Spiritual coaching is about you learning tools to help yourself in any area of life you want balance in. Spiritual coaching works because it is individually focused on one person’s spiritual self. In the ancient roots of the English language, there is an understanding of spirit that in our culture often gets overlooked. We all have an inner guidance system that knows what’s best for us and can support us to be on purpose in our lives. With attention to this realm while listening closely to their client, a coach can access valuable information in the form of intuitive connections, visualizations, and thoughts, then, without attachment to outcome, the coach can offer this information as a catalyst to support the client in shifting and then taking action. Spiritual coaching sessions can go through many different mediums to get the answers sought by the client.
Coaching is a deep, meaningful relationship with a confidant who has no opinion, bias, or judgment about you. While rewriting this section, Dr John Demartini posted on facebook a statement to the effect that being spiritual is not separate from all human behaviour and finished with "People often fail to recognise that every quality and action is spiritual expression, even those that are conventionally seen as mundane or trivial. As a student of spirituality for over 25 years, to me it points to a higher reality that everything you do in life is effected by spiritual laws. This is a vast topic and you can start with topics such as the law of attraction, understanding how various spiritual laws maybe effecting you such as karma, or move into the use of practical tools such as Feng Shui or Energetic Blessings. Making intentions and decisions from your Soul and Heart, in conjuction with using your normal worldly variables. Expand your decision making variables to levels most people would not consider, including many in new age and spirituality, so that you are really coming from light and love.
Ask me about some of the Taoist techniques taught by Dr and Master Sha which can help reduce the impact of negative karma in your life. Different meditation techniques to assist in connecting with your soul, heart and energetic side.
Spiritual life coaching is a supervised and personalized process during which you receive the benefit of my 20 years of experience in guiding others on the spiritual path. I will work with you one-on-one, guiding you into a learned mastery of the new and sometimes overwhelming experiences that can accompany spiritual growth and exploration.
To a great extent, my role is to help you remove fears and shame that are blocking you from understanding that the Universe is a benevolent and gifting place that wants to bless you right now with everything that you ever wanted; more importantly, that you don’t have to do anything to deserve this, for God loves you unconditionally. For these goals to be achieved, you have to use a combination of methods, including meditation, prayers, affirmations, and spiritual alignments and connections, through which these sessions will bring you into communion with your Divine nature. For best results, this spiritual life coaching is custom designed with packages lasting from three to six months, meeting once a week.
For now, May God, the God Force, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Benevolence that permeates 96% of our Universe bless you and yours always. I can also attest that after doing these programs with Pierre’s loving and gracious presence and guidance that my business not only turned around but I had back to back months of the highest income generating months ever.
Wonderful, very practical approach to self mastery for everyday living, success in life as well as manifesting your full potential. I work from a number of ancient tools to break you through your own limiting beliefs and your own limited energy.  I leverage and teach all of the following to you in my Spiritual Life Coaching programs. All of these tools come together to create total and utter transformation.  The you that emerges from my spiritual life coaching programs is like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon! Start Now.  Set up your introductory consultation to talk with me about how my Spiritual Life Coaching programs work and which one is best for you.  So, if you want to create something amazing in your life, now is the time to start! Donate Now To Support The Center of Spiritual Nutrition$5, $20, $50 or $100 all helps to support the mission to make real Spiritual Nourishment available to everyone everywhere. The most important spiritual nutrition we need for our Life’s journey is to know our reason for being. Through our Spiritual Nutrition program you will uncover your meaning, purpose and evolutionary path for your life. You will be able to identify clearly your Life’s challenge as well as your Key to Abundance.
This is a process that is set up individually, as some techniques resonate with others and some not. It works because it identifies goals and reinforces the inner knowing of each individual client.

Its origins are mysterious, and many believe that our spirit lives on beyond our body in a non-physical plane. Giving credence to this immaterial intelligence, coaches can aid clients in hearing the messages in their heart, supporting them to take action and effect changes from that place of inner strength.
Just listen for that voice and understand that it has merit equal to, and complementary to, cognitive thoughts.
Once coach and client are on the same page – knowing what the client wants to take away from the session – the spirits of both coach and client can be engaged, opening to intuitive information as the session progresses.
A coach, who pays attention to their own spirit and looks for the spirit in others, will likely coach with a spiritual style.
For example, Renee uses sound therapy tools, meditations, breathing exercises and other teaching techniques to assist you on your path.
Feel Better About Yourself. You will learn that taking time for yourself is even more important than anything else you do. Clarify What You Want From Life. By using techniques many different cultures have taught us, you will find your true path in life and set a course to getting there. Become More Authentic. As you make internal changes, the world will begin to see you differently.
Decide What Matters Most. You will find what is really important to you and how to create a vision that will make what matters to you a reality. Create A Support Network. Working with a Spiritual Coach is like having a translator between your body, energetic system and your own higher self. Get Spiritually Fit. Whatever your goals, desires, or visions, a Spiritual Coach will help you create a strategic plan that will work for you. Create Balance. We cannot be our best selves if we are stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, or confused.
A session is action and results oriented to help you answer your questions, and to enlighten you about your path and facilitate some guidance along the way. Juntamente com esta premissa, as tecnicas utilizadas proporcionam um reposicionamento e uma nova maneira de enfrentar a vida, produzindo sucesso dos nossos esforcos e a evolucao em todos os niveis, priorizando o foco em nosso desejo comum de crescer, ser feliz, dirigir nossa vida e manter a paz interior. So if you act in life without being aware of a spiritual dimension then you are most likely not getting the most out of your life. I often have a nack for sensing when you are in ego, even though you may feel that you are being truthful. This is a massive topic and up there with one of the most important topics in spirituality and psychology. I find some of the coaches and educators out there are too idealistic which can be problematic when it is not realistic at the same time, where realism is not couched in pragmatism but in the spiritual laws which are flexible.
Remember that the quality of the answers you get is only as good as the quality of the questions you ask. It is a customized plan designed to match your specific spiritual needs to accelerate your growth and evolution, leading you to a fulfilling and meaningful existence.
Every week, I will mentor, empower, and protect you and will hold you accountable for the promises and goals that you made to yourself. I did Pierre’s 21 Day Personal Power and 21 Day Unconditional Self-Love program and all I can say is that my life and business instantly and profoundly transformed after completing these programs and I was able to help many other lives as a result. I am convinced that I had I not worked with Pierre I wouldn’t have managed to break through the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, align with the truth of who I am and have the courage and confidence to boldly pursue my mission. His spiritual counseling leaves you feeling empowered as he goes beyond the surface layers, and insists on finding the root cause of any issue. Pierre is both efficient and effective in helping you find your TRUTH, and this is something that is hard to come by!
When we know who we really are, then we can act from a place of self-confidence and self-assurance. My goal is to help you learn tools you can take and use everyday in a functional way to increase your balance and knowledge within. Sometimes we refer to it as our heart, receiving messages from there that have the power to awaken our aliveness – “in my heart I know . Whether we believe it to be a connection with Spirit, God, Elohim, Morning Star, Creator, The Source of all life (whatever label that serves you) or each person’s innate wisdom, Spirit is a resource that we can draw upon.
Whether the client is an executive trying to improve their profit margins or a parent talking about challenges with their teenager, any client with any agenda can be coached with a style that best suits their needs and is in their highest good.

With a healthy balance and personally empowering rest periods, you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible. You will be amazed that by changing your attitude, the world’s attitude will seem to change, too. A Spiritual Coach will help you recognize your own capabilities and how to live your divine plan. A Spiritual Coach will help you to take charge and to create your best life and to ‘be the person you were born and help create a balance that is in your greatest good. Many of the top coaches use principles reframed so that you wont be aware of what is being used is based in spirituality.
If your coach, psychologist or therapist does not know about this topic then they are missing a critical component to understanding you and all people. I only mentor a few clients at a time for I devote a great deal of effort in making sure that your goal of a spiritually connected existence is achieved. I am now offering a free one-hour initial consultation for us to discuss your specific spiritual goal. I am now offering a free half-hour initial consultation for us to discuss your specific spiritual goal. Not only did I heal my traumas, get my personal power back and find unconditional self-love after working with Pierre but I was able to help my clients who were experiencing similar painful challenges in their lives. And because I was able to step into my power and feel worthy and unconditionally loved so many people will benefit as a result of my transformation and growth as a ripple effect.
You will be fully engaged utilizing Pierre’s methodologies and systems which are easily learned and understood. We tend to give more value to information that comes from our brains, finding their great powers of analysis and judgment. You will attract people, things, and events to you that are more than ever before in agreement with your own truth.
Consciencia como qualidade psiquica e como atributo do espirito.O processo de Spiritual Coaching nos apoia a atingir a "plenitude", que e a integracao de todas as partes de nosso ser - corpo, mente, coracao e espirito.
It based on the belief that in order to succeed in life one must honor the spiritual aspect in all areas of your life or more powerfully, the spiritual side of life is always operating wether you pay attention or not. And by ego, I mean the expansive eastern definition not the limited layman's definition in the west. As each of my clients are empowered to stand on their own, more soldiers are added to God’s army, and we all come closer to achieving the great collective rescue of humanity. If you are interested in this free evaluation, please fill in the form below as honestly as possible and send it in. But this is also where fear and anxiety are born, emotions that keep us from being the WHOLE.
Atraves de modelos baseados em spiritual coaching podemos aprofundar e re-definir o significado da vida. And at the same time it does not mean you have to become monk or be "spiritual" all the time. My goal is to help you remove the perception of pain and suffering and help you manifest an abundant and meaningful life. Finding that purpose is a journey that requires patience and proper guidance so that you can remember your authentic nature.
I will contact you shortly afterward to schedule an appointment either in person, by phone, or Skype.
Renee’s coaching can help you learn how to open up to your own inner knowing and discover your true spiritual self.
Isto ocorre porque acessamos um autentico sentido de quem somos, descobrimos a verdadeira ligacao com a vida, a dimensao espiritual de nossos proprios sonhos, atraindo desta forma as mais variadas possibilidades, aumentando nosso potencial  e a ampla expressao do nosso poder pessoal.O Processo de Spiritual  Coaching proporciona:? Your surrender to the Infinite Source, allowing blessings to pass through you, is a major component of that goal.

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