As a co-sponsored organization of the City of Allen, the Allen Sports Association (ASA) must offer a coach certification process to anyone in the league who is interested in coaching a sport.
The following is a step-by-step process of what needs to be done prior to being approved to coach a sport in ASA. Any coaches who have previously registered and coached, will have a username and password to enter the system via SportsPilot. Once the background check has been processed and approved, coaches will be placed on their team roster in SportsPilot. 2) Many fitness & strength coach professionals are still unsure of the place for kettlebell training in their programming, or have been turned off by gadgetry of goof kettlebell exercises or of the rigid and boring dogma associated with some kettlebell organizations.

There are too many fitness professional using kettlebells poorly, unsafe, and without a clue. To establish a base level kettlebell training certification, focusing on  the true value an beauty of the kettlebells as a highly accessible tool for creating fat loss and optimal performance results.
All coaches, new or returning, must register online as a coach via SportsPilot during the player registration period. If you log in and you can view the current season roster, then your background check has cleared and you are approved to coach. Once you have completed the registration and certification process, you will be placed on the team roster in SportsPilot.

When you log in and you can view your team roster you can come to the ASA office to have your ASA coaching badge made. Badges can be made during business hours after the season's coach's meeting has been held.

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