While rewriting this section, Dr John Demartini posted on facebook a statement to the effect that being spiritual is not separate from all human behaviour and finished with "People often fail to recognise that every quality and action is spiritual expression, even those that are conventionally seen as mundane or trivial. As a student of spirituality for over 25 years, to me it points to a higher reality that everything you do in life is effected by spiritual laws. This is a vast topic and you can start with topics such as the law of attraction, understanding how various spiritual laws maybe effecting you such as karma, or move into the use of practical tools such as Feng Shui or Energetic Blessings. Making intentions and decisions from your Soul and Heart, in conjuction with using your normal worldly variables. Expand your decision making variables to levels most people would not consider, including many in new age and spirituality, so that you are really coming from light and love. Ask me about some of the Taoist techniques taught by Dr and Master Sha which can help reduce the impact of negative karma in your life.
Different meditation techniques to assist in connecting with your soul, heart and energetic side. Difficulties at the workplace can be transformed into liberating insights & personal power.
Very often, depression involves a clinging to a life strategy that you inwardly know cannot succeed. But what if you’re seeking to understand other people, to unravel the mysteries of human existence, to know yourself, to find God and to discover the meaning of it all?
Even apart from what you come to discover, the mere act of searching will increase your sense of wonder, amazement and awe. Here is a great paradox: the very thing that attracts us to another person is the very reason why we end up arguing with him or her! No matter what part of the globe you inhabit — from New York City (NYC) to Los Angeles CA, from London to Tokyo, from Boston MA to Chicago IL, from Brooklyn to Queens, from Binghamton to Ithaca, from Scranton PA to Syracuse NY, from Vestal to Endicott, from White Plains to Westchester, from Rochester to Buffalo, from Nassau to Suffolk, from Louisville KY to Cincinnati OH, from Indianapolis IN to Hartford CT, from Hollywood CA to Miami Beach FL, from Minneapolis MN to Madison WI, from Portland OR to Washington DC, from Seattle WA to the Bronx NY — distance is no barrier to an illuminating counseling and life coaching session!

Have you live each day as in the moment as possible, filled with love, passion, and adventure.
Energy Alignment: Higher-Self Integration, Chakra Balancing & Code Downloading -- Re-Entrain into your true vibration of Unconditional Love! Business Mentorship: Business Consulting, WordPress, eCommerce, SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM and more! Twin Flame Session: Mirror your vibration to be sync with the true Soul Mate in this lifetime! So if you act in life without being aware of a spiritual dimension then you are most likely not getting the most out of your life. I often have a nack for sensing when you are in ego, even though you may feel that you are being truthful. This is a massive topic and up there with one of the most important topics in spirituality and psychology.
I find some of the coaches and educators out there are too idealistic which can be problematic when it is not realistic at the same time, where realism is not couched in pragmatism but in the spiritual laws which are flexible. Remember that the quality of the answers you get is only as good as the quality of the questions you ask. Insight can help you find that which you are really seeking on your trips to the refrigerator. And psychotherapy is about becoming normal.That’s fine for people with with limited aspirations. If, for example, you are an organized and methodical person, you might be attracted to your partner?s carefree ways.
In the hope of not repeating the same mistake, we consult any of the thousands of self-help books on the subject.

What if the demands that each person makes is actually impossible for their partner to fulfill?
But some years ago, our clients started reporting a surprising side effect: emotionally liberating laughter. Many of the top coaches use principles reframed so that you wont be aware of what is being used is based in spirituality. If your coach, psychologist or therapist does not know about this topic then they are missing a critical component to understanding you and all people.
We won?t delve, here, into what it is is about the romantic quest for fulfillment that is contradictory. Dillof offers relationship counseling and marriage counseling for those in troubled relationships, by phone and in person.
It based on the belief that in order to succeed in life one must honor the spiritual aspect in all areas of your life or more powerfully, the spiritual side of life is always operating wether you pay attention or not.
And by ego, I mean the expansive eastern definition not the limited layman's definition in the west. And at the same time it does not mean you have to become monk or be "spiritual" all the time.
Romantic love always leads us to choose a partner whose attitudes are antithetical to our own.

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