As your business expands, you’ll need more capacity to produce or provide your product or service, and a wider range of skills. You can improve the range and level of skills in your business by training up existing staff. It’s a well-known fact that the race for implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the United Kingdom began with the Government Construction Strategy that was released at the end of May, 2011. However, just having the right information is not enough to create and implement a BIM strategy.
You’ll have to estimate the costs and benefits of implementing BIM separately and carefully before comparing them to each other. Once the transition period is over, BIM actually becomes a huge asset for the construction firm. A good BIM strategy will analyse the ratio between outgoing costs and cost benefits to figure out the extent to which the implementation of BIM can be taken and the level of risk that its implementation will involve. It’s common for people to think that BIM implementation begins and ends with upgrading their existing modelling software programs to one that conforms to BIM principles.
The reason why possible options must be compared to existing systems is that if the two are compatible then the transition period will be less severe and more productive. While there may be a need to completely overhaul the way your employees think if you are to gain the maximum benefits of BIM, the same is not true with the procedures and workflows of your organisation. Integrating BIM with existing workflows and principles is not an easy task though and you may need to hire a fulltime BIM manager or a temporary BIM consultant to guide you in your efforts. A good chunk of your BIM strategy must focus on the most important resource of your company i.e. Any BIM consultant worth his salt will tell you that you need to focus as much on your staff as devising a working integrated model incorporating everything from software to your existing procedures. Every employee in your organisation will require different skills even within the purview of BIM.
With respect to timing of the training, you need to time the training drive in such a manner that it gets completed about the time you kick off your first BIM project. The training was led by Richard, who has a stammer, but with four other BSA volunteers (including myself) also taking part, both chipping into Richard's talk and helping with breakout sessions.
Participants were then given five 'top tips' for speaking with people who stammer, and again broke into groups to practise these in talking with the volunteers. For me, a strong point of the session was that Richard's excellent presentation was supplemented by the interjections of the volunteers - talking, with a stammer, about their own experiences.

If you'd like to organise a similar event locally, get in touch with BSA for more details on the presentation and format. Specialist helpline for anyone (teachers, parents or students) concerning issues at school or in education. Changing what we eat Food Technology Food technology in D&T: what do teachers’ and pupils’ really think? The easiest ways of achieving this are usually by taking on new staff, or training your existing workforce.
Giving staff training opportunities can increase their loyalty to your company and their productivity - as well as your profits. The Strategy included the government’s announcement that collaborative 3D BIM would be required on all construction projects funded by it by 2016. When it comes to estimating the costs of implementing BIM, you’ll have to take into account both short and long term costs.
BIM results in financial boosts from various angles including time savings, waste prevention, cost savings, better end product, energy conservation, and improved coordination. Armed with this ratio, you can modify your BIM strategy and make it more beneficial in the short, medium, and long terms.
This is only partly right because BIM implementation begins with a software upgrade but doesn’t end with it. Most good BIM software programs available in the market are designed to be compatible to systems that are popular with construction businesses in the industry currently.
In other words, you don’t need to overhaul your existing procedures and workflows to benefit from BIM principles. The trick is to recognise essential and productive components in your existing systems and trying to maintain them in the new system.
Each employee performs a unique role in the organisation and his BIM knowledge and skills need to reflect that role.
This will allow your employees to practice what they have learnt immediately as opposed to doing so months later.
Christine had mentioned in the conversation difficulties she had just had with her stammer at a hospital visit, and Richard suggested running the training session at Northwick Park Hospital, in association with BSA. After an introduction to stammering, including some of the thoughts and emotions that can accompany it and how people may try to hide the stammer, participants split into groups to brainstorm what issues people who stammer would have in different situations, such as buying a coffee at Costa, making a phone call to change an appointment, or accessing the particular staff member. So it was there in front of participants, rather than just being a session 'about' stammering.

As one participant said to Richard, "I wanted to let you know how useful I found it, and to say I really enjoyed the way you organised it for us.
Owing to the mammoth size of the task that it had set for construction businesses in the country, the government established the BIM Task Group to help disseminate relevant information, case studies, and researches that can help all the industry stakeholders formulate a coherent BIM strategy and implement it in an integrated manner. You need to know all the prevalent trends and future projections as well as the current status of various internal and external divisions.
Short term costs will be largely related to upgrading technology and training your staff while long term costs will mainly have to do with the transition period wherein you’ve moved on from your existing methods of working but are yet to become experts in the BIM methods of working. All of these improvements in the construction process can combine to create massive benefits for the construction business employing BIM. Even so, acquiring the right BIM software program can be crucial for any BIM strategy to work to its full potential. Therefore, comparing multiple options with respect to what they are capable of and how compatible they are is considered to be a prudent aspect of devising a BIM strategy.
You can simply create a BIM strategy that allows you to combine your existing workflow systems with BIM procedures. Even the best and most advanced systems can pale in comparison to an obsolete system being handled by people who know what they’re doing. An employee responsible for designing models will require different skills from an employee who sources things and deals with vendors and contractors.
The point is that your BIM strategy needs to focus on even the smallest of things such as when you train your staff.
Moreover, you even need to have predefined outcomes that your enterprise will be satisfied with.
This is why every strategy must consider various BIM software programs available online and assess them with respect to the software system that the business is currently using. What this means is that BIM will not bring you any significant benefits if you and your employees don’t know how to get the best out of the new technologies.
Similarly, you’ll have to train one manager in the art of being a BIM manager because a BIM manager is basically an upgraded version of a generic project manager.

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