastmasters get into comedy so that they can practice their speech on more consistent and regular basis and perform in front of a varied audience.
Dear Jarvis, I am So happy to hear this – thanks for sharing and please feel free to come back in the future and to share your thoughts anytime. In the modern age of the digital revolution, the art of rhetoric remains one of the most important, but least understood modes of persuasion and influence. There is also close-textual analysis of key speeches, and learning around their structure, devices and tricks of the trade.
This part of the seminar can be focused on a real-life speech making challenge that participants may face in a professional capacity, with the opportunity for expert advice and insight tailored to their real needs. For group presentation training, Sean works alongside Vin Ray, the ex BBC Editor of BBC News Worldwide. Wea€™ll help them overcome nerves and assist them in reaching whatever presentation skill level they aspire to.For more information on our presenter training courses and how we can help you with your public speaking skills, please doA contact us.
The easiest way to start this is to record your flow of ideas, stories, and thoughts into your Smart Phone or a small audio recorder when you are on the go.
These are the knowledge, expertise, belief and ideas that compel you to talk on this topic.
However, I highly encourage you to draw it out using a visual map such as Mindjet Manager (not an affiliate link!). You can use a powerful combination of strong points, supporting material, proof and evidence if need be, personal experience, stories, quotes, social proof and humor (preferably, the self-deprecating kind!). Define your style both in terms of delivering the speech and in your use of visual aid and presentation slides.
In fact, create a mental stage, stick to the size of your stage and decide exactly where your imaginary audience is sitting. When you captivate your audience with a great opening, you have their attention for a while. If not, as a family member or a friend to sit through the whole speech and pretend that you are indeed at the event and they are indeed your audience.
Perhaps, I will get to see you on May 26th, 11:30am Thursday but if not, send me your good vibes and energy.
I think I can probably pull together a casual conversational type talk but a motivational talk, I want to know my stories and my phrases and my quotes well.
I did many of the things you mentioned here in my very first speaking gig at Eye 4 Travel and people were shocked I had never spoken to a large audience before. Stories are the heart of a great speech, if they are relevant and delivered well and effectively. I know it is going to be ABSOLUTELY amazing and people will learn and take away so much from it. From doing seminars I have learned that a major factor in an effective speech is connecting with people emotionally, and adapting the material and presentation to connect with as many different learning styles as possible.
And believe me, that comment about audience reaction couldn’t be more true as I sit here, just barely 12 hours after giving my Blogworld talk in New York. Yet, as this programme proves, the skills of the speech writer and speech maker can be learned, developed, practiced and sharpened, turning the everyday speech into something memorable and significant. As with all things, however, after the excitement calms down and the dust settles, you are left with real work to do and in this case, I was looking at an hour-long speech to write and deliver. I am determined to share my message and my stories in the most unforgettable, useful and effective way with my audience on the morning of Thursday, May 26th.A  This much I know.
Read what I wrote on the Irrational Fear of Public Speaking last year and think about what an incredible opportunity it would be for exposure and spreading of your message. You need to know who is in your audience, what are their interests and desires, and to what type of messaging they best respond. There should be no doubt at the end of your speech about your overall message and if the audience forgets everything else you said, if they remember this overarching message, you will have done your job well.

When I put my speech in a visual context, I remember it better when I recite it later because in my mind, I go over the different parts of the map and check them off (or is that just some quirkiness about me?).
When you vary up the content of the speech in this way, it actually makes it easier to memorize and remember. You read it to yourself, read it out loud, read the high level sections first to know the order then read the whole thing and make sure it flows and does not go dull or weak half way in the middle.
For instance, I chose to go without PowerPoint slides for Blogworld because I believe Power Point and all its logistics limit me as a speaker and take away from my full focus and attention on the audience. I urge you to set those feelings aside, deal with them later, and just record yourself as you recite your speech on your favorite recorder and then listen to yourself. Furthermore, you have a chance to redeem yourself at the very end with a killer closing if you have stumbled or lost them along the way. I’d love to hear if you have given speeches in public before and what tips you can dispense on effective speech writing and delivery? It was an out of the blue decision to give one, and because of that I don’t know what topics to talk to and I even am lazy to make one. I especially like your advice to video yourself – non verbal aspects will be just as important as the words you choose and I agree about Power Point- encourage your audience to watch you, not a list of words on a screen. I should write a part 2 that is solely around *delivery* which I think is nearly everything. You never know how audience will react until you’ve performed the piece in front of an audience.
Those tips were really helping me to become more effective in my writing technique and delivery. Injecting some personal stories and humor will really make a speech alive and interesting, and connects you to the audience.
No content on this site may be used in any fashion without written consent from Prolific Living Inc. Even with the experience of Toastmasters (video proof!) and a few other public speaking events, the idea of writing for and speaking at Blogworld has been pushing me to break new boundaries in speech preparation. Also, find out the length of the speech, any information about the audience, the preferred methods of delivery (if any) and make sure that your delivery style and your message will be welcomed and well received.
This is of course just the content that you build into the speech; thata€™s just half the story. The gestures and eye contact and postures and all the non-verbal cues are huge in how we connect and engage with our audience. Giving speeches is very stressful but it’s worth the exhilaration of the moment and the opportunity to share our message. The only way they were able to accomplish that was carry out some exploration on the internet so as to help to make my work faster. Assume they know little about the topic and consider you the expert who will give them the most in the shortest amount of time. The greatest reason is this: they add hierarchy to the thoughts and it helps your mind organize them better and remember them easier.
So to answer your question, I use imagery in my stories, yes yes, and I appeal to the sense of listening (hear), feeling (touch), seeing (sight), and less so to smell and taste, but I might add a few now that you got me thinking. The students came across your site and the content on it, in particular this blog post, truly helped them to come to good conclusions about what we needed to conduct.
It could go something like this: You open with a great story, then you could inject some humor, maybe a delayed introduction, then you state the main objective, and next you impart your experience as it relates to the core message for building some credibility with your listeners, and then you move on to cover the main sections that support your overall message, then you finish with a powerful closing. Major thought #1 followed with sub-thought 1, then sub-sub-thoughts 1 through 3; then major thought #2, repeat the cycle. If you take your rehearsals as seriously as this, the speech will be fun when you are up on the stage. Of course, I will still visit the site for new updates on this top and other issues of curiosity. Build confidence and practice over the course of at least 2 weeks to really gain mastery of your speech, especially if the speech is over 30 minutes long. I dona€™t care for note cards so instead, I am using just standard printed paper with large font outlining the high level sections to cue me in as to what is next. Lock in on your main motive, be honest with yourself and then align the rest of your speech to it.

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