Required coursework and field experiences contribute to the development of reflective educators who are able to make wise decisions when planning, implementing and evaluating instruction to promote learner growth and development. Faculty members in the Education and Leadership Studies Department believe that educators who are prepared to make well-informed appropriate decisions when working with children and youth are more likely to promote their students’ learning, growth and development.
To develop in candidates the ability to make judgements about the performance of learners and about their own performance.
Of course this type of abuse can take many forms… The abuse could be psychological or emotional in nature or physiological including everything from physical abuse to (thankfully more rare) sexual indiscretions. Spiritual and religious organizations’ leadership rosters are often infiltrated by sociopathic or psychopathic individuals who are driven to exercise control over others whom they see as lesser or subservient.
An extremely exclusive organization may promote isolation from outsiders, cutting ties to non-believers promoting an “Us vs.
Protecting one’s self from dangerous, compromising or litigious circumstances is completely normal and necessary for self preservation, yet our defensive response is in the form of overcompensation.
Believing in a higher power can be one of the most empowering forces in your life; to completely reject the entire concept based on a single episodic experience, could have a devastating effect one’s overall quality of life.
Regardless of the excessive intensity of your experience, you can be among the many survivors of religious or spiritual abuse, with your faith firmly intact.
Whether you are struggling with these issues from occurrences of this kind of abuse in the past, or if you are concerned about victimization that may be taking place in the present, there is hope for you to realize a continued spiritual life, free from bondage or pain as a result of the person(s), group or organization who may have, or may be exploiting you, either indirectly or maliciously. Unresolved spiritual abuse can have continued negative impact on one’s life harboring resentment, lack of trust, difficulty in inter-personal relationships; blocking personal achievement, abundance, happiness and preventing you from achieving your highest and best. Olympia Life Coach will help you heal from your abusive past so that you can go on with your life no longer being a victim. This entry was posted in Emotions, Spirituality and tagged abundance, abuse, assault, counselor, deception, defraud, domination, dual reality, elitist, emotional, enforce compliance, excommunication, exploitation, financial exploitation, happiness, healing, higher power, hostile, indiscretion, insiders only, intimidation, isolation, lack of trust, leader, manipulation, mentor, mind control, non compliance, olympia life coach, penalties, physical, physiological, psychological, psychopath, question authority, recovery, religious, religious abuse, resentment, ridicule, sexual, sociopath, spiritual abuse, spirituality, spritual, threat, victimization, victims on April 28, 2013 by olylcadmin. Alexander is a Guide, Strategic Adviser and Teacher who helps people play their cards right, from darkness to light. A charismatic speaker and workshop leader who provides life-changing counsel to clients located on six continents, Alexander is acknowledged as the world’s leading expert on the spiritual tool known as the Book of Life.

As worldwide awareness grows surrounding the Book of Life, Alexander has launched a professional certification program to train others how to master this spiritual life tool. Over the course of his diversified professional career, Alexander has worked as a corporate consultant on Wall Street, held a Director of Marketing position at a software company, worked as a Vice President of operations for a commercial construction company, and launched a beverage alcohol company after creating a prototype of a sparkling vodka infused with electrolytes. Alexander’s own journey led him through intensive study in various spiritual traditions, including training as a Roman Catholic priest, working as an Evangelical Protestant Minister, and traveling to India to meditate and undergo initiation as a Swami. Named by CoachVille USA as one of 25 Super Hero Coaches, Alexander has been featured in Forbes Magazine and been interviewed by numerous media, including A Better World TV.
According to the Book of Life, based on his birthday, he is playing the 9 of Hearts with the personality of a 7 of Clubs. Donate Now To Support The Center of Spiritual Nutrition$5, $20, $50 or $100 all helps to support the mission to make real Spiritual Nourishment available to everyone everywhere.
The most important spiritual nutrition we need for our Life’s journey is to know our reason for being. Through our Spiritual Nutrition program you will uncover your meaning, purpose and evolutionary path for your life.
You will be able to identify clearly your Life’s challenge as well as your Key to Abundance. A mystery winner of the Euromillions lottery in France is donating € 50 million of his € 72 million jackpot to charity, the media reported on Saturday. It is not uncommon for someone who has suffered at the hands of a religious organization, leader, spiritual mentor or counselor to recoil from the event in a negative way.
Primary psychological assaults include the loss of individuality or self-worth in an attempt to promote single-mindedness and ease of group management, loss of personal rights, intimidation and dominance.
In the event that you have had the unfortunate encounter with such an overbearing individual; you must know that he or she may not be an adequate representation of the group or organization that he or she represents.
In a spiritually abusive environment one may experience ridicule for asking questions and you may sense an increasingly hostile response with threats of excommunication or threats of eternal consequences. It’s not uncommon for a victim of this kind of abuse to turn their backs totally on all things of a spiritual nature.

Although you may have isolated yourself from all things spiritual in order to put a stop to the abuse, you can reclaim your spirituality in a positive and life-affirming way. Take charge of your life, and don’t let this experience from experiencing all the best things this life has to offer by phoning (206) 395-4870 to start your healing process today. He brings more than 20 years of professional coaching and consulting experience to his position as Founder and Director of the New York City-based Global Center of Spiritual Nutrition. As such, he powerfully guides people towards the fullest expression of who they are, creating an alignment and integration between their human and divine aspects, the merging of life and spiritual destinies as divined by their individual birth dates.
To date, workshops have been held in New York City and Beijing, with additional trainings in the United States and China later this year. And thousands have gained enlightened personal insight, invaluable career advice, and clarified life direction through their personalized Book of Life reports, strategic workshops, and the coaching programs that only Alexander provides.
In addition, he co-founded and co-directed a holistic health center and started a non-profit organization that creates music festivals to raise money for school music programs.
He also studied the indigenous shamanic ways of the Lakota and Shipibo traditions, among others. In his spare time, he likes to play competitive ping pong while working to improve his chess game. When we know who we really are, then we can act from a place of self-confidence and self-assurance. In addition to his spiritual mastery, he has holistically healed himself of several “incurable” medical ailments. He holds a Master’s degree in Roman Catholic Theology from Weston Jesuit Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from Harvard.

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